Topic: Rare 1980 Carded Boba Fett I Just Found

I want to thank my ten year old self that when I got two Empire Strikes Back Boba Fett's I kept one and put it away....then forgot about it for 45 years. I just recently found him but cannot find any version of him out there due to the card. It is a 41 Back but unlike the other versions, the figures are pictured individually as opposed to one large group which is the only version I've found. I took him to a collectors shop and despite their searches and calling around to their experts they cannot find any comparables.

He's in great shape (Grade 85-90), never opened of course and still has the hanger tag still in place. Some very minor creasing, but otherwise near mint. They couldn't advise to value since there is apparently no other version out there that could be found. If there is, I haven't found it. He's safely sealed away in a case. What do you all think?

Re: Rare 1980 Carded Boba Fett I Just Found

Awesome! Congrats on rediscovering it in still-good condition.

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Re: Rare 1980 Carded Boba Fett I Just Found

What a brilliant find! He's in great shape for the age too. Hopefully you find more info on him.