Topic: No Disintegrations?

Just watched The Empire Strikes Back again, which reminded me of something. I've been wondering about this for a couple years and could never find anything to explain it to me. What was Vader referring to when he said "No Disintegrations"? Obviously I  know he's referring to a previous bounty but does anyone know what bounty specifically? Or where I might find more information? Or even just a more detailed description of what he's (Vader) saying? Sorry for rambling, just confused.

Re: No Disintegrations?

I'm not sure if the comic "Enemy of the Empire" answers this, as it's a Fett vs Vader story. I'm going to see if I can find an online copy to view...

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Re: No Disintegrations?

Oh ok. I hope so, because I've always been curious as to what that comment referred to. Btw, does anyone know a good way to get a hold of the Boba Fett comics, bc my library doesn't have them, and I would really like to read them.