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This is a moderated RPG, I will play the role of RPG mod/game master and all other Non-player characters.

I am limiting the number of players to 6 because it becomes too cumbersome with more players.  (with a better system, I might be able to allow a whole army of player characters in the future)

Each player that wants to join needs to post:

Height: (player's choice)
Armor Color: (player's choice)
Race: (choice of any SW humanoid creatures and races, since mandalorians are a mixed bag)
Sex: (male, female or other)
Primary Weapon: (blaster types not larger than a rifle or a carbine)
Secondary Weapon/Special ability: (blaster weapon no larger than a pistol or any special ability, be creative)

Short history and description: (the better the description, the easier for everyone to picture your character)

-The Era is pre-clone wars, sometime between "open seasons" and "episode II", keep that in mind, there will be no imperials or clones yet.





Get to posting, I post the synopsis as soon as there are at least 4 players.

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Name: Spinx Vera
Height: 5 foot 12
Armour color: Black with gold trim
Race: Human?
Sex: Female
Primary weapon: Sniper rifle
Secondary Weapon/Special Ablitity: Slice anything (can hack)

Short Bio: Spinx has been trained for warriorhood since eight-years of age. Focused more on wit than brute strength, she has a lithe, but in shape, build. She was orphaned by the splinter group Death Watch when they killed her parents; she was a little older than 5. Resucued by a group, now replaced, of Mandalorian hunters, she grew up surround by their culture. She spent most of her childhood running from planet to planet with the group; her first bounty was at the age of 9. She has an uncanny ability to judge character on sight, and loves to mess with droids. She has taken this oppurtunity to extract revenge for her murdered family.

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Thanks to the moderator for the sticky and thanks to you Atinvod for being the first to join.

Great choice for you primary weapon and love the background.

If by tomorrow there are no other people that join, it'll be a one person RPG.  If that happens, bear with me, you might actually enjoy the game on your own, much like one of those books "in which YOU are the hero".  LOL

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Your welcome.
Sounds like a good idea anyway. I might join later or something.

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Sounds like fun. I'm sure someone else will join, too. Don't worry, ner vod.

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name:grov vontross
armor color:red with black trim
weapon:wookie bowcaster
special ability:demo expert(can make explosive rounds and bombs and whatnot)

history:around the age of ten grov was on a corellian corvette hi-jacked by mandalorians.instead of killing the boy who was an orphan one of the mandalorians adopted him.being trained in numerous forms of combat he excelled in demolitions.eventually the mandalorian that adopted him died on a mission and grov sweared vengeance on those who had killed his the age of twenty he finally killed the last of the group that had killed his father.

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Welcome to the game, Vontross.  Your skills will be much needed.

Tell me if you two want to start or if you want to wait for more members.

The game is very much based on a standard RPG with very few rules.

-You may shoot at anything and anyone, killing or wounding it us totally random.  As game moderator I may decide if it's a kill, wound or miss.   Remember, don't shoot at anything you don't really want killed/destroyed

-The game relies on your wits and creativity, the more creative the solution, the more fun the game will be, both for you and me.

-You do not have life-points, but that doesn't mean you cannot die.  Be smart, don't attack tanks head on, you may be mandalorian but not invincible.  Mandalorians are cunning and can always improvise, there are other ways of taking out a tank without getting killed.

-Pay attention to the description given of your surroundings and the number of "baddies", it could mean success or failure of your mission.

-Kill only when it's necessary.  There is a lot of information to be had from a wounded, but living, prisoner.

-If unsure of ANYTHING, ask questions.  And if you think it could work, try it.

More rules and info later.

Welcome to the game ner vode!!!

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Name: Bjor Kirath   
Height: 5’10”
Armor: Jet Black
Race: Ubese
Sex: Male
Primary Weapon(s): Dual Mandalorian Rippers
Secondary Weapon: Mandalorian Assault Rifle

After the destruction of his homeworld, Uba III, by the Old Republic, Bjor was one of the few Ubese refugees abducted by a corrupt officer to serve as slaves and indentured servants. He called it the ‘spoils of war’, an interesting twist on the word slavery. While serving as a hunter, going out day after day to bag dinner for his “illustrious master”, Bjor learned his way around weaponry, particularly slugthrowers.

Two years after his capture, his owner’s estate was the target of a Mandalorian raid, another failed attempt to restart the Great War. Nearly everyone on the estate grounds was slaughtered, with what might be the sole exception of Bjor. Every man able to wield a gun was called into the officer’s chambers to serve as a last line of defense. He honestly expected them to die for him.

Bjor accepted the fact that if he was going to die one way or another, he sure as hell wasn’t going to die protecting the man who’d taken him and forced him into labor. And so he stood there, watching stoically as every man in the room was systematically killed. At first the Mandalorians didn’t know what to think of him, and thought it best to simply leave the boy there. A single soldier among them thought differently, wanting no prisoners, and raised his rifle to the dark-skinned child.

Bjor drew and fired before his adversary could pull the trigger. His master was dead, now he was fighting for his own life. The single shot he fired earned him a trio of blaster wounds spread out over his torso by the remaining Mandos, blasting the boy off his feet and hurling him to the floor. Still he struggled to stand, trying to draw a bead on his enemies through eyes blurry with sweat and blood. He managed to get himself to his knees, and stared back into the T-shaped visors that gave the boy puzzled looks.

One of the warriors present was touched by the display of fearless violence, and told the boy he would be his own son then and there. Needless to say, Bjor was confused. After being patched up enough to move, the Mandos took Bjor with them. Leaving his home yet again, willingly this time, Bjor was taught the points and code of Mandalorian honor, and embraced them readily. Finally he had found something that made sense, something that fit him as perfectly as a custom-crafted rifle.

He was given the armor of the soldier who had tried to kill him: a suit of pitch black Mandalorian metal that lacked a jetpack. Bjor had no problem with that, preferring to pack more kit over the ability to fly. Staying true to his love for projectile weapons, the Ubese became fond of the Mandalorian Ripper, practicing daily until his precision was as much a machine as the gun he fired. It would be years later when he trained his left hand to possess the same accuracy, and wielded two of the destructive weapons with skill and pride. He carried a rifle only at the insistence of his father, who believed religiously in the necessity of long-range weaponry. Contrary to most soldiers, Bjor uses the rifle only when his pistols are inadequate for the job.

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Welcome to the game, "Kirath".

I'm glad with the composition of the team.  Currently we have a long-range weapons specialist, a demo expert and an assault mando.

Here are a few more pointers and rules before we start the actual RPG.

-All mandos in the game have a standard kit, namely; wrist gaunts that have flamethrower, whipcord, dart launcher and of course a wrist rocket.  Each mando also has a built-in rangefinder on their helmet.  Remember that you have these items available to you.

-Certain Non Player Characters (NPC) will either help you or hinder you, some of them have recurring "roles".  Try not to kill those that actually help you.

-Discuss things among you, either in PM or by starting your post entry with <CONSULT> and then posting what issue you want to discuss.  However, certain situations will not allow you the opportunity to discuss.  These are situations of urgency or in which a specific mando player is in jeopardy and must react on his/her own.

-It is possible to kill each other, but I typically advise against it.  After all, you are supposed to work together to achieve your goal.

-It is not my goal to kill you off at every opportunity, it's not fun and it's counter productive.  It is my job to try and make your character's life miserable though, because a mando's life is tough but rewarding.

-It's a very very loose RPG, wander around, pick up stuff, flirt with the twilek dancers, you get the idea.

-Blasting something, sometimes, is the best solution.

-Be creative and have fun.

I will see you on the field soon ner vode.

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Alrighty, since there hasn't been any activity (ie people wanting to join) in the last 24 hours, I am starting the game.  Any new players can be added to the team later on, but for now let's begin.

Chapter 1: The Job

Spinx, Grov and Bjor had barely had the chance to get back from their previous missions when they were all called into the briefing room.  There was a job to be done.  Their "taskmaster" was a highly respected Mando'ad and he had had them called in personally by his droid rather than by holo-coms.

Everyone was seated sparsely in the large briefing room and wondered about the urgency of the meeting when their superior spoke from the middle of the room.  "I do not believe either of you have had the opportunity to work under my command, I am Var Zolst and I have been contacted by a very high-paying client."

He paced around and continued "Unfortunately, I am unable to fill this request as something of greater importance has come up.  You will therefore have to take the contract on your own.  I have heard great things about each of your abilities and I am confident that you will succeed in this mission, specifically since some of you have a personal interest in this job."  Var Zolst paused again.  "Our contractor wants a certain group eliminated, private vendetta I believe.  The job requires you to do away with a smaller Deathwatch group, this mission is two-fold as you will have the chance to eliminate some of your worst competitors and get paid doing so.  I will not talk of reward specifics, but our contractor insisted on a bonus for each Mando'ad that succeeds in eliminating this specific group."  He then turned around and proceeded to walk towards the exit "Details have been downloaded to your helmet viewfinders... Good luck, ner vode..."

All three mandalorians simply nodded at each other as they simultaneously put on their helmets and proceeded to read the files of their mission.

-Location: Kalderast, a planet on the outer rim territories with low gravity, most of the cities are established on gigantic floating rocks which have been detached from the surface of the planet.  The cities themselves have a standardized artificial gravity allowing normal activity.

-Target: DeathWatch group, number unsure, speculated to be somewhere between 10 to 12

-Travel distance: 12 par-secs

-Weaponry: Standard

-Note: There are 3 major cities on Kalderast, in view of logistics and ease of leaving the planet, intellegence suggests that the target is located on one of these major cities.  It is highly unlikely they will separate their forces since it is a smaller DeathWatch group.  You will be contacted by an agent on Kalderast as soon as you land.

The three mandalorians sat there for a second, pondering their next move.  There would be a ship waiting for them in the hangar along with a pilot but none of them knew who the other was, this was the first time they were working with each other and did not know what to expect.  They would have to rely on each other's skills even if they did not know what they were.

<Take time in interacting with each other and head on out to the hangar where your transport awaits.>

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Spinx regarded the two men sitting in the room with her in utter silence. Neither of them made a move to speak or even head out of the breifing room. Bodies cloaked in shadow, Spinx couldn't get a read of what they were thinking. Body language was everything when you couldn't see the eyes.
Breathing through her nose deeply, she leaned forward out of the shadow. Resting her elbows on her knees, she looked in the general direction of the men. "They call me Spinx. I'll be the long-range specialist for this mission, I'm also a slicer. But, I'm not team leader. Who's that?"

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Very good first "in-game" post.  As you can see I have labelled the header of this post with the <OFF TOPIC>.  This is simply to avoid confusion between off-topic discussion and in-game discussion, this method also allows the potential readers to skip ahead and continue reading the story instead of having to read through the off-topic discussions.  Try and keep the <OFF TOPIC> labels to a minimum so the story and the game flows.  Make use of your PM boxes, that includes me of course.

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Bjor stood slowly, looking his female teammate over with interest. Her armor was almost like his, save for the gold outline. The long-barreled weapon she wore across her back branded her as a long-range specialist before she even said anything – good, he’d always preferred close-quarters anyway, leave sniping to someone else.

The second Mando also stood, and Bjor realized that he was the shortest one here. Still, that didn’t matter much, just made him a smaller target. He strode over to Spinx with hardly a sound, aware of the comforting weight of his Rippers bouncing against his thighs.

“You may call me Bjor.” He said simply, nodding in her direction. The voice was extremely hoarse, as if he’d spent the night previous screaming at the top of his lungs. In truth, it was merely a common trait shared by all Ubese. Everything he said was nothing above a coarse whisper, forcing him to rely on comm channels more than he was comfortable with.

He’d never considered the position of team leader before – he’d never really had a choice in the past. Either he went solo or he was with someone who naturally assumed command, but this time was different. He knew that he had no gift for strategy, but he’d always hoped that he’d be a competent enough leader.

“I’ll take toon leader.” He croaked, knowing that he sounded nothing like a confident commander with that voice of his. He swiveled towards the last Mandalorian left in the room, the largest of them all. Bjor recognized his primary armament as a bowcaster, an incredibly difficult weapon to wield, so he’d heard. It required a Wookie’s strength, or something equivalent, to cock, and his choice of weapon alone tagged him as a remarkably strong warrior.

“And might you show us the honor of sharing your name, ner vod?”

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Name: Orsusk Sullusk
Height: 5'11''
Armor: Smoke Gray, Black Trim
Race: Trandoshan
Sex: Male
Primary Weapon(s): Power Claw
Secondary / Skill: Stealth

BIO: Although trandoshan mandalorians are rare, Orsusk was picked up at the age of 11 after swiping a full suit of mandalorian armor and 2 blaster rifles from a mandalorian shuttle while the occupants were still inside. Trained in the art of invisibility, Orsusk has can come and go as he pleases from any situation. Even a trained watchman on full alert would be confounded on how this slippery lizard had bypassed him. Not much else is known about Orsusk's past, he isn't one to talk about that kind of subject although one wouldn't think thats the case once he...

Before another word could be muttered the door to the room flung open with a BANG. An average sized armor-clad being trotted into the room vividly as if he had no inkling to the previous tension that was slowly building between the three mando's.
"So, this is the motley crew they snatched up to send on this new operation." Orsusk Hissed loudly to make sure everyone heard him clearly. After a moment of silence Orsusk blurted, "So you guys got names?!"

Everyone in the room ws flabberghasted by the spectacle they had just witnessed, but all of their minds were linked to the same thought. "This Death Watch group is going to spot us from a mile away now..." and only the next few words spoken by Orsusk could surprise them even more.

"Well I'm Orsusk, It's my job to make sure we keep the element of surprise!"

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The Mandalorian that had not stated his name eyed the Trando with suspicion. He said,"My name is Grov Vontross. I'm the demo expert. I have something for each of you in the hangar." He walked slowly to the door, shouldered his way past the Trandoshan, and headed straight for the hangar. Bjor said, "Might as well" and they all made for the hangar.

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I don't want to seem like the whiny guy, but your posts are a bit hard to read. Capitalize I's and names, and put a space after periods and commas. Just those two things should make the whole post a lot better.

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I dont see the problem with his posts. hmm They're fine. Are you a readings and writing teacher? If not I guess we better leave it at that.


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It's simple grammar, something I learned back in 4th grade. I'm not trying to mess with him, it's just that correct english should be excercised whilst RPing. On forum posts I guess I can deal; but here, where understanding what someone writes is key, everyone should use good grammar.

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True Warrior, I would very much appreciate it if you would also use the <OFF TOPIC> tag.  As I've mentioned previously it allows for the other readers to skip ahead of the non-story posts.  Additionally, I don't think thelastMandalorian's post was too bad, however, it did seem that Dealer of Death's request is a valid one, since the RPG should be quite clear for everyone involved.  Thank you thelastMandalorian for editing your post.

If at all possible, could you both edit your last posts and put the <OFF TOPIC> tag at the beginning please?  Thanks in advance.

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The Hangar

- The small group of mandalorians had arrived at the hangar where their transport awaited.  Although initially they were three, they were now accompanied by a fourth member.  There were very few words exchanged and everyone was curious as to what Grov had in store for them.

Upon entering their alloted docking bay, they were greeted with the sight of a ship very different from their usual assault craft, a Nubian luxury ship without a dent or a scratch.  On the far end of the landing pad they saw what they could only assume to be their pilot, busy discussing with a maintenance droid.

They all paused for a moment, waiting for the other to make a comment or say something about the mission at hand.

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*whistles* Orsusk slowly stalked around the ship looking it up and down at every possible angle. He was quickly joined by the other members of the squad who were eager to inspect the picturesque vehicle.

"Ssssso who did you have to kill to get this beauty? Scratch that, I don't really wan't to know."

The pilot finished his conversation after leaving the droid with a few choice words. He gestured for the group to follow him into the ship, before disapearing inside.

Orsusk snidely remarked, "After you Oh Captain, My Captain."

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Bjor looked at the luxury craft sceptically. Sleek, made for comfort, apparently unarmed. Unacceptable.

"This vessel suffers from a severe lack of weaponry and armor." The black-armored Mandalorian commented, brushing a steel-encased hand against the ship's underside. Space flight was aggravating enough, but taking off without armaments was stupidity. Bjor turned to address the pilot.

"Does it have any weapons?"

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The pilot first nodded in the positive then answered with a very flat "no".  Bjor could almost see the mischevous grin behind the pilot's helmet and suppressed the urge to backhand him.  Before he had time to reconsider, the pilot had turned around and headed up the loading ramp.  "Luxurious and no weaponry was what the request sheet said, I just pilot, you guys do all killing".

The rest of the assault team suddenly realized that the mission was going to be less of a cake walk that they were first led to believe.  Somehow it did make sense, arriving on Kalderast with an assault craft would tip off any Deathwatch members and further complicate the mission.  They couldn't help but wonder what other suprises were waiting for them upon their arrival at their destination.

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The Mandalorians went to the dining hall to receive the extra equipment from Grov. When they entered Grov was sitting at a table sorting various items. "Oh good, you're here.", he said as they walked to the table. "First things first," he said, "Handle all the things I give you with the utmost care." He walked to the table and picked up a small black box and opened it. Grov turned and went to Spinx and asked, "Do you know what this is?" "No" she replied. "These are explosive rounds that can be used in any sniper rifle." He went to the table, grabbed something, and then went to Bjor. "These are very effective flash-bangs. They can blind and deafen anything. Speaking of which we each get special contacts and earplugs for them." Grov gave them each contacts and earplugs and then continued to Orsusk. "These are specialized detpacks. Use them only when necessary. Oh, and before you detonate them make sure friendlies are far enough away for the different settings." He turned started repacking his equipment and made for the door. "Oh, before I forget if you have any questions just come to my room and I'll try to explain it to you." He then turned and left the room.

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"Sssssso am I really expected to use these crude devices?" Orsusk questioned, "I'm more inclined to get in and out without being noticed... and unless these Deathwatch guys are deaf I'm pretty sure this might draw some attention to me."

Sphinx and Bjor both gave him the dirtiest looks they could through their visors.

"... But I've never been one to turn down free stuff, plus I'm sure this might come in handy at some time during the mission."

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