Topic: Mandalorian Fan Fiction + Medieval story

Here's a link to my deviantart page, and it has a couple SW fanfics, one of Boba Fett, and another of a different Mando. Also, it has my book in progress, "Krall Scyinth", a medieval fantasy book. I will post new chapters when I make them, about 10 pages are up right now. If any of you guys are on deviantart, let me know so we can trade "friend requests" or whatever they're called there.

Hunter's Shadow
by ~Krakenkiller

Here's the first paragraph of "Hunter's Shadow", the rest of this story and all the others can be read at the link. Comment to let me know what you think, here or on DA. Thanks!


Rain pelted down on the visor of the man in armor. He could barely hear the sound above the ringing in his ears, the pain pulsing in his head. “The Mandalorian is down!” shouted the announcer of the Malestarian gladiatorial ring. These types of battles were outlawed under the Republic, but the Empire could care less if a few creatures died here and there for sport. The other man, a tall, well built Correllian outcast named Jhilyal started to walk away, when the Mandalorian got up. “Looks like he wants some more!” said Jhilyal. The armored one walked slowly at first, then charged. The Correllian man pulled back his arm for a punch and was about to swing, when a gloved fist came up into his throat, followed by another in the gut, knocking the wind out of him. A swift boot spun around and took the Jhilyal’s feet out from under him, causing him to fall backwards. He attempted to get up when the armored man’s armored foot came crashing down on his face. “And the Mandalorian wins!” the announcer said. The crowds cheered. The Mandalorian went out of the ring to claim his prize, a starship of his that had been stolen by Jhilyal. Jhilyal said that he would only return it if he could defeat him in a death match. He had known that many of his thugs died retrieving it, but he apparently had never fought a Mandalorian before. He got what was coming to him, thought the armored man. As the ring master opened the gate to the hangar, he said, “What’s yer name, fella? You fight pretty good.”
“Jaster Mereel.” said the armored man dryly.

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