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Holy cow, it may as well be called Fett Days.  Look at all this cool swag up for auction and for sale at the convention.  Of course, once again I'm not going to be able to make it because I'm out of town this weekend. … items.html … ms.html#10 … ms.html#11 … ems.html#3 … ems.html#8 … ms.html#17 … ms.html#13

And Troopers engaged in battle against Mandalorians?

Why is this the first time I'm hearing about this?  Haven't got to watch it yet, so no one spoil it for me. 

So, has anyone ever gotten to go to one of the Star Wars Fan Days in Dallas?  Looks like it's starting to get progressively bigger.  Kind of filling the time in between the Star Wars Celebrations.

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Re: Star Wars Fan Days Convention … ms.html#13

i have all of those. and i always wanted this … ms.html#60