Topic: I think I have a Boba Fett movie idea down...

Before you say it! Yes, I know the main complaint against a Fett film is the fact that people rather prefer Fett stay mysterious. And I think I know how to solve that problem. Instead of doing an origin story or finishing Boba's arc in Clone Wars, instead they should make a brand new adventure taking place after Fett escapes the sarlacc (A.k.a After ROTJ.) The idea would be that Fett escapes Sarlacc, maybe regroups with Dengar or Bossk, and then continues his normal life as a bounty hunter. Except, when looking through a list of bounties, he finds the one and only Mace Windu who is apparently still alive and kicking (My idea is that he must've used some sort of force ability to keep him alive for that long.) Filled with vengeance, Fett takes the bounty but finds out that two other people have already claimed it. Cad Bane and someone else also called...Boba Fett. (See? i'm pulling a Twin Engines of Destructions on ya)

So then the entire movie is just Boba Fett, maybe 4-LOM or Bossk tag along too (though I think Dengar would fit better as the comic relief), killing Bane and Jodo...and ending off with Fett finally killing Windu.

The main thing I would want this movie to do is for Fett to barely talk at all. Barely. The reason I want Dengar or Bossk to tag along is so they could basically deliver Fett's lines for him. Fett is going to be quiet, and kick ***. That's how a Fett movie should be like.

"This IS my face" -Boba Fett, Twin Engines of Destruction (Page 15)