Topic: BFFC Upgrades: New Forum Software Coming

Since our current forum software is no longer in development, we've considered alternatives and are in the process of migrating user accounts, topics, and replies to Flarum, which will also be self-hosted here.

It'll be a major improvement, but some things will happen when we switch over:

1. Usernames cannot have spaces. This is to unlock @mentions. Users with spaces have the space removed, plus we can always help rename an account if the space removed isn't right.

2. Legacy private messages may go away. They haven't been a major part of the site since we invested in that custom feature. The new software has alternatives if we roll out that optional extension.

3. All accounts will need to reset their password when coming back in after the move. This security step is intentionally strong, because passwords are already encrypted and will be encrypted again differently.

Everything else should remain, especially the custom profile pages we have here, member numbers, etc.

Founder/Editor, BFFC

Re: BFFC Upgrades: New Forum Software Coming

Update: we're headed towards no Flarum and instead just archiving the forum, which has consistently dropped in activity since its hay-day before social media.

Founder/Editor, BFFC