Topic: 2018 Roadmap

Since our forum software (punBB) is no longer being maintained, we're looking at new platform options.

We're also troubleshooting an issue with e-mail through the boards, which may be resolved now due to some custom engineering to bypass the forum's older code and use a more modern solution that work with our e-mail provider, G Suite.

Any feature suggestions or web forum recommendations?

Re: 2018 Roadmap

I asked the best IT administrator I know and he recommended phpBB (version 3).

I actually use an older version of it in Polish Mandalorian Community and we never had any problems with it. We even have custom mandalorian emoji like Boba Fett helmet or Mythosaurus skull big_smile

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Re: 2018 Roadmap

Mahiyana, thanks for asking. PunBB (this one) is a spin-off of phpBB, so something we'll consider. Cheers!