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2016Boba Fett Diario de Notas (Journal)
Boba Fett Diario de Notas (Journal)Boba Fett Diario de Notas (Journal)
Credit Lucky Clover Group 2016Image(s) 1 PhotoDescription Hardcover diary with separator. Spotted at a Sears....
733 733 hits
1981Cloud City Playset (Sears Exclusive)
The Empire Strikes Back (1980-1982) (Kenner)
Cloud City Playset (Sears Exclusive)Cloud City Playset (Sears Exclusive)
Credit Kenner 1981Image(s) 1 PhotoDescription The set came with four action figures. Only the Canadian...
1308 1,308 hits
1980The Empire Strikes Back 7 Figure Set (Sears Canada Exclusive)
The Empire Strikes Back (1980-1982) (Kenner)
The Empire Strikes Back 7 Mini Action Figures Set (Sears Canada Exclusive)"The Empire Strikes Back" 7 Mini Action Figures Set (Sears Canada Exclusive)
Credit Kenner 1980Image(s) 1 Photo
153 153 hits
1980Boba Fett in Sears Catalog 3-Pack (1980)
The Empire Strikes Back (1980-1982) (Kenner)
3-Pack with Boba Fett (Sears Catalog Exclusive)3-Pack with Boba Fett (Sears Catalog Exclusive)
Credit Kenner 1980Image(s) 1 PhotoDescription Included Stormtrooper, IG-88, and Boba Fett. Mailed...
1016 1,016 hits
1979Sears Wishbook, Boba Fett Reveal (1979)
Sears Catalog Wish Book for the 1979 Holiday SeasonSears Catalog "Wish Book for the 1979 Holiday Season"
Credit Sears 1979Image(s) 3 PhotosDescription First catalog appearance of Boba Fett on page 618 and...
606 606 hits
1979Loose Boba Fett, Taiwan Version, Front (1979)
Star Wars (1978-1979) (Kenner)
Kenner Boba FettKenner Boba Fett
Credit Kenner 1979Image(s) 4 PhotosMerchant(s) 1 MerchantDescription Between 1979 and 1983, the same mold for the figure...
5 / 5 with 8 votes cast
13036 13,036 hits