Re: RPG - The Great Sith War

The ships pierced the atmsophere of Coruscant at the first light hoping to get a jump on the defenders. The Basilisks stirred restlessly in their cramped quarters, waiting for the bloodshed. Several Mandalorians shifted nervously out of anticipation. There was quiet across the entire array of transports, fighters and bombers.
          Jedi Sentinels on watch quickly felt the presence of the unseen enemy. They quickly alerted the generals and all troops scrambled into their battle stations. The rising light revealed the mass of transports looming on the horizon. The laser cannons were brought to bear on the tiny blot on the horizon. All held their fire and waited for the enemies to come within range.
          The Sith fighters and bombers broke away from the main fleet and split into two assault groups. Their mission was to flank the pre-occupied with the artillery and wipe it out. The fall of Coruscant was inevitable.

"I look forward to killing you soon!" - Ask a Ninja NInja