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Topps Now Book of Boba Fett Season 1 Chapter 5 Set

Topps Now Book of Boba Fett Season 1 Chapter 5 Set
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Topps Now Book of Boba Fett Season 1 Chapter 5 Set
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These trading card sets were available for a limited time (just 7 days) at the Topps website. So it is a very limited print run because only the orders will be printed. Its a little difficult to say how many issues are sold because you can order at every Topps language page and the print run counts differ but the cards are the same.

Every sets was available after the Chapter comes on air at Disney+ against spoilers. Perhaps Topps got the images also after the Chapter was on air. You had to order every week and you couldn't order the 7 sets all at once. Every set has 5 cards.

Set 1
Season 1 Chapter 1 Stranger in a Strange Land

#1 Boba Fett on the Throne
#2 Garsa Fwip
#3 Boba Fett, Fennec Shand & the Gamorreans
#4 The Tusken Chieftain
#5 Fennec Shand in action

Set 2
Season 1 Chapter 2 The Tribes of Tatooine
#6 Mayor Mok Shaiz
#7 The Twins
#8 Boba Fett delivers the Speeder Bikes
#9 Tatooine Repulsor Train
#10 Boba Fett crafts his Gaderffii stick

Set 3
Season 1 Chapter 3 The streets of Mos Espa
#11 The Modifiers
#12 Boba Fett departs the destroyed Tusken Camp
#13 Krrsantan's failed assassination attempt
#14 Boba Fett's Rancor
#15 The Chase

Set 4
Season 1 Chapter 4 The Gathering Storm
#16 Boba Fett saves Fennec Shand
#17 Boba Fett attacks the Speeder Bike Gang
#18 Making Camp outside of Boba Fett's Starship
#19 Krrsantan
#20 Boba Fett hosts a Banquet

Set 5
Season 1 Chapter 5 Return of the Mandalorian
#21 The Mandalorian hunts a Bounty
#22 The Armorer and the Darksaber
#23 The Mandalorian duels Paz Vizsla
#24 The Mandalorian's Custom N-1 Starfighter
#25 Fennec Shand pays the Mandalorian a Visit

Set 6
Season 1 Chapter 6 From the Desert comes a Stranger
#26 The Mandalorian & R2-D2
#27 The Mandalorian & Ahsoka Tano
#28 Discussing Strategy
#29 Cad Bane
#30 Luke Skywalker gives Grogu an Ultimatum

Set 7
Season 1 Chapter 7 In the Name of Honor
#31 Boba Fett & the Mandalorian
#32 Boba Fett rides the Rancor
#33 Boba Fett defeats Cad Bane
#34 Grogu soothes the Rancor
#35 Victory


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