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I've just started this fan fic, the baby woke up before I could write more than three pages. Hope you enjoy what I've put together so far:

Gunston Knox stood and leaned against the window as it continued to bow from the assaulting wind. “Who picked this hole to stay in?”

Three humanoids sat huddled around a table playing sabacc. “Quit your whining, Gunston, there’s enough noise coming from that damned thunder storm.” Replied Reaper Tang who had his customary unlit cigar hanging from his lips, as usual he was sporting several days’ growth on his chin and his long brown hair was falling loose of his ponytail.

Gunston snorted, “Who put you in charge?”

The lone female, a blue Twi’lek named Candar Orvan, turned in her chair while placing her cards firmly against her ample chest. “Reaper has always been in charge. You simply liked the illusion that you were the boss.”

“What’s this past tense crap, I own the ship that got us here.” Gunston snarled as he prowled around his companions who were more intent on playing sabacc.

Irving Netalix, rubbed his temples. His skin was crimson marking him as a Zeltron, his hair was a dark blue that was almost black. “Gunston would you stop with the bad mood, you’re messing with my mojo.”

Gunston rolled his eyes, “Isn’t there a cure for being an empath?” he stroked his blaster, “oh yeah, that’s right it’s a blast between the eyes.”

Candar snapped, “Save your anger for the bounty hunters, we’re bound to be located soon enough.”

A thunder clap rumbled and the lighting flickered in the room. Reaper shook his head in annoyance. “The cards will scramble now just you watch.”

Gunston rolled his shoulders, “You sissies keep playing cards. I’m going to take a dump.”

Irving rearranged his cards, “I wish his mother never taught him to share. I really didn’t need to know that tidbit.”

Candar smirked, “I don’t think he had a mother, I heard he was spawned by some monster under Coruscant.”

Irving shook his head, “You give monsters a bad name. I think it’s more likely he’s an Imperial experiment. You know, human crossed with slug.”

The trio cracked up laughing. The room lit up with a blinding flash and suddenly the lights went out.

Reaper cracked a glow rod. “Honestly Irving, couldn’t you have landed us some place nicer than this dank hole?”

Irving shrugged, “The hyperdrive cooked on the last jump it was here or Hoth.”

Candar shivered, “I hate Hoth, nothing much there but snow, snow and more snow.”

Reaper lay down his cards, “Pure sabacc” he grinned.

Irving shook his head, “I knew I felt some happy vibes from you.”

Candar lifted a brow, “I didn’t think Reaper knew the concept of happy.”

Reaper reached out and collected the small pile of credits. Irving threw down his cards, “He’s a man of depth it would seem.”

Reaper released the cigar from between his teeth and rolled it in his forefinger and thumb, “I’m a wealthy man now.”

A blaster barrel suddenly pressed to Reaper’s temple, “Actually you’re a dead man now.” There was a flash of crimson and Reaper went down.

Irving tried to pull the blaster from its sheath but the loop to hold it in place delayed his efforts.

Candar had no such problems she fired at the bounty hunter but he disappeared into the shadows.

“Sithspit, were did that bastard go?” Irving growled as he finally pulled his blaster free.

“You’re the empath. Can’t you feel the emotions of that hunter?” Candar pointed out.

Irving tried to sort through the emotions that lingered around him. Since Candar was closest he felt her emotions more clearly than anything else. “I feel cool calculation, but I can’t pinpoint it.”

“Where’s Gunston?” Candar said as she scanned the room.

Irving shrugged, “Still outside I guess.” He cautiously moved to touch Reaper’s neck. It was no surprise that there was no pulse.

Candar touched Irving shoulder and twitched her head to the side. Irving saw the silhouette and aimed his blaster. At that moment the power returned and the lights blinded them for a moment.

Gunston squinted, “What are you punks doing? I heard a blaster go off.”

“We have company,” Candar informed him and indicated to Reaper, “They took him out before we even knew they were there.”

“How many were there?” Gunston said as he hefted his heavy blaster into his hands.

“We only saw one,” Irving told.

Gunston’s brow furrowed, “Only one and you didn’t get the drop on him?”

“He was silent, like a ghost,” Candar added.

Gunston rolled his eyes, “Next you’ll be telling me it’s Boba Fett.”

Irving and Candar looked at each other questioningly.

“You can’t be serious,” Gunston snarled as he scanned the room.

“We only saw the blaster barrel,” Irving confessed.

“Was it an EE-3?” Gunston queried.

Both Irving and Candar shrugged, “Does it matter?” Irving asked.

“Do you want to live?” Gunston replied sarcastically.

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I like it so far, when I got to the end I kinda snapped out, like "oh it's over". So you should finish it sometime!

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Nice. I like the dialogue.

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