Topic: My activity

(Figured out how to post again!)

Wether yk me as bobafett2020 or mike brezinksi, it’s clear that I do more then just YouTubing and book writing. However, there is an imbalance in the force. I have gone nearly inactive in several places.

To all fandom friends:

I will be available to respond to messages most days. I will be on dtv wiki Monday, McCw Tuesday, mctw thursday, and spy school wiki Friday. I will ofc try to sprinkle activity to all places even when it is not their day. Your pal,


To all bffc ppl:

It’s been awhile since I’ve been active. I will try to be active weekdays, but Weill be most active on weekends. I’m excited to return. Your friend,

Zech AKA bobafett2020

(I will copy paste this message to the appropriate places)

Favorite Star Wars character: Boba. (Well, duh!)

And no, I do not have disney plus. I have to have everything spoiled for me. :(