Topic: What is your favorite star wars memory?

Hi. i was curious about the stories that you would like to share about your star wars fandom?

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I was in Star Wars fanbase for all my adult life and so many thing happened because of Star Wars so it's a really hard question yikes

I remember taking my German B1 exam. I wasn't good at that language and I was extremally stressed out. But I remember that in one of the reading exercises there was a short text about Star Wars and it immiedately calmed me down and I felt that I'm able to do this!

I remember my first convention where I bought Star Wars mints and I was so happy to do so because I wan't able to buy almost anything in my local shops.

I remember doodling Yoda and other characters all over my textbooks. And finally starting to post my art on the Internet. I remember when one of the most known polish Star Wars websites shared my Mandalorian Christmas ornaments. I remember Boba Fett Fan Club sharing my Easter eggs, and then my silly Motivational Boba Fett animation.

I remember mt first (an I hope not last) Star Wars Celebration which was an 18th Birthday gift from my parents.

I remember being accepted to polish Mandalorian Community and I remember becoming their leader.

And I remember a lot of really small things like getting Boba rolinz in two mistery bags (and I had only two ot them and I really wanted Boba to be at least in one of them) or having my first Star Wars talk during convention...

So many wonderful memories, I can't chose just one of them smile

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Mahiyana, wow! Fantastic to hear more about your favorite memories and honored that a couple BFFC social media posts made your list. Especially great about the B1 exam "Jedi mind trick" and leading a Mandalorian community!

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I hope to have more Star Wars related memories in the future! big_smile

How about you? Do you have any particular favourite Star Wars memory? Meybe founding Boba Fett Fanclub? smile

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