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Frito Lay Star Wars Special Edition Pop-Up Display

Frito Lay Star Wars Special Edition Pop-Up Display
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Frito Lay Star Wars Special Edition Pop-Up Display
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50" X 35.25" folded flat. 19.5" pop-out. 1996 Promotional display for 3-D Motion Cards free inside Chee-tos and Doritos.

Boba Fett is on one of the motion cards.

From, where one sold in 2011 for $208.72:

Graphics include Jedi Luke with green light-saber and Leia with blaster rifle. AT-AT under attack by snow-speeders and R2-D2 with C-3PO. "Experience the Adventure" tagline at top of display with card image of C-3PO. Reverse side features various Lays snack products as well as card images of Boba-Fett and C-3PO. Overall VF/EXC with a few minor creases on protruding edges. Very colorful with exciting images. Great backdrop piece for a Star Wars collection. From the Tomart Archives and comes with COA signed by Tom Tumbusch and Ted Hake.


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