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Topic: Slave I - All you need to know.

Hi Boba Fett lovers!

Today, I’m gonna talk about the storyline and the specific characteristics of the Slave I.
First, I’m going to make an introduction talking about the most important things of the Slave I.


This spaceship has been really attractive for many fans due to its design, weapons and because of their owners: Jango Fett and then, Boba Fett.

When Jango died on the Battle of Geonosis, the craft came into the possession of his son, Boba Fett, who used it for his own Bounty Hunter career.

After some tries to kill the master Jedi Mace Windu to revenge the death of Jango, the Slave I was used by Aurra Sing and Bossk to go to the planet “Florrum” to meet the pirate Hondo Ohnaka.
After the arrival of Ashoka and Plo Koon, Boba and Bossk were captured. Aurra tried to escape, but she lost the control of the Slave when Ashoka leaped onto the ships hull and sliced off a wing with her lightsaber, so the spaceship crashed.

Hondo took ownership of the Slave I for a short time, before it returned to Boba.
The spaceship became very famous because of all the Bounty Hunters who used it. Then, on the original saga, Boba used it for the transportation of carbon-frozen Solo to the Cloud City.

“Put captain Solo in the cargo-hold.”

Now that I’ve talked a little bit about its history, I can start with all the surprises that this spaceship has  for its enemies aka... weapons!


- 2 Twin dual blasters cannon
- 1 Concealed forward-firing concussion missile tube launcher (Dynamic concussion missile)
- 1 Concealed forward-firing ion cannon
- 1 Turret mounted composite tractor beam projector (extensible)
- 2 Concealed turret mounted proton torpedo launchers.

So this is a summary in which I talk about the most important things of the Slave I. If you think I’ve missed something important, don’t doubt to tell me!

See you soon :-)

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