Topic: Thoughts about Boba?

Hello everyone! I want to know why do you guys like Boba Fett? Everyone has there reasoning what’s yours? Mine is I first became a fan May 2020 same time I became a official star wars fan! I remember seeing him first in rtoj and I was like this guy is epic! And seeing boba in mandalorian season 1 episode 5 just walking I liked making theories of how boba will come back which was fun to me! Also Boba Fetts armor was the coolest, he literally complained to Vader about his opinion without being terrified like the moffs! Haha sorry for rant lol but that’s why I really like him!

Re: Thoughts about Boba?

Hey Diyar! Well this Fan Club helped me to realize how amazing this character was. I find his attitude as a bounty hunter very admirable, decisive and without many words to share being effective in his missions. But he also has a more emotional side, as well as his bond with his father or his love affair with Sintas Vel in the Expanded Universe

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