Re: K.W. Jeters, scourge of the galaxy?

dat sucks, i was expecting some type of huge battle in which Boba has to dig deep n win

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Re: K.W. Jeters, scourge of the galaxy?

Well, I havent read it in a while...there MIGHT be one, I dunno.  smile
I just remember reading the book, then looking at the blurb and asking myself what idiot wrote it.

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Re: K.W. Jeters, scourge of the galaxy?

Me to Balancesheet.

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Re: K.W. Jeters, scourge of the galaxy?

i read the entire bounty hunter wars backwards. 3, 2 then 1

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Re: K.W. Jeters, scourge of the galaxy?

And how was that? Was it a good way to read it? Did you still understand the story, having read it backwards?

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Re: K.W. Jeters, scourge of the galaxy?

I've always had a problem with the synopsis on the back of Slave Ship. The book takes place during Return Of The Jedi, after Fett fell into the Sarlacc, with flashbacks to the events just after the Battle Of Yavin. But the synopsis melts both of the plots together into some kind of jibberjabber that mentions the "sentient machine that feeds on human souls".

Yeah, that "sentient machine" probably meant Kuat and his poorly designed plot to destroy Fett and tarnish Xizor's reputation.  But it could also refer to Xizor himself, with his plot to destroy the Bounty Hunter Guild to make sharper, more dangerous mercenaries.  Or even the Emperor himself, who isn't too subtle about his wanting to control and consume everything in the galaxy.

Even though there's 10,000 continuity errors in these books, when compared with preceding novels, it also kinda makes the SW universe seem a little more real.  In real life, there's always discrepancies and alternate histories with all events.

Plus, with all the different ways of interpreting the characters, there's always someone who doesn't like a certain way a character is represented. Another author comes in, does his/her own spin on said character, and then possibly this person can finally relate to the character.

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Re: K.W. Jeters, scourge of the galaxy?

Try not to bring back old topics, that is spam. smile

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