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Topic: Boba's weapons!

Hello Fett lovers!
This time I would like to talk about Boba's weapons.
We all know that Boba is full of surprises, ready to defend himself against any unexpected attack. So let's see each Boba's weapon!


It's shorter and lighter than the E-11, and it's used a lot by the stormtroopers. The EE-3 is driven with two hands. It has a big nock to compensate its little handle.
Its shot speed is faster than other blasters, but it has less precision and potency.
This weapon is used by many bounty hunters, like Boba and Sugi.


As I said before, Boba must be sure that he has a lot of options if he is in danger, and that's why he equips these dispositives.

He has a ZX Flamethrower, able to throw a flame of 5 meters length.

He also has a little blaster (Dur-24) It has a scope of 50 meters

And of course, we mustn't forget the little rocket launcher, that are often used to stun enemies.

Finally, he has the whip, which he uses to catch his rivals, and let them immobilized.


In case Boba is in a real danger, he can use this weapon to surprise his opponent. It's a useful weapon, because not everyone can expect an attack that comes from a knee right?


This is probably one of the most famous Boba's instruments.
This jetpack can be very useful in many times, but it's not easy to drive, and in case you don't now how does it work, it can be very dangerous.
The jetpack has enough gas to do about twenty controlled jumps.
This jetpack also hides some surprises. It has a projectile hook, that Boba uses to catch his enemies, and a self-directed missile.
It's very common to see it in action by Mandalorians.

If I have forgotten something, please tell me! Hope you have enjoyed the blog Fett lovers! See you soon!

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Re: Boba's weapons!

Good start!

From the 1994 Topps Star Wars Galaxy Magazine #1 poster:

https://www.bobafettfanclub.com/multime … poster.jpg

"His armor includes a helmet that has A) a macrobinocular viewplate, B) infrared capabilities, C) motion and sound sensors, D) an internal comlink to Slave I, E) a broad-band antenna for intercepting and decoding transmissions and F) an external targetting rangefinder. Wrist gauntlets house G) lasers, H) a miniature flame projector, I) a corded fuel line for flame projector, J) a mini concussion rocket and K) a fibercord whip/grappling device. Boba's jet pack includes L) main rocket thrusters, M) directional thrusters and N) a turbo-projected magnetic grappling hook with a 20-meter lanyard. The outfit is completed by O) knee-pad rocket dart launchers, spiked boots, P) a concussion grenade launcher, Q) a BlasTech EE-3 rifle and R) braided Wookiee scalps over the shoulder. The armor can also seal itself to protect Fett from insufficient or deadly atmospheres. It has a two-hour supply of oxygen."

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