Topic: Naruto & Boba Fett part 1: Welcome to my world

Here it is!!! PART 1 IS COMPLETE!!!

Boba Fett vs. Naruto

Part I: Welcome to my world

Boba Fett flew the Slave I through hyperspace to someplace called Konohagakure. He had taken a bounty on some people named Gaara and Naruto Uzumaki who he had to bring down alive for a group called the Akatsuki. Even though their currency was different, they were paying him the equivalent of 100,000,000 credits. Big money.  He sped through space, approaching his destination.

Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha were training a basic tree climbing exercise in a densely populated forest. Their sensei, Kakashi Hatake, watched over them, standing upside-down on a tree limb. Naruto had been infused with a nine-tailed fox demon at birth, and had been alienated all his life. This attributed to his passion to become a ninja, so people would appreciate him. Sasuke Uchiha was one of the two remaining members of the Uchiha clan. The other, Itachi Uchiha, had killed all the others as a measurement of his power. Sasuke wanted nothing more than to kill Itachi. Sakura just wants to be a ninja. No real depth, but she’s madly in love with Sasuke. Suddenly, there was a rumble.  A huge spaceship soared into the forest, and a green clad armored warrior emerged.

“Naruto Uzumaki.” The warrior said in a cold, unemotional voice. “My name is Boba Fett. I’m here to take you down.” Boba Fett then aimed his large blaster rifle and fired.  Naruto was just barely fast enough to dodge it as he plummeted to the ground.
“Naruto! Sasuke! Sakura! Get Back!” Kakashi yelled. His three students complied. Kakashi reached for his headband that he wore over his right eye. After removing it, he revealed his Sharingan eye, which would let him see and duplicate his opponents moves.
“Now then…” Kakashi said as he lifted one hand to his mouth and the other in the air. “Hidden Mist Jutsu!” A thick mist covered the battle area. But it had no effect on Boba, whose many sensors in his helmet allowed him to scan through the fog for life forms.
“I have no concern with you, my friend.” Boba said to Kakashi through the fog. “I merely need Naruto.” Boba flew through the fog with his jetpack, Boba sought out Naruto, and grabbed him with his grappling hook. However, the Naruto he grabbed disappeared in a puff of smoke.
“Haven’t you heard of a shadow clone?” Came a vaguely whiny voice.  Boba whipped his head around to find Naruto, standing poignantly atop a tree. He hurled a strange, flat knife at Boba, who merely blasted it with his blaster. Kakashi then appeared behind Boba, whose helmet sensors noticed Kakashi in seconds.
“I have to hand it to you,” Kakashi said in his bored voice, “You’re one of the only people I know who can see through the hidden mist jutsu. Tell me, what else can you do?”

Fett said nothing. He sped through the mist, blasting at the ninja. Kakashi dodged each blast, moving deftly through the fog. Boba managed to land a left hook on Kakashi, throwing the ninja off balance. Suddenly, another Kakashi jumped on Boba’s back, planting a kunai knife in the bounty hunter’s helmet. This sent Boba’s helmet sensors in a tizzy, causing him to lose his vision. Boba swung wild. Trying to get a hit on his unintended enemy. Quickly, the helmet’s sensors restabilized, allowing Fett to see once more. He did not expect there to 20 exact duplicates of the ninja with mismatched eyes to surround him, but no matter. Boba soared in the air, and tossed a thermal detonator in the clearing.
    Boba descended to the ground. Only one Kakashi remained. Boba sped toward him, delivering another punch to Kakashi’s stomach, then tossing the ninja into a tree before flying off. Now to find Naruto. Boba detected Naruto and his two cohorts not far from Kakashi. Boba landed, prepared for another, if briefer, fight.
    “Children,” Boba began. “Do we really, have to fight. I just want Naruto. That’s it. That’s all I want here.”
    Naruto was less than willing.
    “No way, you crazy tin man! I’ll fill you with ramen! Believe it!”
    Boba ignored the child. He bulled out his EE-3 blaster rifle and fired 3 rounds. He set the rifle to stun. The bounty was for alive only. The young girl with pink hair was down, but the other two, Naruto and another boy, dodged the blasts. The other boy (Sasuke? Sake? Boba couldn’t get these absurd names right.) put his hands to his mouth and spat a flurry of fireballs. Interesting, thought Boba, these people were very powerful. Boba dodged the fireballs and returned fire (pardon the pun) with his own flamethrower. The flames consumed trees in their heat, but the two ninja dodged with minimum difficulty. Boba fired his grappling cord and enraptured the ninja Sasuke. He reeled him in and delivered a fist to Sasuke’s surprisingly glass jaw. The ninja was thrown aback by the sudden attack. Boba fired his EE-3 again. That was all for Sasuke. Boba repeated the tactic with Naruto. Too easy.
    “Now then.” Boba said once Naruto was out cold. “One stop to ‘sunagakure’ and I’m finished with this bounty.” Boba completed, referring to another bounty on someone named Gaara he had in a close country, if his information was right. Sasuke sat in a tree, his shadow clone unconscious. So he had some time before Naruto was delivered to parts unknown. Time for some reinforcements.


Gaara, a red haired ninja who sported a gourd on his back, his brother Kankuro, who held a mummy on his back, and his sister, Temari who carried a large fan on her back, sat in a ramen shop, enjoying the hot noodles. The three ninjas were native to the sand village, and even children of the village leader, the Kazekage. Upon birth, Gaara, the youngest,  had been infused with a demon of the sand, killing his mother and unhinging his psyche. He too had been seriously mistreated as a child, and had believed he existed only to kill, until Naruto defeated him and put his life back into perspective. Gaara and Naruto were big buddies.
    Out of nowhere, you-know-who’s spaceship, the Slave I, flew overhead, its stalwart pilot descending a la jetpack.
    “Gaara. I’m here to take you in. I’d like it if you came peacefully. But you people rarely do.”
    “What?!?” Kankuro, yelled. “You must be crazy! No way we’re letting you get Gaara.” Kankuro set his mummy on the ground and unwound the bandaging to reveal a multi-armed, humanoid, puppet. Boba recognized this as a weapon, and torched it with his wrist-mounted flamethrower. He zapped the loudmouthed ninja and the girl with a stun bolt. Now for Gaara. This would prove very difficult.

Meanwhile, on the distant planet of Nirauan :

Grand Admiral Thrawn sat in his lavish base of operations on the reatively uncharted planet.
    A consummate strategist, Thrawn likened combat to art, and was an aficionado of both. He could cite inspirations, analyze motives and determine outcomes before his opponents had even consciously began formulating a move. Thrawn's greatest weapon was his mind. This was long ago recognized by his people, the Chiss, who banished Mitth'raw'nuruodo for his dangerous ideas. The Chiss of Csilla are a disciplined species, advanced enough to build a sizable fleet and an empire over two dozen worlds. Thrawn's tactics were controversial in their boldness, and his activities within the Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet drew many a concerned, glowing red eye. The rest of the galaxy made first contact with the Chiss when a taskforce dispatched by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine stumbled upon Thrawn's fleet. The young blue-skinned commander was able to decimate the intruders despite inferior weapons and numbers. Thrawn was offered a position in the empire, and accepted. Thrawn climbed the ladder of success in the empire, becoming a deadly force.
    Thrawn’s Noghri body guard, Rukh,  stood beside Thrawn, ready to fight at all times.
    “Rukh?” Thrawn said.
    “Thrawn?” Rukh growled in gravelly voice.
    “I have a job for you. You are familiar with the bounty hunter Boba Fett, yes?”
    “Earlier today, he was given a bounty mission from some peculiar people. They came from an entire new galaxy. I’d like you to scout out this strange galaxy. See the lay of the land.”
    “Of Course. I will be there and back with information by this time tomorrow.”
    “Good.” But Thrawn was positive that things would get complicated.


Gaara did not like it when people hurt his siblings. Not one bit. This green freak, looking like one of Kankuro’s puppets, KO’s his siblings AND wants to kidnap him? Not gonna happen. This guy did not know who he was dealing with. Gaara pulled the cork that contained his gourd’s insides out of the gourd, and a steady stream of sand poured out in a circle. Gaara’s first line of defense. If this fool attacked him, a cloud of sand would rise to absorb the blow. Only three people had people had penetrated this defense. One was Naruto. One was dead. And another was put in the hospital. More sand poured out of the gourd, forming a dense cloud around Gaara and the attacker, who was firing some sort of projectile at Gaara, each blast absorbed by his shield.
    “How dare you treat my friends so shamefully!” Gaara yelled, the cloud converging onto Boba Fett. Boba dodged the sand cloud, not surprised by Gaara’s sand-manipulation. He had been well-informed about his bounties, and he was sure Gaara would be more of a challenge. The sand wove up and down, to and fro, yellow-brown tendrils grabbing at Boba Fett. The bounty hunter was unaffected.
    He remained calm, cool and collected. He always did. Emotions were beneath Fett, ever since that day when he witnessed the death of his father at the hands of a jedi on geonosis. From there on, Boba had become a ruthless bounty hunter, never showing any signs of emotion. He felt nothing.
    He cared about nothing. He was hardened, not unlike Gaara had been. And at the moment the two were in pitched combat.
    “I’ll kill you!” Gaara shouted, showing remnants of his old personality. His brother & sister had been wounded. He was losing control. Gaara needed to end this quickly before his inner demon, the shukaku, came out & killed everyone in Sunagakure. He commanded the sand to encircle the two in a large dome, and once it had been done, Gaara’s dome began to shoot spikes of sand at Fett. Fett set his blaster to kill, and began firing at the wall of sand nearest to him. All he needed was a hole. A hole he got. Just barely big enough for Fett to fit through, and only for a second did it appear, but Boba took it. He sprinted through the gap in the chamber, a nanosecond before the dome was sealed off yet again. Which was a good thing, since Fett had left several thermal detonators in there.
    There was an earth shattering explosion as the sand dissipated and Gaara was blown sky high. Fett flew up to grab him. He still had a pulse.  Good. Boba landed to catch his breath. He checked Gaara’s siblings. They had pulses. Okay. Zero casualties. Not bad.
    “Where is Naruto?” shouted a familiar voice. Boba whirled around, and behind him were the ninjas from before, Sasuke & Kakashi, along with two fresh faces. One wore all green and sported a bowl cut. The other had long black hair, wore a white tee shirt and brown shorts, and possessed white eyes without any pupils. Boba felt as if the eyes were drilling into him.
    “Give us back Naruto!” Yelled the one with the bowl cut.
    “Lee, calm down, don’t do anything rash. You saw how he took down Gaara, and even you couldn’t beat him.” Kakashi stated calmly. Boba assumed a fighting stance. This was becoming more trouble than it was worth.

Meanwhile in the neighboring country Otogakure
Rukh’s imperial starship landed in a clearing, surrounded by trees and furry woodland creatures. Rukh exited his starship to tend to Thrawn’s orders. Although the empire had recently crumbled into nothing, Thrawn was waiting for the rebellion to reestablish a functioning government before his coupe de’tat.
    “Halt!” Yelled a ninja who had spotted him. “Who are you?” Rukh stabbed the ninja with his assassin’s blade. End of problem. Then another person emerged. He was gray in complexion, with yellow eyes and long black hair. This was Orochimaru, the ruler of the country Rukh had landed in. At his Orochimaru’s side was another ninja with gray hair and glasses. This was Orochimaru’s right hand man, Kabuto. Orochimaru ruled the land of sound with an iron fist, and is constantly cooking up new evil deeds. After a battle against the Third Hokage, Orochimaru had lost use of his arms, keeping him from using any ninja arts. He was also constantly trying to get back use of his arms to no avail.
    “Well well, who is this?” Orochimaru hissed.
    “I am Rukh. I’m from a faraway world, and I’m here for information.”
    Orochimaru was intrigued. Another world? Interesting. Perhaps he could find a way to repair his arms.
    “Well, if your from another world, I guess we can’t say no, can we?”
    “No. You cannot.”
    “Well, then lead the way.” Kabuto chimed. Rukh walked a decent half-meter ahead of Orochimaru & Kabuto, allowing the two ninjas a chance to talk.
    “Yes, Orochimaru?”
    “I think this brute will do quite nicely for the new sound four.”
    Kabuto, Orochimaru, and Rukh climbed aboard the ship, heading back to Nirauan.


Now, you may be wondering just who the ninja that accompanied Sasuke & Kakashi are. The one without pupils in Neji Hyuga, a ninja who had previously been a fatalist devoid of emotion until Naruto force-fed him a heaping helping of humble pie. Neji possessed a byakugan, which was a special ability that allowed him to see just about anything.
    The one with the bowl cut is Rock Lee, a ninja that is incapable of ninjutsu (special attacks) or genjustu (illusions) and could only use taijutsu (hand to hand combat). This would normally cripple a ninja’s career, but Rock Lee took advantage of this & became a taijutsu specialist. He had once been dealt a crushing defeat by Gaara that threatened to end his days as a ninja, but a risky operation had proved successful and Lee was back in full form. Now you know who they are.
    Lee attempted a spinning kick at Boba’s head. Boba ducked, barely dodging the kick. He grabbed Lee’s leg & tossed him aside. The sooner he got away, the less collateral damage, the better. Neji attempted a stabbing move with his hands, palms outstretched. The blow hit Boba in the chest plate, and hardly any of the blow as felt. Neji’s byakugan scanned Boba Fett for weak points.
    “What? He-he has no chakra network!” Neji exclaimed. Chakra is what fuels ninjas like blood, but where Fett came from, there is no chakra.
    Boba threw a punch at Neji, who dodged with ease. Sasuke attacked with a kunai, but the blow did nothing against the bounty hunter’s armor. Boba elbowed Sasuke in the face, and tossed him at Kakashi. He flew towards Gaara’s unconscious body, picked the ninja up, & flew towards the Slave I. Boba entered the ship, and set the coordinates for his hyperspace jump to the destination to drop off his bounties. It was this occasion that tow simultaneous things happened. First, Kakashi, Neji, and Sasuke leapt into the Slave I. Second, Gaara awoke, and in his blind stupor unleashed a sandstorm in the Slave I. This caused a malfunction in the hyperspace generator, and a massive explosion occurred. When the dust settled, Boba, Neji, Gaara, Sasuke, Kakashi, the Slave I and the onboard Naruto were nowhere to be found.

Nirauan. Thrawn’s base of operations

Orochimaru & Kabuto had been lead into the lavish office of the Chiss super genius roughly an hour ago. Orochimaru had foraged an alliance with the blue-skinned Admiral, though both secretly intended to betray the other. That will be later in the story. Orochimaru had intended to construct a group of fighters known as the Sound Four to be his secret strike force. Kabuto was a natural pick. Thrawn had agreed to let Orochimaru use Rukh until 3 other members could be found. Orochimaru, Kabuto & Rukh had departed roughly five minutes ago.  Thrawn sat in his study. All the pieces of his plan coming together. It was beautiful. Truly beautiful. Thrawn pressed a button on his desk. A secret whooshed as it opened. Thrawn walked through the passage. There it was. In a cryogenic glass case, there it was. His ace in the hole. Darth Vader. A perfect genetic duplicate, placed inside a perfect replica of the original’s armor. This secret weapon would insure his glorious new empire.
    Of course, what good is an empire and a Darth Vader without a Death Star?

Mos Eisley Cantina, Tatooine

    Orochimaru & Kabuto entered Mos Eisley Cantina on the desert planet of Tatooine. Thrawn had informed them of the many formidable characters that inhabited the cantina.
    “You know what to do Kabuto.”
    “Of course, lord Orochimaru. Temple of Nirvana!” Suddenly, feathers fell from the sky, seemingly out of nowhere. The patrons of the cantina, save Orochimaru & Kabuto were in awe, then slowly fell asleep.
    “Not bad, Kabuto.”
    “Usually the genjutsu takes longer, but these people have never been exposed to genjutsu. Well, let’s get started.”
    Kabuto slapped Rukh to wake him up, then the trio searched for some individuals worthy of the Sound Four. They searched the entire place, but only found two suitable characters. A reptilian humanoid, and a bipedal bear, going by the names Bossk & Chewbacca, respectively.
    “They’ll have to do for now.” Orochimaru stated. “Can’t be in one place for too long. And with that, they left.

Dune Sea, Tatooine

    Sasuke plummeted to the ground with a loud thud.
    “Ugh!” Sasuke grunted as he coughed up a mouthful of sand. The dune sea was nothing but sand dunes, hence the name.
    “W-Where…?” Sasuke stammered. He wasn’t entirely sure what had happened in Sunagakure, all he remembered was Gaara had gone crazy, struck something in the green assassin’s machine, there was a bright flash of light & Sasuke felt like he was being pulled by a thousand herds of bulls. Then he was kissing the sand dunes. Sasuke stood up shakily, and could make out a town in the distance. He walked towards the town, trying to figure out what had happened.
    Sasuke stumbled in to what resembled a bar. Every one was asleep. Sasuke examined all the sleeping patrons. Something wasn’t right. He doubted everyone had just gotten drunk & fell asleep.     
    One man began to stir. He was a bit scruffy looking, with brown hair, black pants and a black vest over a white shirt. He also had a leather holster holding what Sasuke assumed was another projectile weapon like the attacker, Boba Fett, had used.
    “Nnnn…” The man mumbled, coming back to consciousness. “Chewie?” The man whirled his head around, as if looking for someone.     Ã¢Â€ÂœCHEWIE?!?”
    “Who?” Sasuke asked. “Who’s Chewie? Where did you see him last?”
    “Unh,” The man thought back, trying to remember. “Kid, go home. You can’t help. I’m Han Solo. I can take care of myself.”
    “Oh really?” Sasuke asked sarcastically. Sasuke did not like being told he was too weak to do things. He formed a peculiar hand sign, and suddenly 5 Sasukes filled the bar of groggy customers.
    “Huh. Maybe you can help.” Han began. “Well, Chewie & I, we’re traveling partners. We stopped by the Tajri Station to get some power converters, & stopped by here for a drink. We were about to head out when this gray guy with yellow eyes walked in, and the rest is kind of fuzzy…”
    “Gray guy with yellow eyes?” Sasuke knew only one person who fit that description. Orochimaru.
    “Yeah, uh…..oh, I’m wasting my time. I gotta go see Luke & see what he thinks I should do, and I’m here talking to some kid.” Han stood up shakily, & walked out of the cantina. Naturally, Sasuke followed.

Yavin IV

Yavin IV is a densely populated jungle planet, and the site of Luke Skywalker’s latest jedi temple, where he trained jedi to help protect the universe, just like the jedi did in the times of the old republic before the empire had taken over. It was at the foot of this temple that Naruto, Neji, & Gaara fell from nowhere.
    “Unnh..?” Naruto mumbled. What had happened? Where was he? He didn’t remember anything other than being hit by Boba Fett’s peculiar projectile weapon. He noticed his fellow ninjas surrounding him.
    “N-Neji! Gaara! Wake up! We’re in some weird forest place near some weird temple! Believe it!” Neji & Gaara ebbed into consciousness.
    “Ugh…what happened?” Gaara asked, although no answer came.
    “Last I remember…” Neji began. “You awoke from some sort of attack from that Boba Fett person.”
    “Wait Fett attacked you too?” Naruto asked, stunned.
    “Yes. He took down Kankuro, & Temari, & me too I guess. I sort of went crazy, & there was an explosion. Then we’re here.”
    “Oh. I, uh, was kinda KO’d earlier.”
    “Yes. Sasuke told us. He got Lee & I to go to Sunagakure to rescue you.”
    “Seriously? Sasuke tried to rescue me? That’s so cool! Believe it!”
    “Excuse me, but who might you three gentlemen be?” Asked a man who had seemed to come out of nowhere. He stood at the entrance of the odd temple. “My name is Luke Skywalker. Please come inside.”


Boa Fett, and the wrecked monstrosity the used to be Slave I, appeared on the docks of a city on the eternally stormy planet of Kamino. The planet was a giant ocean and rained constantly, but the Kaminoans had built large city-like complexes. This was where Boba Fett grew up. And here he was again. With a totaled ship.
    Boba got to his feet, observing his surroundings.
    How-? Oh…Oh, that’s right…something happened, that Gaara person attacked me in my ship, he must have caused a malfunction in the hyperspace generator. Are the rest of those kids here? I- Boa did not get to finish his thoughts. He had appeared on damaged bridge in need of repair. If it had just been Fett, this wouldn’t be a problem. But the Slave I was atop the bridge too.
Boba Fett & his damaged Slave I plummeted into the restless Kamino ocean. Boba tried his jetpack. Alas, it refused to work. It sputtered smoke & sparks, but no lift. Boa plunged helplessly into the water.


“Admiral Thrawn! We have a trespasser!” Barked a droid guard of Thrawn’s estate. Two more guards marched in, holding Kakashi Hatake’s  unconscious body.
    “Very good. I’m in need of a playmate for my new friend.” Thrawn replied, smiling wickedly.

Akatsuki hideout, undisclosed location

    The group known as the Akatsuki are a touchy subject. Not much is known of their motives, but they take interest in individuals with demons inside them, like Naruto & Gaara. They had hired Boba Fett to retrieve them, & their patience was reaching its end. Okay, it had reached its end. The time had come to take matters in their own hands. Two Akatsuki members, Deidara & Sasori dragged two screaming children into two large coffins.

    “Ready?” Sasori asked.
    “Yeah..” Deidara answered. They threw the children into the coffins. Deidara & Sasori slit the children’s throats through an opening in the coffins. Then they proceeded to perform a disturbing jutsu for raising the dead. When they were finished, the two coffins no longer contained two dead children, but a impossibly burly man with a giant zanbato blade on his back. This was the demon of the hidden mist, Zabuza Momochi. In the other coffin was an individual of indistinguishable gender, in a blue and green dress with a white mask. This was Zabuza right hand man(?), Haku.
    “Find Naruto Uzumaki and the one called Gaara. Bring them back alive.” Deidara instructed the resurrected automatons. “Then find Boba Fett. Kill him.”

                       End of Part 1!

Well? Reactions?Anybody? eh? eh?

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Re: Naruto & Boba Fett part 1: Welcome to my world

Excellent story. you better write part 2.

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Re: Naruto & Boba Fett part 1: Welcome to my world

Fascinating what you did combining Ninjas and Boba Fett! I like martial arts myself. Write on to part 2.

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Re: Naruto & Boba Fett part 1: Welcome to my world

It's too quick. You gotta build up the right parts. The beginning is so abrupt. Boba just comes out and shoots. That ain't his style.

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Re: Naruto & Boba Fett part 1: Welcome to my world

Would Fett take a bounty on children. One of whom is an orphan, whilst the other is trying to become one.

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Re: Naruto & Boba Fett part 1: Welcome to my world

draco fett wrote:

Would Fett take a bounty on children. One of whom is an orphan, whilst the other is trying to become one.

Who cares its a good story.

"Everyone has the right to be stupid, but you are abusing the privilege."

Re: Naruto & Boba Fett part 1: Welcome to my world

Indeed, my congratulations, old friend, I couldn't have done better myself.  Godd to see someone besides me show what a good martial artist and brawler Fett is in a fanfic.  Can't wait to see part 2.


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