Topic: Toy Fair: New Boba Fett collectibles!

Hey Fett lovers!

Toy Fair has shown new Boba Fett stuff from Hasbro as a celebration of their 40th anniversary of ESB. Here’s a summary of what has been shown:

They have finally revealed new pictures from the Vintage Collection Slave I.

Also, we took a look to the images of Hasbro’s Retro Collection Boba Fett. It will be coming this Spring to Walmart.

We’ve seen the new Mission Fleet series as well, which includes a Boba Fett figure.

We’ve also seen images from a 3D Metal Model Boba Fett.

And finally, Monogram showed a new Boba Fett bank.

What do you all think about these new reveals? Share your thoughts! See more info and details on … -and-more/


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Re: Toy Fair: New Boba Fett collectibles!

Top right Slave I looks awesome!

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