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Burger King Lenticular "Episode V" Boba Fett Card

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Burger King Lenticular "Episode V" Boba Fett...
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One of six pre-paid cards. Available in December 2005 for a limited time.

From the announcement in 2005:

In the realm of collectibles, it's almost always the overlooked items that garner the most attention from collectors in later years. A good example can be found in Burger King's own Star Wars past — 1981's "Everybody Wins Game" offered game pieces to patrons featuring a number of Empire Strikes Back game prizes. Because most of these were discarded, they remain among the most difficult to find of all Burger King Star Wars premiums, and are sought out by Star Wars card collectors and Burger King premium aficionados alike.

Those same two categories of collectors will likely take interest in the six lenticular cards now available at Burger King. The cards act as pre-paid credit at Burger King; they require a $10 minimum balance and can be loaded up to $100. The best part is, once the cash value has been spent at Burger King, you get to keep the card!

Of course, these collectible lenticulars also make the perfect stocking stuffers for fans of all ages, so make sure to head out to your local Burger King soon — real soon — since this promotion is scheduled to end on December 11!


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