Topic: Online Boba Fett Games

We've recently rolled out some new games you can play on the site. … es/memory/

This is a memory game, where you have to match two of the same photos on a grid. It's scored based on time and clicks. There's a leaderboard for the best score site-wide. … es/puzzle/

This is a puzzle game, where you need to re-arrange the panels to make the image. It's also scored based on time and clicks, also with a leaderboard.

Both have easy, medium, and hard versions. The mechanics are pre-built by other developers, but they've been modified here both with Boba Fett imagery plus a nice surprise when you complete any of the games.

Feedback appreciated. Looking forward to seeing your scores on the leaderboards!

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Re: Online Boba Fett Games

Very nice games, especially on this boring situation. Try them out and give your feedback on the comments!
[Oh, and I’m gonna get a place on the leaderboard for ;-)]

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