Topic: 4-LOM vs Zam Wesell

Manufacturer  Industrial Automaton 
Model  Unknown 
Class  Protocol droid (modified) 
Gender  Masculine programming 
Sensor Color  Unknown 
Height  1.6 meters 

bio:4-LOM was a droid bounty hunter with an insectoid head who was hired by Darth Vader to find the Millennium Falcon.

4-LOM was working as a cabin steward on a luxury liner when trouble with his programming caused him to begin to steal from the passengers. When Jabba the Hutt became aware of 4-LOM he modified the droid to make him more dangerous. While working for the Hutts, 4-LOM was teamed with the bounty hunter Zuckuss

Zam Wesell
Species Clawdite
Gender Female
Height 1.68 meters
Eye color Green

bio: Wesell was born on Zolan, a member of the changeling Clawdite race that was constantly at war with the native Zolanders, a race similar to the Clawdites but lacking their chameleon abilities. She has been know to collaborate with Jango fett and even saved his life from Komari Vosa, even though she was wounded herself. As Jango carried the wounded Wesell back to the Slave I, he explained that he had been hired by Darth Tyranus, otherwise known as former Jedi Count Dooku, to become the template for an army of clones on Kamino, and stranger still, he had asked Tyranus to give him one unaltered clone to raise as his son. Though Wesell thought the idea rather silly, she eventually had an almost maternal relationship with Jango's son, Boba Fett. Though she and Jango considered each other romantic interests, their relationship never went beyond partner, as their careers came first.
Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi used the droid to track her down and as she escaped in her personal speeder, they chased her through the skies of Coruscant, until Wesell crash-landed near the seedy Outlander Club. She hid for a few moments attempted to sneak up on Kenobi, but his Jedi reflexes allowed him to dismember her. When Skywalker pressed Wesell to reveal who had hired her, Jango was forced to silence her with a Kamino saberdart.

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Re: 4-LOM vs Zam Wesell

ARC Fett wrote:

Zam for me

Zam for me too. (She rocks!)

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Re: 4-LOM vs Zam Wesell

Though Zam is pretty cool, I am going to say 4-lom.

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Re: 4-LOM vs Zam Wesell

I will vote for 4-LOM also.  He reminds me of myself...a compulsive klepto.  smile

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Re: 4-LOM vs Zam Wesell

Zam, she is a changling and just a plain good bounty hunter, she beat Jango into Oovo 4 in Bounty Hunter

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Re: 4-LOM vs Zam Wesell


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Re: 4-LOM vs Zam Wesell

I would say Zam Wesell.

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Re: 4-LOM vs Zam Wesell

this is closed the winner is Zam

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