Topic: What is your MySpace?

Just in case you haven't added the friends of the BFFC Myspace @ I thought it would be cool if everyone wanted to post up links to your myspace pages so we can friend request one another.

Mine is available at


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link to my profile is in there. good video too.

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No Myspace or youtube, but I did finally break down and get a facebook a couple years back. … ef=profile


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I've got to get a new one.... I was hacked and locked out of my account... I'll post when I get a new one.

Edit: Okay, I've created a new MySpace LOL:

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Here's mine:

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Re: What is your MySpace?

if you would like my music page...........

And I would just like to say that I've sent many friend requests to the BFFC's Myspace, and I have yet to be added. sad Whats going on??? You dont like me? tongue


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