"This is my face." — Boba Fett, Twin Engines of Destruction

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2020Beast Kingdom "Egg Attack Action" Jango Fett
Figurines and Models
Beast Kingdom Egg Attack Action Jango FettBeast Kingdom "Egg Attack Action" Jango Fett
Credit Beast Kingdom Toys 2020Image(s) 1 PhotoDescription Revealed at SDCC 2016, but not yet released as of 2019.
1166 1,166 hits
2020Boba Fest Premium Electronic Helmet
Costumes and Masks
Black Series Boba Fett Premium Electronic HelmetBlack Series Boba Fett Premium Electronic Helmet
Credit Hasbro 2020Image(s) 9 PhotosMerchant(s) 3 MerchantsDescription Ships May 4, 2020. Revealed at San Diego Comic Con...
5 / 5 with 1 vote cast
1699 1,699 hits
2020EE-3 Blaster Kit
Costumes and Masks
EE-3 Blaster KitEE-3 Blaster Kit
Credit ANOVOS 2020Image(s) 4 PhotosDescription Pre-order started March 2019. Retails for $225. Officially...
4 / 5 with 1 vote cast
351 351 hits
2020LEGO Star Wars Battles
LEGO Star Wars BattlesLEGO Star Wars Battles
Credit TBD 2020Image(s) 1 PhotoDescription "Collect and upgrade over 40 units featuring characters,...
135 135 hits
2020LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga
LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker SagaLEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga
Credit LEGO 2020Image(s) 1 PhotoDescription Revealed on June 9, 2019 in advance of E3 2019. Nine...
2 / 5 with 1 vote cast
318 318 hits