Topic: BFFC Upgrades: Activity

We've rolled out a new feature that better highlights more of the interactivity throughout BFFC. It's called Activity and it shows up on your profile and also the Community > Members page for now.

Example on a profile:

Only positive actions are promoted, so if you unfriend or unsave something, it disappears. It's also intentional to keep the timestamps hidden, but it's all in chronological order.

To come will be integrating post interactions, e.g. BFFC Admin added a topic.

The hope here is to make more of a newsfeed with accounts, since not everyone posts to the message board, but may be more active elsewhere on the site.

Thoughts? Feedback?

Founder/Editor, BFFC

Re: BFFC Upgrades: Activity

More upgrades to this feature. It's now displaying the timestamp for the action, providing a little more information than before.

Also, activity is now member's only except for the top 10 or so all member activity list. This gives a little more privacy from non-members just cruising through the profiles.

Founder/Editor, BFFC