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Topic: Pirates on the Spine - RPG

RPG – Pirates on the Spine

Era: Galactic Empire
Location: Space is our setting. We’ll say in the Mid Rim along the Corellian Trade Spine

Situation: The number of pirates has grown since the dawn of the Empire. The leaders, with spoils dwindling between them, realize that a treaty or war is necessary for their interests to remain strong. Two major pirate factions—The Claws and the Korsairs—have called a shaky armistice to temporarily cease fighting and raids in the Mid Rim.

The Claws are a loosely organized fleet of pirates from across the galaxy. Its members are hardened by terrible atrocities as well as constant backstabbing in their own ranks. They are known for their ruthless and cunning tactics.

Their ships appear heavily modified since The Claws scavenge parts and weapons from whatever they can get a hold of. The fleet may look junky, but every ship is fast and armed to the teeth. Most raids are over in seconds.
The Claws number 15 ships. Their flagship is the Hellspear. The battle-scarred Twi’lek, Ven, is its captain and leader of the Claws.

The Korsairs are technically privateers under contract from the Empire. The Korsairs profit from disrupting illegal trade and supplies suspected of going to the Rebels. Most of the members are former officers and Academy students who disliked military service, but kept their Imperial friends close went they went rogue.

The Korsairs are mostly human with a few Chiss and other races among them as they tend to look down on other species. The threat of the Korsairs comes from strategy and cohesion. Their Empire ties keep them well-funded with access to advanced ships and technology. They consider themselves a more refined breed of pirate and use expert tactics to effectively steal cargo and fight enemies.

The Korsairs number 8 ships. Their flagship is the Shroud. The brilliant and arrogant Rendon Mach is its captain and commander of the Korsair ships.

The Rules:
1. You may create any character you want.  Clarify their name, species and faction (Claws/Korsairs/Other) so others can follow their actions easily. (Easy on the force users. It’s Empire time so it’s very unlikely that any Jedi or Sith will show up.)
2. You can kill characters you create but you can't kill other people's characters unless they say they have been killed in battle with you. However you can wound other people's characters.
3. You can have any weapon you want but you can only have what your character could physically carry - otherwise they wouldn't be able to move.
4. Be consistent, eg if someone says they blew up a ship, don't suddenly be assaulting it.
5. If you have sustained many wounds you will have to either get medical help or eventually die.
6. Follow the storyline, sure add a few twists and turns but allow others to see where you want to go so they can help you get there.
7. Have fun.

Name: Elessa Maris
Faction: Korsairs
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 32
Appearance: She’s tall and athletic with black hair that’s shaved on the sides. She has one tattoo of an alien skull behind her right ear. Black earrings, black boots, and black flight-suit.
Weapons: DL-44 blaster pistol and vibrosword with decorative symbols.

Elessa Maris paced around her ship’s command deck trying not to feel bored—she had a theory that boredom led to that vacant aloof look she saw in the eyes of some of her fellow captains. Ever since the bosses had called a ceasefire on attacks along the Trade Spine, it was difficult not to feel a little bored.

“Captain,” someone said. “A freighter just came out of hyperspace. They see us and they’re trying to get to the asteroid belt before we can catch them.”

The captain’s heart began to race before she remembered the ceasefire. So boring.

“We can catch them,” said Elessa. It wasn’t a question.

“Yes.” replied Ruk Prescott. The young man was actually Commander Mach’s cousin twice removed. All nepotism and bureaucracy even as a pirate she had thought at the time when his transfer was pushed through. He was a pretty sharp kid though. Maris didn’t hate him or he would not have served on her command deck.

“Catch.” she said smiling. “Ions Mr. Prescott.”

Sharp intake of breath from the command stations. But Ruk on weapons never hesitated. A perfectly timed ion cannon shot shut the lights out on the old freighter from several klicks away. Elessa’s needle-like Makashi never moved. But they could now.

“Take us in,” she said walking closer to the window as if she could scoop the disabled freighter out of the sky. Her eyes were shining.

“Captain Maris,” protested one of her crewman. “Commander Mach was quite clear about the conditions of the armistice.”

Ruk Prescott gulped at the thought of seeing his “uncle” after this. After he was charged with the Korsair ship who violated the ceasefire. Loyalty was a big virtue in his family.

Maris shot the older crewman a steely glare.

“That freighter’s from Ryloth. The Claws have many connections with the Twi’lek smugglers and dealers of the planet. It could be a spy.”

“You think that’s at all plausible? I never should have served on this ship! You are a stupid inexperienced woman—“

In a breath, Elessa’s sword was at the man’s throat.

“We stopped the freighter because they made a run for it. If they were scared of us, they had plenty of time to set new coordinates and get a bearing. Their hyperdrive is undamaged, but they immediately tried to get around us. What on that freighter is so important they need to get it past us?”

Captain Maris was almost thinking out loud. She’d seemed to have forgotten the hyperventilating man on the end of her vibrosword.

“Oh, don’t talk to me like that, Chambers. I’ll kill you. Do you understand?”

Chambers nodded yes. The captain was always clear and succinct.

Maris returned the blade to her scabbard and looked back out into space at the freighter as the Makashi approached it. She was still bored. But a little less so.

Re: Pirates on the Spine - RPG

Name: Clive Maverick
Faction: The Claws
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 36
Appearance: On the taller side of average, lean but muscular with blonde shoulder length hair generally tied back into a ponytail. He carries a number of concealed weapons; displaying an old blaster on his hip to lull any potential enemies into thinking they’ll have the upper hand.


The ship’s alarms were wailing like a newborn. “Oh shut that noise up already!” Maverick snapped as the Twi’lek pilot’s finger raced across the controls. “Have you identified which Korsair ship has attacked us?”

The alarms dropped to an annoying buzz. Shaylon glanced at Maverick over her lekku as she continued working, her green skin was taking on a sickly orange hew from the emergency lighting. “No idea but no doubt they’ll hail us soon.”

Maverick slouched back in his chair, “If they don’t blow us up first.” With a heavy booted foot he swung the chair around to face the cockpit exit. “Do what you can. I’m going to go play with our new friends.”

He staggered to the aft turret bay where Nell and Dess were arguing as usual.

“You do know we’re under attack?”

The Devorian twins stared at each other dumbly for a moment. “Nah boss, when’d that happen?” Dess sniffed.

Nell slapped Dess up the back of his horned head, “Does it matter? We get to shoot the new disruptor cannons.”

Maverick gave a lopsided smirk, “Now there’s a good idea. Shove to it.”

The Devorians thundered off to the other bays and Maverick was warming up the system when Shaylon’s nasal voice sounded over the com, “I’ve managed to reroute some power to the sub-lights but as soon as I fire up they’ll be on us again.”

Maverick thumbed the modified disruptor cannon to life, technically the cannons were too large for a ship their size but Nell was one heck of an engineer. A powerful thrum sounded as the cannon charged. As soon as the green light pinged Maverick opened fire; a cascade of blaster beams tore through the blackness of space and hit their mark, “Frag, they’ve got heavy shielding,” Maverick muttered into his headset.

Nell and Dess’ cannons echoed Mavericks and shields quivered in response. Nell laughed, “Hit ‘em again and they’ll be down.”

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Re: Pirates on the Spine - RPG

Maris widened her stance to maintain her balance as the Makashi was rocked by the barrage. The blue lights on the command deck flickered off for a moment.

“Disruptor-fire, Captain,” said Ruk. “Apologies, I thought those cannons were an oversized sensor array.”

“That’s what they wanted us to think, Mr. Prescott,” replied Elessa rubbing her temple. Never underestimate the Claws. Like wild animals, they were most dangerous when cornered.

“Captain, they’ve almost penetrated our shields,” said Tania Porrimal, a dark-skinned crewman a few years the captain’s junior. “We’re vulnerable.”

“Evasive maneuvers,” spat Elessa. The Makashi dipped forward and dove away from their enemy’s cannons next volley.

Captain Maris returned to her chair and swiveled around to face Tania’s console.

“Porrimal,” said the captain evenly. “How long until I have my front deflectors back?”

“Not soon enough,” she replied. “Their disruptors must be industrial-strength. Captain, I recommend we break off the attack.”

Elessa shook her head.

“My gut tells me they have something valuable,” she mutters. “I plan to take it. Or at least not let these devils tell their boss we violated the ceasefire.”

Chambers made a sound like he was about to protest, but managed to turn it into a cough at the last second.

“They’ve restored power, Captain. They’re on the move.”

Indeed, the freighter had resumed its course towards the asteroid belt. It was still firing its aft cannons at Elessa’s plunging ship.

“Get under them,” directed Maris. “And fly so our starboard is facing their belly. Our shields should hold there.”

“For a couple shots, Ma’am,” added Tania looking doubtful about her captain’s plan of attack.

“Ruk,” said Maris turning to her youngest crewman. “Do you see anything on sensors?”

“No discernable weaknesses, Captain,” replied Prescott hurriedly. “But, um, there’s a high-grade durasteel case of some kind in their cargo hold with a strange energy signature.”

He sighs. “Sorry if that’s not helpful.”

“Never apologize, Prescott,” said the captain eyeing the fleeing ship hungrily. “Just do your job.”