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Topic: Based off the Show Heroes (2006/2010)

This is a new chapter set 1 year after the end of the show. All living characters exist. Your character is allowed two powers, and nothinglike Peter Pertrelli, or Sylar so no absorbing powers from other people. Create your own back story and your characters story line, where he/she is from, and where they are presently. You can meet up with other players characters, but you are the only one entitled to kill your character. Lets just have fun with this and create some good story lines ... let us begin

Re: Based off the Show Heroes (2006/2010)

Name: Enrico Cardiman
Nationality: Cuban
Age: 20
Location: Brookyln New York
Powers: Telepathy, Polymath
Back Story: I . . . I must have noticed that i was special when i was 17. It all started over a fight at school. My brother was new at Williamsburgh Prep, it was freshman friday. All the senors had it in for the freshmen. Like having a class with senor that day was like, inviting the wolfs to dinner. I had to look out for my brother . . . you know I mean he was just a kid didnt desirve that none of them did. I thought the whole thing was foolish. I wasnt the most popular kid in that school but people know me, and knew i wasn't scared for a fight so i thought my brother was safe
   I was wrong and they we're wrong for even touching him. I let Miguel out my sight for one second and there I see him getting stomped out, by some football players. A couple of them see me drop my bag, trouting over there in fruastration like a mad bull. And they grab me, two of them while a third punchs me in the stomach. I'm let go I drop to my knees, hard too breahe . . . I wish i can get them off my brother . . . things start to go blank.
I hear
  Why you hit him so hard, he looks like he's going to kill over."

   "I bearly touched him." was the reply
  I could feel a sharp pain in my head, like a thousand kneedles crashing in. My nose starts to bleed, I wipe it off. On the floor I see Miguel getting steped on, and i skream out. I go blank . . . and thats . . . thats when everything fazes out. And when i Come too Miguel was holding me up walking home. Face two times its size, I thought we escaped. I didnt know I had turned the front of the school into a crature, and put the entire first string out of comission.

-Present Time
   Now its 2012 and their are a lot more people like me, Even my little Brother can create fire. He nearly bured done the gymnasiam. I've learned to develope my powers more. My mind is not only a weapon, but i can also learn things face I pick up things quick. I feel like i been sparring with the ICE MAN my whole life but i only see him on tv. It took me knocking out my brother for him to believe me. All these people with these unique abilities, some using them for good, some for personla gain. All i know is I want too know where these abilities come from, and i intent to find out, won't see me running around in tights though. So i put off college for a semister, i can learn it back in a day

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Re: Based off the Show Heroes (2006/2010)

My powers have progressed more then I thought they would. After I got done with high school I made it my duty too learn the capabilities of what i can do. Tried to learn all that I could Fencing, Mixed martial arts, Par core. The possibilities were unlimited. Miguel looked up what it meant to learn what you observe at a rapid rate it was called polymath. He told me I had the same traits as a villain called task master, does that also mean I to will become a villain. That was very doubtful I was no boy scout but, I also didn't have it in me too harm innocent people.
  My telepathy has really progressed a lot, that took some effort too do. I trained by trying to levitate more and more things, the first time I tried to pick up a car my nose bleed and, I passed out before I got it a inch off the ground. Miguel also developed a power, he can produce fire throughout his body. I was pretty annoyed when he was able too fly before i did, manly because he kept throwing it in my face. Good thing about me flying is that I didn't nearly burn our house down. These powers have something to do with our genes, I read this book by a doctor Seresh, that explained how humans are evolving to develop new abilities cell regeneration, Flight, even control of time and space. The first I read the book I thought he was mad but then again not only can I lift things with my thoughts and fly, I also watched a guy playing a guitar in the train and instantly knew how too play.
  Lately I been having that strange feeling like I'm being followed. Their has been a black Cadillac with tinted windows that has been parked outside my loft everyday for the last week. Miguel has this idea in his head that we are being watched because of our powers. Like some secret government agency has been tracking down people with abilities, like their is some modern day witch hunt going on. I don't know who they are but, I have the sudden urge to confront them. Then I think what if my brother is on too something, I don't want to get captured and tested in some lab like an animal . . . only time will tell what these powers lead too.