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Topic: Mandalorian Book Recommendations?

I really like the Republic Commando series. So I would love to read more books on Mandalorians or Mandalore. The Battle of Mandalore from the Yuuzhan Vong War looks interesting. Any suggestions?

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Re: Mandalorian Book Recommendations?

The Legacy of the Force series was cool, and it's follow-up series Fate of the Jedi was good too. They are technically based on the Jedi and stuff but they have quite a bit of Fett, and Mandalore in them. Books 2(Bloodlines), 5(Sacrifice), 8(Revelation), and 9(Invincible) of the Legacy series are Fett-related, as well as a few of the other books in Fate. Even without the Mandalore involvement though, they are good reads. Star Wars Crucible has Fett involvement too. You could also check the Collectibles: Books section of BFFC which probably has a few good suggestions.

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Re: Mandalorian Book Recommendations?

A few recommendations:
1. Boba fett: a practical man.
2. The fight to survive and sequels.

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