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the village eldar took all the children round to the gate s of the village and made them all stand by the great totem of the Fett.
"One day little ones a great terror came from the sky.With a roar of thunder a white canoue flew down and landed by the old village in the days of your forfathers.A dreadfull demon climbed out of the canoue.It was orange all over like a poison snapper grub and had a big shiny orange head.the warriors where keen to gain glory so they came out and challenged the sky demon and cast their javelleins and rushed at it to smite it with their war clubs.the evil demon laughed and cast fire bolts at them and many warriors where killed.then the demon walked into the village and set fire to the houses with its magic fire.The village eldars made submission and offered the sky demon the best food and the finest girls.the demon stayed and continued to eat all the best food and many girl returned weeping to their huts with all the village prayed to the heavans to send a warrior who would deliver them.
Then there was another great roll of thunder and the people cried out in wonder for a great shell flew down from heavan and the Fett came fourth to do battle.The Fett wore shells in the colour of the good green of the wood,and bore many wonderous weapons.he and the sky grub deamon did battle casting fire and lighting bolts at each other till the demon ran and hid behind his sky canoue.the Fett caste a great magic javallien at the sky canoue and it was shattered in a great ball of flame.the Fett bound the demon and prepared to leave.The people ran out and prostrated themselves to their savior and asked him what name he held and what sacrifices he wished.The Fett gravely told them his name and said that no sacrifices was needed to him,but the village should always strive to be brave and strong and be folk of honour and wisdom."

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interesting point of view, i like it.

"I will bet all my Star Wars guys. Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait! Except Boba Fett. No matter how sure I am, I never risk the Fett man."
―Peter Griffin