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Re: RPG - Unrest on Planet Balkest

"-shab, slow down. They what?" Mir quickened his pace to a fast jog, racking the charging slide on his MkII. "Drymes, you said there was no way it would be noticed... The courier did what?... Alright, that Duros will wish he never met me."

He closed the line, tucking the long pistol under the rain cloak he was wearing. As Mir entered the docking bay main hall, a team of security personnel darted past him headed in the direction where his shipment was to arrive. "Osik!" He spat under his breath, following them. This had already happened once before, and he was the last man standing. This wasn't Tatooine, and the Hutts weren't there to sweep the mess under the rug.

Mir casually walked up beind the armed enforcers, forcing a smile.

"What seems to be the problem, officers?"

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Re: RPG - Unrest on Planet Balkest

Merlidan had called in security as soon as she caught wind of what Drymes had said. There was no doubt in her mind that the scumbag was in on whatever was going down.

The sound of booted feet headed her way was a comforting sound. Feeling empowered by the backup, Merlidan made her way towards Drymes. “So have you searched the ship?” she asked, pretending that she didn’t hear his conversation with his contact.

Drymes smiled and tried to look reassuring. “Yes ma’am, I couldn’t find anything that shouldn’t be there.”

Merlidan held back her contempt. “Show me where you’ve looked.”

A few fine beads of perspiration dotted Drymes’ forehead. “The crew won’t be happy.”

“They can live with it, they’re on Balkest after all.” Merlidan said as she stormed up the gangway. She paused only when she heard some muffled conversation behind her. But now was not the time to check it. She needed to search the ship.

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Re: RPG - Unrest on Planet Balkest

((Err...Legend, Su'cuy and Su cuy'gar are Mando greetings, roughly translating to "So you're still alive." Also, my contact's name is Grimaldus, and he is off planet. I'd rather no one else control him if that is okay.))

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Re: RPG - Unrest on Planet Balkest

A pair of Duros and a shabby looking human female, with a vicious scar running down the side of her face, waited for Merlidan in the cockpit. The taller of the Duros was first to speak, “Greetings human, what seems to be the problem?”

“This is a customary check of your ship. The company is also curious as to why you’ve added an extra fee to the already agreed upon tender.” Merlidan told as she crossed her arms.

“Ah that,” the Duros said as he threw a glare at the human. “My new Accounts Officer is somewhat confused about our invoicing system. I assure you will we amend our records.”

Merlidan gave a stiff nod, “Be sure you do. In the meantime we’ll need to search your ship.”

The Duros took a step forward, “You’re associate, Mr Drymes, has already performed this duty.”

Merlidan smiled politely, “He didn’t follow the correct procedure. I’m sorry for the delay.”

The Duros seemed to huff in his own alien way. Merlidan also got the impression that the human crew member was not a companion of their choosing.

Merlidan was about to start the inspection, however Drymes’ comm suddenly burst to life. “Alert 15, Alert 15.”

Drymes looked at Merlidan, “Tell me that’s not what I think it is.”

Merlidan rolled her eyes, “You know as well as I do, Alert 15 means we have blaster fire in the hanger.” Turning to the ship’s crew, “You stay onboard your ship. Nobody leaves until this is over.”

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Re: RPG - Unrest on Planet Balkest

((Sure thing. Sorry 'bout that my mando is somewhat incomplete or inaccurate. Will do though. Is there anyone that knows of a good source for an accurate mando language study?))

Tal waited until the thoughts in his head seemed as if they would eploud out into the safehouse and destroy everyhting in the surrounding area. The Ubese walked through the doorway back into the room. "It seems as though we've had some trouble reaching the contact" The Ubese gave a weak smile. Tal flashed his teeth angrily "I'll be taking my earnings back then." standing up and striding over to the Ubese, his hand held out. "All of it!"
The Ubese handed Tal back his earnings. Tal turned on his heel, his tail wavering to steady him, then headed out back into the marketplace.He needed to know where he could buy a small freighter vessel.

Heading through the marketplace trying to remember his way back to the spaceport. As he walked the anger and disapointment within him seemed to grow. He was lloking for a fight. Just something he could take his anger out on. As time went on and his walk back to the spaceport seemed to last forvever, he grew more and more angered, people around him must've been able to see it as they cleared a path as he walked through. Finally the hangars were in sight. Looking around he noticed armed personel rushing through the spaceport. Dismissing it he continued to make his way back to the public transport.

A guard stopped him.  "I'm afraid I can't allow you to proceed the spaceport has been locked down and the craft are here by grounded un til further notice."
Tal shot the man an angry look hoping he would take a hint. No dice. Baring his teeth at the man."May I ask why?" This time the officer gave way. "Reports of blaster fire in the hangar"
Tal Grinned evilly. "Stand aside I think i might be able to help." The officer seemed to shrink under Tal's mass. He studdered and shook" I c-can't let you do tha" Before he could finish. Tal slammed one of his heavy fists into the guard's stomach, the guard crumpled to the ground. Tal leaned over and relieved him of his weapons and some of his credits. Then coninued unopposed into the hangars.

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Re: RPG - Unrest on Planet Balkest

Genn watched Merlidan leave in a hurry, she had business to attend to it seemed. He proceeded to Moyra at the reception desk, and before he could speak she assumed his identity.

"Jedi Master Genn Ostace? Mr. Heyurk is expecting you. Down the hall, the great durasteel doors lead to his office." She said with a smile. Genn nodded and smiled as well, then made his way down the hall.

Genn raised his fist to knock on the door, but they opened before him. This of course meant, he was being watched. He wouldn't doubt if it had begun as soon as he left his ship.

The office was too big. On pedestals surrounding the massive wooden desk were various pieces of art and rare artifacts. Behind the desk was a window that stood in place of the entire wall, providing an entire view of not only the camp, but various mining operations in the distance. The floor was of glistening white tile, and the walls covered by luxurious drapes. The whole office was so out of place, Genn thought he was back on Coruscant.

Behind the great desk, a tall chair, nearly a throne, sat facing the window. Clearly Trask was interested in wealth and luxury. The chair slowly spun around and Genn was met by...a tiny humanoid of about 4 feet, large round glasses and an arching eyebrow. His hands were clasped in front of him as he studied Genn.

"...uh, Mr. Heyurk. I am Jedi Master Genn Ostace, I -"

"BLASTED CHILD!" a fat man in expensive robes burst forth from the drapes on the wall, where a bathroom was hidden. The child in the chair lept from the chair and bolted down the hall, laughing histerically.

The man stode to the desk and held down a button. "MOYRA! CONTROL YOUR CHILD, THIS IS THE FINAL WARNING!!!"

"Yes Mr. Heyurk, im sorry this is the last time!" Moyra explaimed

"Oh yes, it is!" The man said and let go of the comm. He sat in his chair and wiped his blad head under his small turban. He curled his lip into his thick black mustache and sighed heavily as he sat down.

"I, am Trask Heyurk. I assume you are the Jedi sent to rid us of the vermin clogging our mining operations yes? We should get to work. The first assault should-"

"Mr.Heyurk, allow me to stop you right there. I am not here to exterminate any creatures, or to force anyone to submit to the other. I am here to assist in negotiations, to create a peaceful environment for both this camp and the Kubaz."

"VERMIN do not negotiate! They infest our mining tunnels and launch assaults on us, they make our work more difficult every day and I want them out or dead as soon as possible!" Trask slammed his fist on the great desk.

"The Kubaz attack your miners and attack your camps?"

"Yes! They know that we only want the minerals we've come for, yet their underground fortress extends farther and farther into our mining operations, and I fear there will come a day when they will launch an assault from under us. I have allowed them to make use of this camp and the space port, but only because they bring in enough profit to help keep our home running."

"That, or to fund your expensive habit for luxury Mr. Heyurk. Several of these pieces, I know, must have been exeedingly expensive."

"I assure you, Master Ostace yes?, that I have acquired these pieces on my own salary."

"Then said salary may be too high for the head of a mining operation. I will look past this for the moment, the Kubaz's actions are more of a priority at the moment. Why would they attack your mining operations?"

"Because they want more land, or more likely the minerals we mine. They are uncooperative with our efforts for understanding, we've tried to reason with them but they will not move to another location on the planet. They MUST be forced out. Patience in this camp is running low..."

"So I see. I will need to speak to the Kubaz queen before negotiations can begin. Would you know how to reach her?"

"No, they hide that monarch away in those tunnels. Our representatives have only spoken to couriers. Its quite difficult, I feel they have no desire to negotiate anything."

"We'll see. I will try to get in contact with the queen personally, and see if the three of us can conference together. I think it will take some time to find the queen, but rest assured I will contact you when the time comes."

"Good luck in finding that hermit. You can try any of the local vermin who use our home."

"I will have to ask you to stop refering to them as such Mr. Heyurk. They are not vermin, and respect must be had for each other if anything is to progress."

"Vermin live underground. Vermin invade your home. Vermin act as an irritating nuissance. The Kubaz are vermin."


That hadn't gone very well... Genn now stood outside, in front of Heyurk's office building, without much idea of how to contact the queen. He'd have to follow Heyurk's advice, and try to find a local Kubaz who could get him inside the hive.

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Re: RPG - Unrest on Planet Balkest

(( Hey Fett101, sorry bout this but i intended my character to be following val's and therefore outside not at the bar, sorry dude.))

    It had been quite a while. The Jedi had returned from the building, and Ja'tka tried to shrink into the crowd. Naturally shrinking into the crowd when your jaw looked like something a Sith Lord would wear and your head was wrapped like a Tusken was a little difficult. And the armor on his chest (that wasn't under his jacket) wasn't exactly the most inconspicuous thing either. If it was anyone else Ja'tka would have likely appeared as just another spacer, but of course, this was a Jedi, there were supposed to be able to read your thoughts and other such things. Ja'tka was unsure of this one's abilities. So of course he would be very careful in his tracking. Perhaps he wouldn't be completely out of a job for much longer.

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Re: RPG - Unrest on Planet Balkest

Genn walked casually through town, keeping on the look out for any wandering Kubaz. There had been none yet, Genn had the feeling they tried to stay out of this harsh atmosphere. He understood completely, he hadn't been expecting the stares or the nagging feeling that someone was watching him. He was certain that there was, probably one of Trask's men. It was clear that a man who had amassed that much wealth had a good grip on his town.

After a few moments, Genn decided to duck into a tavern and rest for a few minutes before continuing his search. Maybe catch a glimpse of Trask's goon, or find a Kubaz inside. Trawler's Tavern was, naturally, a dump, and Genn walked right in.

The music stopped. All patrons, including some fighting in the back, stopped and looked at the robed figure of justice who walked in. With a wave of his hand, all the weak minded fools turned back to their drinks and/or fists.

Genn sat down in a corner, ordered a drink, and began the waiting game...

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Re: RPG - Unrest on Planet Balkest

**Sorry guys, I'm not going to be able to post for a couple of days. My son is in hospital so I'm going to be a bit busy. I'll be back as soon as he's well. Ta, Mel.**

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Re: RPG - Unrest on Planet Balkest

(Go val, enabling a copy/paste continuity fix big_smile)
((Hope hes ok Mel, our thoughts are all with you, see you when you get back))

    Ja'tka saw the Jedi duck into the bar. Not much he could do but follow, unless he wanted to risk the Jedi getting out a back entrance. But following in could be a dead giveaway. Ja'tka didn't have any other options at this point. He took a deep breath, which his jaw-plate fortunately didn't make loud or harsh or rasping as it did his words, and stepped into the gloom of the bar.

   Ja'tka's eyes, or eye rather, meaning the augmentic, did not need to adjust to the gloom.  He vaugly recalled this place, entering with his mind sharp and stumbling out in a drunken stupor. He made quickly for the bar, picking out the Jedi as he turned.
"Don't be takin that damn plate off, some of the reg'lars get right jumpy of things like that when they've  got their rythm going"

Ja'tka glared at the one eyed Bothan behind the bar.  "Water. Now."  The cacophous rasp coming from the grille of Ja'tka's jaw plate made the Bothan jump. He quickly slid him a glass of water, and went to tend the other side of the bar. Not that it made a difference. Ja'tka knew there was probably some kind of disruptor within the Bothan's reach in case a patron got too pushy. Ja'tka took his drink, the straw jumped from his plate, and he found a empty booth that wasn't completely disgusting, and settled in, watching his target out of the corner of his eye.

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Re: RPG - Unrest on Planet Balkest

“So the Jedi Council has seen fit to dispatch an emissary to Balkest,” mused Lieutenant Cors. “Don’t they know we’re at war?”

“The Order revels in negotiations and peacekeeping, Lieutenant,” responded Grayner. “The question is what do we do about it?”

“Davies and Jayce are going back to the ship,” said the Lieutenant addressing the privates. “Send a transmission to Balkest 3. Inform them of the situation and ask for a Force-sensitive to accompany the away team. I’d feel more comfortable with a Jedi on the surface if we had a saber on our side.”

“Yes, sir!” said Davies nodding. He and Jayce headed back towards the starport.

“There’s something else about Balkest, Rendon,” Grayner admitted. “Something we’re not seeing.”

“I feel it too,” agreed Cors. “That’s why I’m not going to be the one taking a face full of Force lightning for not bringing something of interest to Lord Malak’s attention.”

“Such is the life of a Sith,” chuckled the Corporal. “While those two are figuring out how to relay the broadcast, what should we occupy our time with?”

Cors shrugged.

“Looking for more information is the best course of action,” he said. “That way we can brief the Dark Jedi in full if HQ deems our cause worthy enough.”

“The best course of action?” questioned Grayner.

“Corporal, maybe my instincts are just out of whack,” explained Cors. “But the Jedi’s presence here coupled with growing colonial tensions on top of the bad feelings in both of our guts makes me think we can expect something exciting to happen without us poking around.”

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Re: RPG - Unrest on Planet Balkest

The four armed men halted their discussion, focusing their attention on Mir.

"The problem, sir, is none of your concern." The middle security officer said. "Now stand back, this dock is now off limits to the general populace."

"Ah well," Mir casually glanced to see if there were any holocams in his forward field of view. "I am not the general general populace."

"I don't care if you're the queen of kriffing Hapes," The officer gripped the blaster rifle slung at his side. "This area is off limits to ALL non-BPA personnel, so I suggest you leave...now."

"I'm sorry for the misunderstanding." Mir halfway turned, casually sticking his hands in his overcoat pockets. He promptly drew the large framed Seski pistol with with such speed the guards had little time to react.



The the tightly focused beams of plasma burned clean through the light armor the security troops had been wearing, two were holding their chests groaning, one laid unmoving and the other frantically reaching for a blaster mere inches from his grasp.

"Ah-ah-ah.." Mir kicked it away, waving his index finger. "That was a mistake."

"You k-killed-" *THWACK*

"I don't have time for this." He quickly walked beneath the freighter, searching for the engine maintenance access panel. To his surprise it was open, and he climbed up in it just as the sound of clanking boots came down the boarding ramp.

Mir wiped a bit of sweat from his brow, sighing. "Easy enough..."

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Re: RPG - Unrest on Planet Balkest

((God bless and good luck Mel))

As Tal walked through the spaceport he heard a score of blaster fire. Grinning evilly he ran off in the direction of the noise.

((Sorry I didn't post a whole lot. Its just that the description of the area that You're in is a little vague if I may say, and I'd like to be there when the bolts start flying.))

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Re: RPG - Unrest on Planet Balkest

**Thankfully the boy is home now and a lot better.**

Merlidan and Drymes walked down the boarding ramp only. It didn't take them long to find the bodies of the security detail. "Are any alive?" Merlidan asked as she checked the two guards nearest to her.

Drymes shook his head, "Doesn't look like it. We should get the clean up droids over."

Merlidan nodded, "Yeah sounds like a good idea."

Drymes got on his comm and notified the Emergency Team. "They're on their way."

"We need to detain that ship," Merlidan started to say. However the engines suddenly burst to life. "What the..."

"They don't have clearance," Drymes said without conviction.

Merlidan ran to the port side control both. She slammed her fist down on the bay doors locking system. The first pair of doors was closed, the blast doors however were slowly closing. Somehow Merlidan had a feeling they weren't going to be fast enough.

Merlidan grabbed her own comm, "Security fighters get prepped, we have have a rogue freighter about to bust free of the docking bays."

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Re: RPG - Unrest on Planet Balkest

**I have amended for you, just wanted a confrontation.**

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Re: RPG - Unrest on Planet Balkest

Barulian led his 5 hand picked Kubaz warriors to the surface.  For safety he had chosen the secondary entrance to the hive.  With a quick perimeter sweep he headed back inside and motioned for the Queen and her two attendants to follow. 

"Mcuh too hot above the surface."

"Yes my queen.  It is quite humid.  I have never loved the surface.  The cool tunnels is where I belong."

"Let us go."

"We will be vigilant my Queen."  The party began their trek from the secondary entrance to the town.  As they approached the miners and others began giving them angry stares.  The contempt on the surface was unparalleled.  And Barulian returned their glares growing more and more infuriated.  As they approached the Czerka mining headquarters one man barked at the group of Kubaz.

"Get off my planet hose nose!  No one likes your kriffing kind here."  Barulian snapped his head in the direction of the taunt.  Queen Ka'Bae remained ignorant and aloof.  Barulian tried to do the same.  But the onlookers were emboldened by this man's comment.  They all seemed to jeer and taunt the Kubaz as they headed through.  The feelings of tension especially among the miners who clashed most with the Kubaz were not amicable.

"I'd send you all back to your kriffing hell hole then put a few neuroagents in there and listen to you all scream."  The one who instigated seemed to step forward from the crowd.  Or stumbled rather.

"Typical human.  Intoxicated.  Does your kind even do anything productive besides slaughter our innocents?"  Barulian stepped forward from the rest.

"Innocent?!  Cause of your digging I lost 7 of my mates in a tunnel collapse!"

"They were sticking there noses where they shouldn't have then.  May their corpses rot where they lie."  The Queen shot Barulian a look.

The humans roared in response.  The drunk took this and awkward leaped towards Barulian.  INstead of leaping to action Barulian waited until the last possible moment and lowered his shoulder and drove himself into the man's abdomen.  His momentum carried the man right over his shoulder where the man awkwardly landed on his stomach.  Barulian casually placed a boot on the man's shoulder grabbed his arm and wrenched.  It popped out with a sickening pop. 


He turned back to his Queen who stood.  "We must not return their foolish taunts with violence.  Now come.  We will discuss your punishment later."  Barulian lowered his head and stepped in line.  He followed his Queen into the three story building and up to the receptionist.  She did a small double take when she saw the Kubaz party.

"We wish to see your king."

"Mr. Heyurk is busy.  Shall I tell him you are here."

"Yes please.  Thank you."

"Very well.  Please wait in that room over there."

The Queen and the party head to the waiting room and she and her handmaidens took a seat while Barulian's guard stationed themselves around the room.  Things were about to get interesting.

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Re: RPG - Unrest on Planet Balkest

Vaulting over a few crates, Merlidan ran to the security locker near the control booth. With some awkwardness she managed to shoulder a rocket launcher.

Drymes was quickly by her side, “Isn’t that a little on the overkill side?”

Merlidan was busy priming the launcher. “Depends on what they’re trying to get away with.”

“What if they’re innocent?” Drymes pointed out.

“If they’re innocent, why are they running?” Merlidan shot back.

“Point taken,” Drymes replied, “But let us act a little more subtly.”

Drymes aimed his own blaster pistol and found one of the few weak points on the ship, its refueling nozzle. With only two blasts he managed to ignite a small fire which would make the ship’s emergency systems kick in and stop it from taking off.

Merlidan smiled despite herself, “Nicely done, Drymes.”

The ship landed with an audible thump. The trio of crew members quickly emerged, “What did you do that for?” The Duro demanded.

“You were taking off without permission,” Drymes said forcefully.

“Hey we thought the ship was on auto remote, we didn’t start the engines.” The Duro replied with an edge of fury to his voice.

Merlidan didn’t believe him but didn’t say as much, “If you didn’t activate the ship, then who did?”

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Re: RPG - Unrest on Planet Balkest

"Useless recruits!" Grayner was saying to Cors. Both men were still waiting for a confirmation from Davies and Jayce by Brawler’s Trap. “We give them one simple assignment. How did those mudlickers get through training in one piece?”

“Be patient, Corporal,” said Cors visibly annoyed by the delay as well. “I’m sure there’s a valid explanation.”

A few moments later, Private Jayce’s purposeful voice came in over the comlink in the two senior trooper’s helmets.

“Lieutenant, we can’t gain access to the spaceport,” she said. “Some sort of disturbance took place and they’re in complete lockdown.”

“Private Jayce, what are you?” demanded Cors calmly.

“A soldier of Lord Malak’s Sith Empire, sir,” responded Jayce without hesitation.

“Correct,” said the Lieutenant. “So let me get this straight: You and Davies haven’t sent out the transmission I requested because the local authorities from some two-bit, mining colony in the Mid Rim barred you from entering the spaceport?”

There was a pause.

“We’ll be in touch Lieutenant Cors,” said the private before cutting the channel.

“See, Grayner?” Cors said turning to his corporal. “Jayce isn’t totally incompetent it seems.”

Grayner only scoffed in reply.


“Was he mad?” Davies asked Jayce after she ended the call.

Jayce rolled her eyes behind her visor. Davies was too soft for the army in her opinion. She knew by now that he had had a crush on her ever since they were thrown into the same training group. Truth be told, she’d backstab Davies in a heartbeat if it meant getting ahead.

“You know the Lieutenant,” Jayce retorted simply. “He never gets mad. Just… annoyed.”

“Well was he annoyed?” asked her fellow private.

“Slightly,” she answered. “He made it clear that a lockdown is not our concern and we should have gained entry regardless.”

“That makes sense,” conceded Davies. “I’m still not quite used to this ‘going around and doing as we please’ business.”

“I thought that’s why most people joined up with the Sith,” said Jayce leading the way towards the starport entrance.

“Probably,” said Davies. “I joined mostly because I thought they’d win the war.”


“Hey, fear leads to the dark side, sweetheart.”

“You’re saying it wrong,” said Jayce coldly. “And don’t call me sweetheart.”

“Well, I’m no Jedi,” he responded defensively. “I don’t know how the saying goes. Speaking of which, do you really think HQ will send someone?”

“An acolyte at the very least,” she said. “Lieutenant Cors is respected enough to warrant our mission a Force-sensitive or two.”

“You sound like you admire him,” pushed Davies.

Before the driven private could answer, they came across the crumpled form of the spaceport official.

“What the—” Jayce started.

“It looks like he’s been robbed,” Davies observed kneeling down to prod the man. The unfortunate individual groaned in pain.

“Broken ribs,” said Davies. “This wasn’t a human that did this. Couldn’t have been the Kubaz either come to think of it. Not enough brute strength.”

“What would be your best guess?” asked Jayce.

“Wookiee probably,” he guessed. “Or most likely a Trando considering the system we're in. I’d guess a bounty hunter. Notice this poor barve’s weapons are missing?”

Jayce hadn’t noticed. She had to admit that for the lack of Davies’ ambition, he did have his moments.

“Why are you so handy with species anyway?” she inquired. “I’d wager you speak more languages than Revan.”

“Doubt it,” Davies laughed. “My father was sort of a diplomat for hire. A kind of negotiator I guess. We traveled around a lot. Went to every major city you can name. I ended up learning a lot.”

“Well I’m glad you’re on our side,” said Jayce quickly not wanting to give him the idea that she liked him too much. “Let’s go check out the starport and hope that this Trandoshan has a soft-spot for Sith troopers.”

((Btw all, I just realized I have 3 NPCs going. It’s a lot to keep track of so while I’m not saying you should just kill them all off, I wouldn’t begrudge anyone for instigating a fight or something along those lines))

Re: RPG - Unrest on Planet Balkest

As Genn finished his drink, the Force let him know that something critical to his mission had just transpired. Perhaps the right person for the job he needed walked into the tavern? He looked at the door but there was no one. Suddenly his comm link chirped at his belt.

"Genn here."

"Master Ostace? It appears the both of us have underestimated the Kubaz." Trask's snobby voice came in over the comm.

"What do you mean? What's happened?"

"The queen herself has just waltzed in to my office."

"I'm on my way," Gen burst from the table, heading out the door "Trask?"


"Don't go in there until I arrive." *click*


Genn strode into Trask's building, his cloak billowing behind him.

"Moyra, where are they waiting?" Genn asked the receptionist quickly. She was glad he remembered her name, a habit he's developed from years on the job.

"In the waiting room right there, Mr. Heyurk is still in his office." Moyra responded, her son now stood by her side looking at her console screen.

"Excellent." Things were going better than expected. However....the appearance of armed guards through out the building and on this floor made it clear that Trask had not dropped the possibility of ambushing the queen and trying to end this problem with blood shed.

Genn walked into Trask's office, catching Trask in the middle of some work on his console. Four armed guards with repeater blasters stood beside him, 2 on either side. The stood at attention when Genn walked in, but Trask set them at ease.

"Relax fools...I have no doubt this Jedi would cut you to pieces if you attacked him heh heh." Trask said, hastily shutting down his console.

"Is this necessary? It isnt a sign of good faith." Genn told Trask

"It is absolutely necessary. Clearly you havent visited them yet, she brought her own armed guard."

"Of course she did Trask! She just walked through this camp of people who not only fight amongst themselves constantly, but who want her and her people dead!"

"We cant dismiss the possibility of a trap Jedi Master, I thought your mystical abilities would provide insight to that fact."

"The queen wouldn't use herself as bait, any being could see that. Your guards however, are ALL on edge, and I sense them dangerously close to starting a firefight in this very building. This is a negotiation Trask, not a war treaty."

"You have not been here Jedi! For MONTHS there HAS been a war here with these creatures!"

"Then I intend to end it the most peaceful way possible."

"We shall see Master Ostace. You have no jurisdiction here, as you are here on the graces of the council and my OWN wishes. If i see fit to blow that ***** to hell then I DAMN WELL WILL! This is MY camp, those are MY people they've murdered, and those are MY minerals I have claim to. Lets see how far your abilities will take you in these negotiations."

"Trask, more than anything I need your cooperation. Both sides deserve a fair deal, but if I must ignite my lightsaber to defend innocents against your relentless anger, then I will. And it will not end well for you."

"Do not threaten me, Jedi. I control this planet and if I so wish for your ship to be detained and destroyed in the space port then you will be stranded here and I will hunt you down for sedition."

"These negotiations will go as planned, this conversation is going no where. Do you have a conference or meeting room?"

"We can have the meeting right here in my office-"

"Do you have a conference or meeting room...?" Genn didn't want Trask to have the luxury and comfort of his office.



The conference room was simple, yet satisfactory. Trask saved all the expenses for his personal office. The table was long and oval, Genn sat at the head. Trask and his accountant sat on one side, the Kubaz queen and her head guard/warrior leader sat by her side. A protocol droid stood at the other end of the table, opposite Genn, for translations. Both parties insisted on having their guards present, despite Genn's wishes. He'd try to dismiss them later.

"Let's introduce ourselves," Genn began and rose from his chair. Tensions were already rising. The proximity of the two parties was unnerving. Both guard teams were becoming uneasy. Genn tried using the Force to ease the room, but something was resisting. This was the first open indication of an outside dark Force power interfering. What could it be? What bad timing for a discovery....

"I am Jedi Master Genn Ostace. I've been called in for countless negotiations for many years, and I hope to conclude this matter peacefully just the same." Genn finished. He motioned towards Trask, who scowled at him.

"Trask Heyurk. Head of operations and governor of this camp." Trask did not extend his hand, nor look directly at the queen. The disrespect disgusted Genn.

"Pa ohcta recti dou ka?" The Queen spoke

"The queen asks if you are the king of your people, Mr.Heyurk." The droid responded in his metallic voice. Genn needed no translation, his job called for knowing this language. Trask beemed at this question and a giddy smile spread across his face. Genn stopped him from saying yes.

"Mr.Heyurk is not the king, my lady, this camp is not run as a monarchy as your people are. But Mr.Heyurk is in charge of the mining and the ...leader of the camp. For the purpose of this negotiation, he is the person you want to talk to. Please, introduce yourself." Genn requested.

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Re: RPG - Unrest on Planet Balkest

((Okay Val just letting you know I am going to be extremely busy until Sunday.  We have convocation then dry grad.  Then I am busy all Saturday.  So the earliest the post would be is Saturday night.  But hold me too that!))

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Re: RPG - Unrest on Planet Balkest

**No problem, Sev. I created the Queen so I'll roll with it for the meantime.**

With a regal nod, she turned and introduced herself. "I am Ka’Bae Drenade, queen of the Kubaz of Balkest."

Again the protocol droid translated, this time into basic.

Queen Drenade noticed that her soldiers were as eager as Mr Heyurk's to fight. Despite her own patient nature, the Queen could feel her own hackles rising slowly. She turned to the Jedi for reassurance. The droid translated his words, "I am Jedi Master Genn Ostace. I have already heard some background from Mr Heyurk. Your majesty, I'd appreciate hearing your side of things."

The Queen gave a slow nod of understanding, then she began. "When I first came to this planet there was only the indigenous creatures living here. I had left my own planet due to the lack of territory for a fledgling queen. I had a handful of family with me by that time, my mate and the first six of our children."

She paused as the droid translated. She saw the human leader snort and had to reach out a calming hand to Barulian who understood the human’s reaction as one of disdain. Barulian bristled but did not move to further action.

“We lived in harmony with the planet for two years. Then the first ship landed. The occupant was not human, I believe he was a Zabrak, but I cannot be certain as humanoid species often look too much alike for our eyes.” The Queen said as she shot the human leader a look down her long snout.

The human leader made a comment that the protocol droid translated before the Jedi could intervene. “Yeah well you insects look all the same to us, especially when crushed.”

Barulian was on his feet before the Queen could stop him. “You filthy scum are the cancer of the galaxy!” he snarled.

The Jedi stood with outstretched arms, “Stop,” he commanded both parties, “We’re here to negotiate peace, not start more conflict.”

The Queen stood and gave Barulian a meaningful look. He bowed his head and returned to his place without a word needing to be said. Queen Drenade knew that his anger was still simmering beneath the surface. “Shall I continue?” she asked the Jedi.

Ostace placed his hands in the sleeves of his tunic, “Please,” he said with a respectful tilt of his head.

The Queen took a deep breath, “The Zabrak landed away from our settlement. He did not see our landing pad as he arrived from the opposite direction. We knew of his presence for several weeks before he finally realised he was not alone on Balkest.”

“Was he hostile?” Ostace asked.

She shook her head, “No. He said he had come searching. It was hard to communicate with him as his astronomical droid was limited in languages it could translate. From what we understand, he was looking for a site for the human miners. But he said his real hope was to locate some Bith trinkets.”

Mr Heyurk rolled his fingers, clenching his hands into fists. “This is nonsense. The Bith aren’t interested in this planet.”

Ostace waved his comments aside. “Please hold your comments until the Queen is finished.”

Queen Drenade was starting to like the Jedi as he was clearly more hospitable than the human colonists. “The human colonists arrived shortly after our contact with the Zabrak. He stayed on for a while and one day approached us with excitement. He claimed to have found a trinket. He showed us a ring with a large obsidian stone set in claws. It was an ugly piece yet it was strangely captivating.”

With a sigh the Queen continued, “It was only four days later that the Zabrak was killed in a mining accident. I thought nothing of it at the time. We have had tunnel collapses of our own due to the nature of the soil here. The only oddity was that the Zabrak’s disposition had turned nasty before his demise. However what I do find interesting is that Mr Heyurk appears to be wearing the same ring the Zabrak once had.”

**As you guessed the ring is a Sith artifact. It is one of five. It has some darkside power but nothing compared to the combination of all five rings...**

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Re: RPG - Unrest on Planet Balkest

Name: Katon Bersek
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: ?
Appearance: Relatively tall,muscular,wearing the traditional outfit that the Dark Jedi of the era favored,plus a dark cape with hood.Also wears a mask which leaves only the eyes and the upper head show.
Weapons: Two single hilt red lightsabers.

A spaceship entered Balkest,dark with silver linings. As it descended,it slowed down until it reached the landing zone .A dark figure in the spaceship stood up from the pilot seat,looking outside the window.

"I can feel the presence Master... there are some interesting adversaries here... "

Another hooded figure was standing in the door to the cockpit, his eyes yellow and sick veins around his eyes.

"Of course... and the Jedi are involved with no doubt... fools, your mighty Republic has crumbled and you still send Jedi to negotiate peaceful solutions. "

The hooded figure looked at his master. "Peace is a lie... there is only passion..."

" You're learning fast, but the Sith code won't help you by just knowing it's words. You must feel them, make them an extension in your thoughts, live by them. Need them like water... Now let us go and see what this pitiful planet can offer us."

The two men proceeded to the exit. With a whooshing sound, the door opened, and the two Sith were immediately confronted by a hasty Rhodian.

"Now now now. Excuse me sir, are you the owner of this spaceship?" Katon looked at the Rhodian, a mocking expression in his eyes. "You filthy alien, I just disembarked from this ship. What kind of question is that?"  The Rhodian was immediately joined by two security guards. "Sir, I would recommend a more polite appro-" The docking master's phrase was cut, as the two guards started gurgling, holding their throats. In a matter of second they fell to the ground, dead.

"I don't CARE what you recommend scum. Now, we'll be on our way, and you WILL leave us alone, unless you want to have their fate."

The Rhodian said in a scared tone: " Of- of course sir! Don't let me keep you! Enjoy your stay!" and he hastily left. The apprentice turned on Katon and said in a ecstatic voice: " I must learn how to do that Master..!"

Katon shot a quick look at him and started walking towards the spaceport exit. "All in due time apprentice. For now, let us find our artifacts."

"Your passions give you strength, and through strength you gain power. You have seen it, you feel it. You must break your chains."

Re: RPG - Unrest on Planet Balkest

"Bith trinket..."

The term resounded in Genn's mind.

".... However what I do find interesting is that Mr Heyurk appears to be wearing the same ring the Zabrak once had." Queen Drenade finishes.

Genn didn't need the translation, he understood the language. Before the droid could finish the translation, Genn cut him off.

"-Forgive me for interrupting, but this information doesn't immediatly concern our situation." Genn said to Ka'Bae. He looked at her, and broke protocol by speaking to her through the Force.

*My Lady, forgive my intrusion. But that information is crucial to a problem I've been investigating that leds me to believe there is a dark side pressence on the planet. At the moment, I do not want Trask to know what we know, he could be more volatile then we're aware of.* Ka'Bae nodded slightly.

"Yes! You're right this time Master Ostace, this is a waste of time!" Trask said, relieved. He moved his hand to his lap, under the table when he caught Genn looking at the ring.

"Moving on...Queen Drenade, Trask has mentioned that your people repeatedly invade his mining territory. There are skirmishes, and people are killed. Is this so?" Genn asks

"Not entirely Master Jedi. His miners will carve into our tunnels and homes, then claim that they were built there in his territory and force us out, against our wishes. Violence nearly always ensues. We need to use area containing the minerals Mr.Heyurk seeks, because the land without it is not sutable for underground structures and living. We need some of those minerals to sustain our homes. According to the humans' definition of 'their territory', we are invading it." Ka'Bae finishes

"Good question, what exactly is defined as your territory Trask?" Genn asked. Before he could answer he continued, "Accountant, please provide the contract definition for the territory Trask is entitled to."

The accountant flips through his data pad then begins. "Specific territories alloted to the mining operations and manager are constituted by the percentage of minerals and ores located through out the planet. This percentage will be determined after an evaluation of the total planets resources are made."

"This was done I'm assuming? What percentage was determined?" Genn asked again


"...Meaning nearly all areas containing any minerals belong to Trask? This contract is futile! It was drafted without the Kubaz in mind, and they were here first. This gives you the false right to lay claim to any land the Kubaz can be living on or in." Genn explains

"I am not responsible for the drafting on that contract Master Ostace, do not point your finger at me! It was the companies decision, my funders." Trask told Genn

"That so? Accountant, in the contract, does it specify how much territory can be claimed per standard year?" Genn asks the accountant once more.

"Yes, 250 square miles. Our resources only allow for so much mining in that area at a time, any more would be a waste of time essentially. We wouldnt be able to mine all the minerals within."

"And how much area is being claimed per year as it is now?"

"THAT INFORMATION IS CLASSIFIED!" Trask explodes out of his chair

"No. It is not. What is the number?" Genn asks the accountant. The accountant is now sweating profusely, deciding between telling the truth or following Trask's orders to keep his mouth shut. But he knew he couldn't lie to a Jedi Master.

"....653 square miles."

"What! Thats obscene Trask! You're breeching your own contract!"

"You're sticking your nose where it doesn't belong Jedi! The minerals here go to valuable production companies-" Trask was cut off by the Queen's second hand man, Barulian.

"YOU LIE HUMAN! WE KNOW YOU SEEK THE OTHER RINGS! YOU ABUSE OUR PEOPLE IN YOUR SEARCH FOR THEM!" Barulian yelled, his hand going to his weapon. All the guards now raised their weapons, the room was over come with dark side energy as Trask responded to the protocol droid's translation of what Barulian just said.


Genn used the Force and launched the massive table into the air. It slammed through the roof, exposing the sky. As rubble and debris showered them all, blaster fire erupted in the chamber and Genn ignited his yellow lightsaber. Everything had gone to hell.

Cutting down two of Trask's guards, Genn moved to the Queen but she was already secreted away by two guards of hers, they were already moving out the door.

"DON'T LET HER GET AWAY!" Trask screamed. He outstretched his hand...and the Force slammed Ka'Bae and the two guards into the wall. Things had become much more complicated. The ring had to be destroyed, Trask was now a weilder of the dark side of the Force.

Barulian and the Kubaz warriors slayed the last of the guards, and Genn raised his saber to Trask. The rest aimed their weapons, but Genn motioned for them to wait.

"Trask, that ring is too powerful, you've been overcome! Remove it at once or we'll be forced to stop you." Genn said

"Fools! You don't know the POWER of the dark side!" With that Trask released a massive surge of dark side energy, and everyone was blown off their feet. Before anyone could react, Trask Force jumped through the hole in the roof and disappeared.

"We need to get out of here, he will have the entire garrison on us in minutes." Genn told Barulian

"We must take the queen to the hive, there we can defend and launch a counter assault on these wretches!"

"For now we must defend, we are in no position to take chances." Genn wouldnt be able to stop Barulian from attacking soon, he had been too close to the Sith ring for too long. He had to preoccupy him with escaping the camp and securing the queen.

"Warriors, protect the queen! We must get back to the hive and marshal our forces!" Barulian ordered the remaining Kubaz who hadn't died in the firefight. They fled and Genn followed.

The town was about to become a battle zone. Genn guessed that with Trask's surge of energy, the camp was finally sent off the edge. He could hear blaster fire from various locations erupting in the distance, explosions from thermal detonators. Hundreds of humans corrupted by the dark side have now been sent on a deadly rampage.

(Its been a little quiet...time to start the action.)

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Re: RPG - Unrest on Planet Balkest

Without warning the spaceport’s status changed and klaxons blared, “Colony under attack, colony under attack.”

Merlidan rubbed her temples, “Perfect timing.”

The audio continued the updated, “Colony at war with Kubaz, lethal force authorised.”

Merlidan stared in shock at both Drymes and the crew members before her. “I thought we were supposed to be getting a peace treaty not a war.”

Drymes shrugged, “Well at least we don’t have to pretend to like the Kubaz now.” Merlidan was somewhat disturbed by his underlying enthusiasm.

With quick steps Merlidan made it to the main entrance of the space port and saw that the colony’s human inhabitants were already scurrying about with weapons drawn. “Fabulous, I bet there will be more deaths from friendly fire than anything.”

Drymes was at her side peering at the scene before them. “You go find out what our orders are. I’ll stay here and guard the crew for questioning.”

Merlidan glared at Drymes’ audacity to give orders, but under the circumstances she decided to roll with it. “Fine, but don’t let them out of your sight.”

“Yes ma’am,” Drymes said with the shadow of a smirk.

Merlidan palmed her blaster and headed out into the melee. The office was her destination and she sincerely hoped that she didn’t get shot on her way there.


The Queen was able to compose herself after her shock at being thrown against a wall by a human that had no right to utilise the Force. The Jedi Master was on their side for now and she wasn’t about to jeopardise the fragile alliance.

Her five remaining soldiers rallied around her determined to protect her from the violence that was building. The klaxon sounded and the warning went out. “We must hurry,” Queen Drenade said as they picked up their pace to a run.

Blaster bolts were fired in their general direction. Ostace deflected those bolts that were within the reach of his lightsabre.

As they rounded a corner they came face to face with a blonde human woman with a blaster pistol in her hand.

Barulian was set to fire but the Jedi pushed his arm down. “Merlidan, please don’t fire.”

The human woman paused and her grip on her blaster pistol relaxed slightly. “I won’t fire if you don’t shoot at me,” she conceded.

Queen Drenade felt some relief but they were hardly out of the woods.

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Re: RPG - Unrest on Planet Balkest

Davies and Jayce made their way into the spaceport cautiously. The charred corpses of Mir’s encounter were lain in a sort of scattered semi-circle by the first freighter. The blaster shots had hit the ill-fated guards at critical points with frightening accuracy.

“Our Trandoshan friend do this too?” asked Jayce casually.

“Hard to say,” mused Davies. “Whoever it was, looks like they were in a hurry. He made fast work of them.”

“Or she,” corrected Jayce. “Look over there.”

Davies turned to see a tall, ponytailed woman dressed in civilian clothes having a heated discussion with a pair of Duros and a female companion. The first girl’s associate stood by nervously clearly not that enthused to be there.

“What do you think’s going on?” asked Davies.

“I’d guess some sort of smuggling issue,” responded the female trooper. “Doesn’t concern us. Let’s get back to the ship and send the transmission to Balkest 3 before Grayner has both our heads.”

“I was not aware that there were troops stationed on Balkest…” an eerie voice behind them said.

Davies and Jayce whirled around to see two hooded figures approaching them. Jayce recognized them both from when she was stationed on Korriban. Katon Bersek had selected his apprentice from among dozens at the Sith academy. The trials and competition that the students undertook to gain Bersek’s approval had been destructive and terrifying even by Sith standards. Jayce knew from what she’d heard from the other troopers that the prominent young Sith’s ruthlessness had more than earned his place at his new teacher’s side.

“My lords!” exclaimed Davies. He and Jayce immediately bowed solemnly. “Forgive us, we did not know of your arrival. We were just about to contact the base on Balkest’s moon.”

“Identify yourselves,” ordered the man.

“Privates Jayce and Davies at your service, my lord,” obeyed Jayce taking over. “We’re here with Lieutenant Cors’ away team.”

“Lord Bersek,” started Davies. “You should know that the Jedi order has dispatched—”

“I’ve already sensed the Jedi’s meddlesome presence, fool,” snapped Katon impatiently. Davies bowed his head apologetically. “Tell your lieutenant to rendezvous with me in a timely fashion. I may have a use for his little firesquad.”

“Lieutenant Cors will relish the opportunity to crush the Jedi, sir,” said Jayce speaking for her superior. “We are at your disposal.”

“Very well,” responded Katon. Jayce caught the first glimpse of his eyes beneath the man’s hood. She had to stifle a gasp and she was glad she was wearing a visor to hide her expression. His eyes were yellow and angry; the only windows to the darkness filling his soul.

The private’s fear seemed to satisfy Katon. The dark side felt strong on this planet for some reason.

“Follow us if you wish,” he said carelessly strolling past the two soldiers. His apprentice followed suit, but not before turning to sneer at Davies and Jayce.

“Just make sure to stay out of our way,” the young Sith said with the customary disdain for non-Force users.

Davies and Jayce glanced at one another and then followed suit leaving a few meters between them and the Dark Jedi so they could speak in hushed voices.

“Well I would say things just took a surprising turn,” remarked Davies resuming his annoying habit of stating the obvious.

“No shavit,” swore Jayce. “Why don’t you do something useful and let Cors and Grayner know?”

“Okay, okay!” the male private said switching his comlink on. “Don’t get your armor in a bunch.”

Then all hell broke loose on Balkest.


“What the brix is going on!?” exclaimed Grayner pointing his rifle at the rioting citizens.

It was as if someone had flipped a switch on the colony. Citizens who had been acting normally seconds earlier were now participating in mindless violence. Dozens of human colonists were tearing through the streets. Already Lieutenant Cors could hear the crazed chanting.

“Kill the Queen! Kill the Queen! Kill the Queen!”

“You!” called Cors picking out a teenage colonist among a group of ranting humans. “What is this madness?”

The colonist smiled psychotically at the lieutenant staggering toward his with an outstretched hand.

“All hail Trask Heyurk,” raved the boy. “He will lead us to salvation! He will eradicate the Kubaz—”

The colonist stopped dead in his tracks as Cors blew a sizzing hole into the teenager’s chest. He fell face-first into the dirt pathway.

The other colonists roared and rushed at the two Sith troopers. A volley of accurate blaster fire prevented the attackers from entering a ten foot radius of the soldiers. One man was left standing in the middle of the bodies trembling uncontrollably.

Cors strode up to him slowly. The walk seemed to take days. The chaos of the colony was reflected and distorted in the lieutenant’s metallic, silver armor. It was beautiful in a sort of terrible way.

He finally reached the man and looked him square in the face. Cors was taller so the unfortunate colonist was forced to stare up into a cold, unsympathetic black visor.

“I’m going to say this one time,” he said. “So if you have any more insanity, save it. Tell me what’s going on.”

The colonist could only stutter. He was terrified, but he was too corrupted by some mysterious horror to know.

“Kill the Queen…” he whispered as a stream of drool ran down the side of his mouth.

Rendon Cors sighed. He hefted up his carbine and smashed the stock square in between the colonist’s eyes. He relished the sounds of all the little fracture points in his skull as the man went down his bleeding eyes still wide with fear and surprise.

“And I thought this was going to be a dull day,” remarked Grayner walking forward to survey the dead body.

“Lieutenant? Come in Lieutenant. This is Private Davies. Over,” went the sound of Cors’ comlink receiver.

“I read you, Private,” responded Cors. “This is Lieutenant Cors. Have you encountered any hostiles? Over.”

“A few, sir,” responded Davies. “They seem to leave us alone for the most part. They’re looking for the Kubazian queen.”

“Affirmative,” said the lieutenant. He was still puzzled by sudden the outbursts of violence. An entire colony didn’t erupt into madness without some other factors being present. “Did you and Jayce manage to send the transmission, Private?”

“No, sir,” he answered. “Katon Bersek and his apprentice arrived before we could get to our ship. We’re escorting them now. Lord Bersek requested that you and the corporal rendezvous with us asap, sir.”

“Katon Bersek?” muttered Grayner listening in on the channel. “What’s he doing in this system?”

“What’s your position, Private?” asked the lieutenant. His heart was racing faster. With two Sith warriors fighting alongside them their worries were over. They had the potential to flatten the entire outpost. This was something Cors had something of a penchant for.

“Leaving the spaceport now, sir,” said Davies. “En route to the center of the camp. The Dark Jedi are leading the way mind you.”

“We’ll see you shortly Davies,” finished Cors. “Over and out.”

He turned to Grayner grinning behind his visor.

“Let’s get a move on, Corporal!”

A thermal detonator exploded a few meters behind them and knocked both of the soldiers forward. The shack it had been thrown at was completely leveled in a matter of seconds.

“You don’t have to tell me twice!” hollered Grayner. The two men pushed themselves back up, retrieved their weapons, and proceeded to blast their way through the camp glad that they had ammo to spare.