Topic: The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 1

Premiering shortly, here's a good spot to discuss spoilers if you'd like. Enjoy!

Update, post watch

1 min recap, 4 min credits = 32 minute episode
Big t-visor helmets for kiddos
Quite a bit of action on land, on city streets, and in space
Name checks to Cara Dune and Moff Gideon
IG-11 "resurrection," because Din wants a droid he can trust
Bo-Katan, as seen in the trailer, chillin' and grumpy her group went mercenary
Setup for the next episode to feature more of Mandalore

What did you think? Favorite parts?

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Re: The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 1

Hello fellow BFFC users!

So for those who watched already the episode… you may have noticed it was quite introductory as nothing huge really has happened yet. Which is fine tho.

Feeling pumped about the idea of IG-11 coming back. Wasn’t seeing that coming at all. Nevertheless let’s see if Din ends up getting that missing part. I’m case IG is not able to return, Din has to find help in some other manner (ahem Boba…). Anyways I don’t think they introduce him like that. My stake is that IG is coming back yayy

On the other hand I liked how Nevarro is looking, such a crisp and joyful place plus great detail to see some Mandalorian touches already. The palace really gave me EU vibes. Since Bo-Katan is so pissed cause her people bailed on her, she’s likely to join Din in the upcoming episodes. The gang will be back, I can feel it!

The confrontation at the beginning against the water dragon creature felt a bit off for me though. As if the choreography was a bit quirky in some scenes.

Can’t wait to see more anyways! Specially about Mandalore ;-)

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Re: The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 1

I liked the new designs of the covert/tribe that the armorer runs. Davy Jones/Man-Thing Pirate King was cool too. Bo Karen being cranky as usual. It seems Din is adamant on repairing IG-11 but I doubt he could be fixed. In the trailers we see the N1 with R5-D4 So I'm guessing Din heads to Tatooine to get the busted memory parts for an IG unit from Peli Motto but ends up picking up R5-D4. So hopefully Din also gets Boba to lend him a hand while he's on Tatooine.

Re: The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 1

My hopes are that in his quest to revive IG-11, it leads to Boba Fett telling him about IG-88 and a trip to Bespin. It's a long shot I know.

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Are we 100% sure Gorian Shard isn't voiced by Mark Hamill. The credits say Nonso Anozie but I swear there was a hint of Mark. He's done voice cameos as other characters in Mandalorian and Rise of Skywalker.