Topic: Young Boba endured a lot

I think the reason that boba was such a great hunter was the early death of his father it took him out of a comfort zone and attracted boba to many dangerous people who wanted a piece of Jango's wealth.

before the age of 16

Boba had run ins with

General Grievous
Aurra Sing

thats pretty impressive

"Stand aside I will kill you if I have to" (Bobba Fett to darth vedar in enemy of the empire)
"I should shoot you just for asking about that" (Jango Fett to count dooku for mentioning Galidraan)

Re: Young Boba endured a lot

Yeah, dont forget,

He helped Jango with Obi-Wan as well,
He battled with Mace Windu,
Along with a lot of other various creatures/Aliens.

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