Topic: Boba Fett Stolen (celebration for rarity)

This was recently taken from me (2/10/14), from my garage. The culprit was so diabolical in his scheme that he took 15 photos from my room mates phone (my room mate isn't a geek, he doesn't even know who the hell Boba Fett is), and nearly tore my home apart from accusations  and calls to the local law enforcement. I being, the Jedi that I am, find this reprehensible. I'm sure I'm talking to people of the same caliber.
Please let me know if the statue of the same, in the box, comes up for auction, sale, pawn, etc (taken from the Midwest)....for more information, please let me know if you see anything recent for sale/bidding.

Reward will be offered in return.

Re: Boba Fett Stolen (celebration for rarity)

Sorry to hear your statue was robbed. You don't happen to have a non-generic image of the item? Or it's serial number?