Topic: BFFC Upgrades: New Profiles

Some of the cool upgrades that are new for all members!

- Cool profiles with stats -- see for an example
- Friend (or unfriend) other BFFC members, located below each post and also on each person's profile
- "My Calendar" for tracking Follow Fett calendar events you attend or want to attend
- "My Bounty" now has star-ratings and short reviews unlocked for BFFC members

Re: BFFC Upgrades: New Profiles

More improvements this month:

- Better mobile navigation throughout (except on the boards and image galleries, which will take some more time)
- Better home page load time

Any requests or bug reports? Comment below.

Re: BFFC Upgrades: New Profiles

Big updates to user profiles:

- Follower and following functionality and numbers
- Recent member logins now include avatars in the footer
- Profiles show if the user is online or not (just like before but looks nicer)

To see some examples: (BFFC Admin) (DashRendar2) (AvengingSon)

Private messaging also has an overhaul and will be rolling out shortly.