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Featured on the Rancho Obi-Wan live stream the other day, at the 16 minute mark and onwards, some more info about the official Skywalker Ranch cruiser bike / bicycle:

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In case you didn't know it, today is Bike to Work Day, so in the spirit of thinking green and good health, is sharing the transformation of a Skywalker Ranch staff bike into an Empire Strikes Back-themed super-cruiser.

Although originally conceived as a showpiece to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back at Comic-Con and Celebration V in 2010, The Empire Strikes Bike was ultimately unveiled late in the year as a gift to the fans who have supported Empire and the Star Wars saga for over three decades. While the bike has its official roots with Lucasfilm, its creation was purely a fan endeavor.

Literally created in a residential garage, the frame, wheels, and crank were acquired directly from an official Skywalker Ranch staff bike. From there it was a matter of accessorizing the bare-bones frame and wheels with pieces found on eBay to give it an Empire spin: fenders, chain guard and skirt guards came from various 1940s cruisers, including a J.C. Higgins Colorflow and Monark cruiser; the springer forks were pulled from a 1960s Sears Spaceliner; the tank combined a '60s Roadmaster body with a Hasbro AT-AT head rigged to "fire" its reciprocating chin guns with lights and sound; Master Replicas FX lightsabers were gutted and re-worked to become the headlight (Luke's) and taillight (Vader's) with lights and sound activated by switches on the lightsaber handgrips; the luggage rack was a modified 1982 Kenner Rebel Transport toy, now with swing-back rear to stow gear; a Hasbro Titanium Series Slave I worked nicely as a fender ornament; finally, the chrome Vader handlebar topper was lopped off a giant PEZ dispenser, having the added bonus of built-in light-up eyes, music and dialog from the films. Chrome tail, leather streamers, and torpedo pedals were added for flair.

To match the original Skywalker Ranch burgundy paint on the frame, the fenders, chain guard, and luggage rack were painted a similar color, highlighted with red striping and X-wing graphics on the fenders. The swirl-design 1950s spoke covers on the front wheel were actually the first accessories purchased for the project.

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