Re: RPG-Legacy era (if it's star wars, it's all good)

Bessa loaded her baggage, lost in her own thoughs. It was only when she felt a sinister menance in the Force that she focussed on her surroundings.

A Twi'lek mechanic noticed her unease and walked towards her. "Are you okay Madam Jedi?"

Bessa looked at him and blinked. "Are there any other Force users here at the moment?"

The Twi'lek shrugged. "I'm not sure, but there are some others wearing robes similar to yours but they look much... meaner."

Bessa nodded. Perhaps her mission was not yet over.

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Re: RPG-Legacy era (if it's star wars, it's all good)

Orgit left the temple with out a padawn. He was glad, he didn't want one. He walked down the step and sighed that he had to come all the way here just so he could argue about padawns.

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Re: RPG-Legacy era (if it's star wars, it's all good)

(i hope its not to late to join this rp)
Name: Master Tranzer
Occupation: Jedi Master
Species: Zabrak
Favorite weapon: Double bladed light sabre(Blue)
Secondary weapon: Single bladed lightsabre(blue) and the force
Apperence: He has two blue zabrak tatoos on his face alng with one( the largest one)Black one, and the horns that protrude out of his head.

History: Tranzer was born on th planet iridonnia, as a slave, but was freed when a group of jedi warriors came and relesed all of the slaves. ever since had devoted his life to the ways of the jedi and has never wavered towards the dark side. He has taken on an apprentace and is training him in the art of double bladed light sabre skills.

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Re: RPG-Legacy era (if it's star wars, it's all good)

Tranzer sat in his training room, his favorite light sabre floating in front of him. the force had surounded him, and he accepted this factor. His apprentece walked in for her daily training, "master, i'm hear for your teachings" said a tall twi'lek woman. she sat down on his knees and channeled her mind to her master, he imediatly  woke up. "hello, laor are you prepaired for more intence training, as we discused?"
"of course master."
" then let us begin."
He immediatly stood up and grrabed his light sabre, turned it on to reveal to shimmering bladed on a light blue color. His apprentice did the same. Tranzer attacked her she mannaged to block all of the crucial moves. He tryed the force on her but to no avail, she repelled it and charged at him. he jummped into the air at the last scond and used force push on her from above.
She was not prepaired.
laor fell to her knees, her light sabre skid across the floor.
"perhapps another day, but for now we have a to do."
"you mean.. I get to come with you!" said laor excitedly
"yes, yes you do"
They used foce speed to sprint to there ship faster, with a few flipps of th swithches they were off.