Topic: your Dream dinner Party

My would be ,,with a Round Table ,on my right Boba Fett ,left Gort
the rest would be Phantom,Lone Ranger ,,  Bruce Lee,with Mask
David Bowie as the Goblin King,Mandrake,,,and a couple of Storm
Troopers to fill up the table
bats cool

Re: your Dream dinner Party

A table at this great Sushi place I know with Tool. I'd get Maynard to school me on wine and ask Adam to draw me something cool on a napkin. Play pool with Danny and his big arms (Yes, it has a pool table for some reason) and trick Justin into talking a lot so I can listen to his accent.

"Next time I'll just reach over and pull somebody's head off."

Re: your Dream dinner Party

All the Fetts and our Mandalorian friends would go to Bahn's Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant to eat. If the restaurant couldn't hold us all we do take out otherwise we would eat in. LOL

A man's worst enemy can't wish on him what he can think up himself. Yiddish saying