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1988Bounty Hunters Adventure Set (1988)
Figurines and Models
West End Games Bounty Hunters Adventure SetWest End Games Bounty Hunters Adventure Set
Credit West End Games 1988Image(s) 2 PhotosMerchant(s) 1 MerchantDescription Contained 10 pewter pieces, featuring Boba Fett and...
877 877 hits
1988Tatooine Manhunt
Guidebooks and Activity Books
Tatooine ManhuntTatooine Manhunt
Credit West End Games 1988Image(s) 1 PhotoMerchant(s) 2 MerchantsDescription First appearance of Jodo Kast! Published May 1988.
4568 4,568 hits
1988Droids VHS Tape #1
Movies and Television
Droids VHS Tape #1Droids VHS Tape #1
Credit CBS/FOX 1988Image(s) 1 PhotoDescription Released in Germany and the UK in PAL format on VHS. According...
1047 1,047 hits
1988Droids Vlix
Droids (1984-1985) (Kenner)
Droids VlixDroids Vlix
Credit Kenner 1988Image(s) 2 PhotosDescription Boba Fett is featured (backwards) on the cardback art...
174 174 hits