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Topic: Your Boba Fett Movie

So lately, I've been watching a lot of movies (Everything from The Longest Day (1962) to Avengers: Age of Ultron)  and reading/watching a lot of film criticisms and reviews. In my quest for movie knowledge I stumbled upon a little show called "Movie Fights". I've become a loyal viewer of this show. In the episode I was watching most recently, the guests of the show received challenge that I thought would be fun for my fellow BFFC members to participate in. That challenge was: Pitch your Boba Fett spinoff movie!
Tell us about the plot, who you'd cast as Boba, who you'd want to direct, and/or produce your dream Boba Fett movie. Tell us anything and everything!

Re: Your Boba Fett Movie

Hey Karson! Good idea.

Sean Lehosit authored a two-parter that we published back in 2013. He raises some great ideas:

http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/news/fil … lm-part-1/
http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/news/fil … lm-part-2/

Personally, one favorite that he writes about is a sort of "Bounty Hunter Wars" meets "Twin Engines of Destruction" storyline.

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Re: Your Boba Fett Movie

Here’s my pitch:
1) Boba should talk as little as possible throughout the movie. Only speaking when it is required

2) It shouldn’t be a re-cap of Episode II to Episode VI or something. Rather, It should be multiple stories in chronological order. Then when it leads to Episode IV, It should be completely in Boba’s point of view.

3) Afterwards, all the stories should be new and original stories including Twin Engines Of Destruction.

Story Pitches (keep in mind, none of these are in chronological order):

1- A “Clent Eastwood” scene with Boba Fett chasing down (get this) Can Bane for the big bucks! With a small cameo for Greedo. This story would explain how Boba got his dent and the way  Cad Bane dies.

2- A good ol’ space battle. Seeing the slave one in action should be pretty exciting

3- After Return Of The Jedi, Dengar and Zuckass would be searching for Boba in the sarlacc pit then they encounter “Sarlacc Guardians” a new group of people who survived the Pit Of Carkoon battle.

4- Boba Fett hunts down Lando in Cloud City and has a “Kingsman” battle with a bunch of Cloud City officers

"This IS my face" -Boba Fett, Twin Engines of Destruction (Page 15)