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Topic: My Artistic Corner - a thread

hey guys, i'm posting this as a precursor or bookmark for future artwork endeavors. i've been on a ginormous artist's block for a few years now, but i plan on making something new someday! big_smile

you can expect the following subjects:
- boba fett
- jango fett
- clones
- commandos

stay tuned if interested!

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Re: My Artistic Corner - a thread

rainbowbread, sounds great! Maybe share a past/present piece to start? Sometimes that can nudge "artist's block."

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Re: My Artistic Corner - a thread

well, there is one piece that i can post. it's actually my first star wars related artwork ever, to be honest, and i've done it years ago back when i was attending photoshop/graphic design classes in college.

when i did it, i was learning how to color in sketches in photoshop using a saved scan file of what i had. again, this was back in 2011 so my drawing was a bit iffy, yet very precise, back then...

also, i have no idea how to link dropbox stuff properly. the img tags don't work on it. lol

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