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Half-Life 2 wrote:

(I have changed my character in to a vampire.)

Chaos turned to the other vampire and jumped to him. The other vampire quickly turned around and round housed kicked Chaos in the jaw.

"Now i under stand the power of the amulet. It turns you into a complete bad a-"

Chaos was cut off by the vampire with another hit to the jaw. Chaos copied his exact movements as if his own, he was able to snatch the amulet and knock the vampire out. The amulet began to glow and shoved itself into the opening in his chest. Sorry, you cant change the race of your character after all thats happened. Also, you cant take the centerpoint of this rpg, and change it so that its now YOUR rpg. You clearly have not read what is going on in this rpg, you consulted no one when you decided to take the amulet and put it in your characters chest, which has NOTHING to do with the plot of this rpg. I admire your spirit, but you clearly do not know what you are doing my friend. And you dont seem to care.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

**I'm sorry Half-Life 2, but Val is right. As RPG author I permit your character as fair game to other players...**

Emeline looked over the gathering of beings, generally she did not share her knowledge of the Amulet of Delkath nor of Ansgar the Destroyer, but times were dire and right now she could use all the help she could get.

“We don’t have much time, so I’ll keep this short. The Amulet of Delkath, the amulet that seems to be so popular today, is actually a key.” Emeline started.

“A key to what exactly?” Fen snapped.

“If you’d let me finish I’ll tell you. The amulet is the key to Ansgar the Destroyer’s tomb. Ansgar is a vampire and a mage. Worse he’s a necromancer, meaning he controls the dead. As you can imagine, he loves power, therefore he wants everything dead. He was sealed in his tomb centuries ago, the only item able to release him is the Amulet of Delkath.” Emeline told.

“Can we destroy the amulet to stop its use?” Avlynn asked.

“No, to destroy it would also release Ansgar.” Emeline told. She was about to continue when they heard fighting. “It’s here, kill the bearer if you must as their only desire is to take the amulet to Ansgar’s tomb.”

Avlynn shifted to Fen’s side. “Let’s hunt together, my friend. Like old times...”

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

The team of seven marched into the cemetary and the fog enveloped them. They immediatly began losing track of one another and had to stay close. This was was...surreal. It muffled sound and masked scent.

"Alright, lets split up and look for the bearer." Dan suggested.

"Isn't that what's said right before everyone is picked off one by one?" Avlynn said cocking her eyebrow

"Yes, but we arent half naked irresponsible teens. We're monsters and monster slayers." Dan said as he took three large flares from a pouch and cracked them open. He jammed them into the twisted bark of a tree next to him in such a way that it was visible from all sides.

"Ok, after 10 minutes meet back here and report. We want the amulet, but we also need to know where the crypt is for Ansgar." Dan said to everyone. It was the best way to cover ground, so no one seemed to opposed. Three squads broke apart, the slayers Dan and Lev, the old friends Fen and Avlynn, and the two vampires with the newcomer. Each squad disappeared into the fog.

After a few minutes and quietly trodding through row after row of ominous gravestones, Lev called for a halt.

"...hear it?" He asked.

"Yes....50-60 yards...that way." Dan said pointing his G36c in a direction of 'thud's and voices. The two slayers broke into a jog and with military precision tracked down the source.

Dan and Lev ducked behind a large family grave stone and peered over the edge when close enough. What greeted then was a large, purple and black monstrosity. Their warding stones told them it was a vampire. It had wings, and a freakish purple helmet. In its hand was the amulet of Delkath.

The previous bearer, the vampire in the fedora and suit, was sitting against the wall of a large mausoleum entrance, attempting to overcome the shock from being possessed by the amulet and also being attacked by the purple monstrosity.

Dan began to relay ambush commands with hand signals, and Lev responded as well: Swing around to the left, behind him. Encircle, position, fire, move in for the kill. Covering fire.

Dan sprung up and quietly ran around through the fog to get behind him and Lev leaned over the gravestone and began unloading with his .44 magnum and express revolver. Several bullets wizzed by, but then began to pepper his body and the creature dropped the amulet to the floor.

As the creature howled in rage and annoyance it spun around and fired a large pistol at Lev, which missed.


Lev blew apart the creatures knee and its leg flew off. It fell to the ground and Lev stood up and emptied his pistols at him, blowing his left arm off with the powerful pistols. He ducked behind the grave stone to reload and the creature took flight, hissing in pain.

At this point, Dan was behind the creature and when full auto on his ***. He fell from the sky like a dying bat, screaming in anger as his wings were littered with holes. It fell to the ground with a thud and Dan walked up to it. It was still alive, but healing fast and would soon be able to fight again.

"Its healing." Dan called to Lev. Dan locked eyes with the creature as it breathed heavily. It could not speak becase a bullet had shattered his jaw, and teeth were scattered across the ground. His tongue hung from his head, the lower jaw no longer present to keep his loud mouth shut.

"FINISH HIM!!!" Lev called as he finished reloading.

Dan looked at Lev, and then met eyes with the creature once more and he watched the jaw begin to reform. Dan withdrew his long katana.


"...Death, is only the beginning. This fatality will simply-." The creature was cut off by the katana slicing through the air, seemingly dragging wind with it, and severing his head from his body. It fell to the ground with a mushy thump, and the body went limp. Dan swung the katana swiftly to the side, the blood on the blade flying off.

".................Flawless Victory."

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Emeline, Ronson and Morgan arrived on the scene as the slayers took the final blow against the amulet’s bearer. Emeline immediately removed a cloth from her pocket and picked up the amulet by its chain.

“Put it down before it possesses you,” Ronson advised.

Emeline shook her head, “This cloth is blessed by the Oracle, it counters the amulet’s curse.”

“Nifty, can I have one of those?” Dan asked.

“I have a different job for you,” Emeline informed the slayer. “Burn the beast you slay. It may be without head but it’s always best to be sure.”

Dan smiled, “What the lady wants, the lady gets.”

“Good,” Emeline turned to Morgan, “You are more than you let on. Your sense of smell can tell us much. Please scent the amulet and track down Ansgar’s tomb.”

Morgan looked disgusted. “I’m not a hound dog.”

Avlynn and Fen arrived at that moment. “You want a hound dog?” Avlynn asked, “Fen’s your man.”

“Excellent,” Emeline said as she held forth the amulet, “Do not touch it, whatever you do.”

Both Fen and Avlynn scented the amulet. “We’ll see what we can do,” Avlynn told.

Emeline turned back to the others. “Okay, now we need to get this amulet as far away from here...” looking up Emeline spotted more of the Brotherhood materialise. “I knew it was only a matter of time.” She quickly wrapped the amulet in the sacred cloth and place it in her pocked as she reached for her weapon.

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A cross wind had muddled both Avlynn and Fen’s sense of smell. The pair had walked in silence as both had scented the air in search of the amulet bearer.

Surprisingly Fen broke the silence, “I don’t understand you, Avlynn. You say you want to be normal, yet I come across you and within 24 hours you’re teaming up with slayers and vampires.”

Avlynn gave a weak smile, “This isn’t a normal day for me, Fen. This Amulet of Delkath seems to be the reason for the sudden turn in my normally dull life.”

“I don’t get it,” Fen said with snarl, “why do you want dull and boring? Why don’t you live like you’re supposed to?”

Avlynn sighed, “Once I reached maturity I seemed to become a failure in the eyes of the pack. Hell, you just about bit my head off when I suggested going to university.”

“The university you wanted to go to was two hours away from the pack,” Fen growled.

“It was the closest that offer the course I wanted to do,” Avlynn explained, “Besides you thought me mad for wanting a job.”

“We have the wealth of the pack. Crispin has his crew who play the stock market so we’ve always got cash.” Fen pointed out.

“Call it pride but I wanted to earn my own way,” Avlynn told.

“It’s taken you 23 years to save up for university? Man you must be a crap waitress.” Fen replied scathingly.

Avlynn grabbed Fen by the shirt front, “Take that back!”

“Make me,” Fen said as he drew closer, taunting her.

Before she could make a move the sound of fighting erupted, “Saved by the scream,” Avlynn told as she released Fen.

They arrived to find it all over and Emeline requiring a hound dog. Scenting the amulet the pair started off but then the Brotherhood freaks appeared. “Looks like it’s fighting time again,” Avlynn said and waited for Fen’s taunting reply.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

First im new hear

Second i didn't take over

Im f#$king tired of all your complaining so go get a god damn life
and f@#k your permit to

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Half-Life 2 wrote:

First im new here**

Second i didn't take over

Im ****ing tired of all your complaining so go get a god damn life
and **** your permit to

You realize that you brought this upon yourself, its simply due to the fact that you attempted to pretty much take over the plot, and kill the continuity with the whole race swap thing after making three or four posts.

   Im assuming you a little older then a ten year old due to our avid use of a four letter word, though then again this is the internet and im probably wrong. But if you are older then ten, show some common sense, and dont freak out due to something that you caused, dont tell people to get a life because they were in an online RPG, which you yourself were on.

  That being said, you have to get used to criticism, which is what "all our complaining" was, we all put up with comments on our posts, because sometimes we miss a detail and THAT being said, I personally welcome you to try again, but show a little restraint with your characters, I meant none of what I typed was meant as personal attack towards you.

**Edited spelling.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Half-Life 2 wrote:

First im new hear

Second i didn't take over

Im _____ tired of all your complaining so go get a god damn life
and ____your permit to

Dry your tears and close the door on your way out.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Just as the tide had turned and the party had gained possession of the amulet, the evil mages reappeared, completely encircling the party.

The pressence of magic made everyone's skin tingle, and colors began to fly as the minions began casting spells.

"SPREAD OUT!!" Dan yelled and opened fire. Everyone began shooting while Morgan and Fen rushed one side with their melee weapons and cut a swath in the circle of minions.

"Move NOW!" Ronsom called and everyone ran through the opening. Purple Magic Missles chased after them and a fireball erupted in the spot they were just standing in. Dan and Emeline were tossed away and tumbled to the floor, Dan crushing a gravestone.

"ROLL, ROLL!" Someone called to Dan as we recovered from the shock.

"YOU ARE ON FIRE!!" Dan could tell it was Emeline now, she began to pat him down, but her vampire strength just ended up feeling like hammers. He rolled away and continued to roll until he didn't feel the heat anymore.

"Are you alright?" Emeline asked him, putting her hand on his ribs. She could sense he had pain there.

"My gun cut into me as I rolled. I may be bleeding." Dan said wincing. Emeline reached into her pocket and withdrew a little silver tin. She opened it and applied a white salve onto her hand and returned the tin to her pocket. She slipped her hand in under Dan's shirt faster than he could react, and Dan felt the cool salve cover his wound and he immediatly felt better.

Emeline watched her actions, but Dan watched Emeline. Her emerald eyes were a stark contrast to her red hair. Her hand was soft, and cold, against his chest. Emeline finally noticed Dan looking, and looked back through her bangs at him. It was now evident that the salve was fully applied, and yet Emeline continued to slowly caress Dan's chest.

The sound of chanting brought the two out of their stupor, and Emeline stood, pretending nothing happened. Dan followed suit. The two could see the battle had progressed several yards away, but thats not where this different chanting was coming from...

"Where..." Emeline asked, almost to herself. Dan raised his gun and looked through the fog to their left, where the moonlight reveiled a mauseum complex, and a lone figure standing amongst it.
(figure in the picture isnt really him)

The dark man's face was covered by a cowl, and the chanting emanating from him made Dan's ears ring.

"No...NO!" Emeline shouted, which notified Dan of the evil intent in this man. Dan opened fire, but the bullets dissintigrated without the figure even raising a finger. Emeline leapt at him, but a minion exploded into existence with green fire behind the man and launched an impact spell at her.

She tumbled to the ground at Dan's feet.

"Stop, him..." She said as she recovered from the fall. Dan lowered his gun and withdrew the katana, an odd wind swept through the cemetery. He charged, but it was too late.

From the figure's outstretched hands shot out bright green electricity the jumped into the ground and took the feeling from Dan's legs. He crumbled to the ground and yelled in pain as the green electricy began to course in and out of the ground, encircling grave stones and dead trees. The lightning flew through the entire cemetery with increadible speed.

When it stopped, an eerie silence took over the grave yard, and Dan turned back to the mausoleum to see both the dark figure and his minion gone. The sound of battle had ceased, and the rest of the party stood in shock some ways away at what had just occured.

Dan and Emeline helped one another up, and all stood in waiting.

Dan felt something at his feet, pulling his boot. He looked down. It was a grey, decaying hand coming out of the ground.

"...ZOMBIEEEEES!" Dan yelled to the party

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

The moment Emeline had realised Mar was on the scene, she knew things were about to get very bad. The right hand man... well thing, of Ansgar had woken the dead. She hadn’t had the time to try and counter his spell and now they were deep in the cemetery and the dead were rising.

She knew that the spell would only be temporary, only Ansgar could keep the dead going until they disintegrated. Unfortunately Mar’s power was much more potent than the Brotherhood minions. Chances were these zombies could last up to a week. “Take off their heads! They’ll only die if you destroy the brain!” she shouted to the others.

She immediately brought her Belgian Crossbow Gun (BCG) to hand and loaded it up with small arrows. The BCG was fast and had a fair punch, enough to penetrate the skull of an undead creature.

Emeline knew the most effective way to stop the spell was to kill the caster, unfortunately Mar seem more slippery than an eel. She tried to manoeuvre her way through the newly sprouting zombies but their grey flesh torn hands kept grabbing at her ankles. She stomped on the free hand that lashed out to grab her right leg and ignored the sickening crunch of bones snapping into decayed flesh.

“Where’s a flame thrower when I need it...” Emeline muttered then had an idea. “Anyone with a blade, don’t freak out at what I’m about to do.” She called as she began to chant.

Suddenly every sword and dagger in the hands of its owner set alight.

“What the hell?” Dan cried as he almost dropped his sword.

“It won’t burn the welder of the blade, only the object of the attack, if you get my meaning.” Emeline told then demonstrated with her own stolen sword. Its flaming blade sliced easily through a zombie arm and the flames immediately travelled over the walking corpse and ignited it in fire.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Avlynn and Fen had started their search for Ansgar’s tomb when they heard a distinct rumble and then the ground seemed to shake in protest. “What was that?” Avlynn asked.

“How the hell should I know?” Fen replied.

Avlynn looked around then her nose was touched by the scent of death. “Do you smell that?”

Fen hissed and let out a breath through his mouth, “Decay and death. But we are in a graveyard.”

“It’s very strong though,” Avlynn started then screeched as something grabbed her leg.

Fen grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her away from the bony hand with yellowing flesh peeling away. “Zombies,” he growled.

Avlynn quickly patted her pockets and found a pair of sheaths, each with a dagger. “Here,” Avlynn said as she handed one to Fen. “I assume you’d rather not bite the undead.”

Before Fen could comment their blades suddenly caught fire.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Fen yelped in surprise as flames suddenly sprang up the dagger in his hands.  He dropped it on the ground where it extinguished itself.  He realized he had his scimitars strapped on his back.  He pulled one of them out and  it ignited as well.  He watched as the female vampire sliced a zombie with her sword and it caught on fire, moaning and flailing while it burned.  Finally it fell to the ground dead...deader than it was before.  Fen tossed Avlynn's dagger back to her.  He pulled out his second scimitar and gave her that as well.

"Here.  Take my other blade.  Yours don't exactly give you a reach advantage."  Fen slashed out at the zombie coming up behind him.  The head fell to the ground and they body fell as well. 

Lev laughed. "Just like my old boxing coach used to tell me.  Where the head goes the body will follow."

Fen glided his blade from one target to the next.  The dead flesh parted and immediately caught flame.  Fen took the time to survey the scene.  Undead were everywhere and still coming out of the ground.

"There are a lot of them."  Avlynn cut one from shoulder to groin.

"We're in a graveyard.  What do you expect."

Fen grunted and continued cutting two undead in one stroke.  This might take awhile.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

(Assuming due to The Free-nubs exit that Drogan still has amulet.)

Drogan was to say the least, a little confused. He heard shouting behind him and disregarded it, he heard a fwoosh of spontaneous combustion, and smelt a deep earthy smell of decay and rot, and suddenly knew that something was raising the dead. And some idiot was fighting it with fire, probably a flaming sword. The heat of course made the blade more effective, but the fire itself was useless, it only made the dead more deadly. Flesh burns slow. Bone burns slower. But to each their own. Drogan reached for his gun.
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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

**Actually Adeptus, Emeline has the amulet now...**

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Ronsom's butterfly swords erupted. The spell placed on the swords amplified the fire. But the smaller blade length didn't give him much advantage in that regard. He sweeped, cut, stabbed, chopped his way  As he moved through the head of the latest zombie, blood hit him in the side of the head.  He turned toward it. A headless zombie falling to the ground.
He didn't question it, forced to keep himself moving. Making a curved path back toward Emeline. He made it nearly unscathed. Making a few near misses, each time saved by an unknown ally nearby.
"Tired..." Ronsom kept close.
"Yeah, I had to eat too." He almost cut Santiago's head off, he looked terrible. Covered in bite marks and lacerations.
"Fighting the good fight are we?" Iago hefted a pump-action shotgun.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

(Hey Maltese, just some clarification. I thought Iago was gone, and hes reappered. From what I understand he left to feed and he came back right? or am i not getting it...)

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

(I wasn't sure what to do with the post and never really killed the character. But the idea is he managed to find a meal soon enough not to die. Not sure, I'll probably officially kill him pretty soon.)

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Now he'd seen everything.  Werewolves had been hard enough to believe at first, and he inevitably ran into vampires, which also introduced him to magic.  But he never thought he'd see the day where he was in a graveyard, being attacked by zombies.

"Fantastic."  He regretted having butted into the group's conversation when he'd first arrived, but his frustration had gotten the better of him.  As it stood first impressions didn't really count for much when one was assaulted by the hungry dead.

He drew Fate and Destiny, and barely managed to choke back his yelp of surprise.  The blades were on fire.  But they weren't melting.  That was good... he guessed.  There was no more time to think.  On the bright side, he didn't have to worry much about missing his targets; there were plenty of zombies to go around.

His gunblades sang through the air, leaving blazing arcs behind them as he slashed and stabbed at the hordes of zombies, losing himself in the fight.  it was simple action and reaction, no thought... everything was run by instinct.  And he could feel the beast inside trying to get out with every moment that passed.  As if he didn't have enough problems already.

The zombies had managed to cut him off from the others now, and were driving him into a very large gravestone, carved in the shape of a robed and hooded angel.  He slashed at the two nearest, not killing them, but slowing them down, and igniting their rotting flesh.  There were too many.  Black jumped back, planting the soles of his feet against the statue, and springing off, arcing over the crowd of zombies.  He landed on the shoulders of one of the undead, and sprung off, slashing at the groping hands of the unfortunate landing pad's companions.  He used this method of undead-leapfrogging to get past the crowd, and closer to the group of people who weren't trying to kill him.

"So.  Anyone got some great plan for taking out the hordes of undead?  As fun as it is to slash their limbs off like some video game or another, aren't we wasting a bit too much time on 'em?"  Anything further to be said was cut off as a zombie landed a hefty blow as Black came up from rolling away from another zombie's attack.  He landed on his back and slid a good distance coming to rest in front of a pack of rotting corpses. 


The zombies closed in.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

(If no one objects, I would like to retcon my character to this. If you do object feel free to voice your opinion. The uniform that is in my original picture stays the same though.)

"He's right, we're not going anywhere. We have to pull back." Dan said as he blew apart the head of a zombie. He was dual weilding his Desert Eagle and his flaming katana, but was having a hard time because of the katana's unusual weight.

"On my way here, I saw an open mausoleum or crypt. We should make our way there and barricade ourself in." Iago said after joining the party once more.

"It would be stupid to corner ourselves." Emeline said and launched a bolt into the eye of a zombie.

"Its our only hope, were not going to get out of the graveyard when we're this over-run." Black said

"What ever we do, we've got to do it NOW!" Lev said, pistol whipping the face of a zombie and shattering it.

"Iago, point the way." Ronsom said

The party began to slowly but surely fight their way through the horde. The stench was making Dan gag. Eventually everyone resorted to using their melee weapons because they didnt have opportunities to reload. After a moment of running and fighting, they came upon the mausoleum Iago had spoken of.

"GO GO GO!" Dan shouted. Him and Lev were in the rear, their human stamina had caught up with them.

Dan noticed Emeline hesitate. She was having a bad feeling about this particular crypt...

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Emeline had just finished chopping through a particularly rotten zombie’s head which had sliced like an overripe pumpkin. Unfortunately it didn’t smell nearly appealing, especially when roasted with her stolen blade.

She didn’t like the idea of being holed up to avoid the zombies, but the horde was only increasing in numbers and frankly it was only a matter of time before the group was overwhelmed.

The other problem lay in how long they were to be in the mausoleum. It was hours until dawn but a vampire had to remember such a key element. They were almost inside when Emeline stopped to wait for the slayers. A whisper of chilly wind wisped from the crypt. The hairs on the back of Emeline’s neck rose.

Already the others were inside. “What’s the problem?” Lev asked.

“Do you get the feeling we’re being herded here?” Emeline said quietly.

“The thought had crossed my mind,” Lev replied.

“This could be Ansgar’s tomb,” Emeline whispered.

“You are the guardian of the amulet and yet you don’t know which tomb is his?” Dan asked.

“The graveyard has changed a lot. When Aldrick and his covern locked Ansgar away, the graveyard was not in existence. It was built around the tomb.” Emeline replied but her explanation was cut short as more zombies ambled in.

“Let’s get inside for now,” Emeline said hesitantly.

The trio were the last inside. Avlynn and Fen pushed closed the stone doors with their superior werewolf strength. The doors were almost sealed when Emeline realised that Morgan was missing. “Wait, we’re down a man.”

“As Captain Jack says: he who falls behind gets left behind,” Lev taunted.

“No one deserves to be consumed by zombies,” Emeline stated as she pushed her way back outside. The zombies were already within the perimeter of the tomb. Emeline climbed her way up a pillar to its outcropping and leapt to the next pillar. It was slow going but at least the zombies couldn’t reach her.

As soon as there was a clearing she leapt to the ground. She heard the grunts and shouted curses coming from Morgan and ran towards them. Zombies were surrounding him and attempting to bite him repeatedly. Somehow he’d managed to avoid them so far.

Emeline hacked her way into the backs of the zombies which in turn brought about the attention of about half of the group. They opened their mouths and moaned with hunger. “Run!” Emeline shouted to Morgan as the horde split into two.

She backed away as the zombies stumbled forward. She circled her way around and grabbed Morgan by his sleeve. “We’ve found a crypt to shelter in.”

“What kind of safety do you think we’ll get there? There’s probably more zombies in the damn crypt.” Morgan pointed out.

“Well at least we’ll be limited to how many,” Emeline replied. Thankfully the zombies around the crypt had thinned enough for the pair to make their way to the door. “Let us in!” Emeline shouted and hoped that the others could hear them.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

((I edited my post, but I'm still requesting permission to release the destroyer with an awesome portal effect looking thing))

Drogan was standing around in the darkness, seeing distant flames, and hearing sounds of combat. Something off to his left, surely no bigger then a dog, coming closer. He checked his gun, loaded, ready. Something pale stumbled out of the overgrowth, its eyes locked onto him, and its jaw dropped open, and a hoarse moan escaped its lips. Drogan grinned, he could use this as a weapon. As the thing came at him, he kicked it down, dropping himself onto it and pinning its thin chest to the ground with a knee. He holstered his gun, drew his knife holding the creatures head back with his free hand. He set the knife to the things neck, and began to cut.

  About five minutes later Drogan stood up, he took the suit jacket the corpse had been wearing and wrapped the head (Jaws still snapping and eyes locked onto Drogan the entire time he was cutting) up in it. Head wrapped in a jacket he set off, towards the combat, drawing his pistol once more.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

**Is this ok?**

Name:Ozzy Weintraut
Species:Half Vampire
Appearance:Looks 27
with scratches at his finger tips and pale blue skin.
Weapons:His half vampire powers give him a upper advantage and his custom M4.
Personality/History:Opportunist at heart. He was turned into a half vampire by his uncle that filled up half of him with vampire blood thus making him a hybrid. After that day he swore he would hunt down his uncle and any other vampire.
Ozzy walked out from his apartment, he could smell the scent of werewolves and vampires as they past threw the alleys and streets. He went down the fire escape ladders and put up his backpack. He headed to the graveyard at intense speed trying to keep up with the trail.

I linger in the post, even though no one knows me.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

"Come on guys, though the passage...!" Lev fumbled the loading gate open on the Zeliska, ejecting five massive empty cases and stuck them in his pocket for reloading later. He quickly shoved one back in the cylinder and rotated it into firing position. "You know you want to!"


"That's it..." Lev raised the massive pistol, aiming it down the stone stairwell passage. Dan was directly behind him, reloading the G36. "I'd cover my ears if I were you."


The bullet ripped from the muzzle, leaving a near-visible shockwave as it went downrange. It penetrated through eleven zombies, turning them into chunky piles of deteriorated flesh.

"I ought to get me one of those." Dan said nodding slightly.

"Not sure you'll like the pricetag." Lev reloaded yet again, saving the brass.

"Can't be all that much." Dan decapitated two zombies that had gotten within arm's reach.

"Sixteen Grand, my friend."

"I don't even know what to say to that."

The two moved further into the crypt, barely keeping up with the others. The room opened up into a large sanctuary littered with rubble. It oddly reminded him of Austria...

Mountains of Arlburg, Austria 2 Months Ago

"-alright, thanks Sam. What's a few wolves right?" Lev screwed on the suppressor to his Colt M1911 .45 loaded with silver hollowpoint bullets.

"It's pretty straightforward, just kill the pack leader and whoever else you run into."

"Yep, I'll give you a sitrep every fifteen minutes."

"Over and out."

Lev pulled the handle of the steel door, it creaked open, protesting the icy wind. He moved in, scanning the room for occupants. It looked very much like he had expected, bunker like. The walls were a flaked white, grey concrete showing through several spots. It was brightly lit by old metal light fixtures, WWII era by the looks of them. Lev continued down the hallway, which led to a hub of several hallways. Something felt wrong, the navigational signs read: 'Sanitarium', 'Laboratory', 'Morgue' and 'Subject Testing'. Something was very wrong.

"Sam," Lev spoke into his combat mic. "where the hell did you send me?"


"Sam? Sam?!" The lights suddenly went out. The only thing visible was the laser sight of his pistol on the wall. "****."

"HEhehAhaha..." An eerie voice echoed through the darkness.

Lev turned, raising the pistol and firing three times in the direction he thought the sound had come from.

"Wrong." The voice whispered behind him.



Bright light, it was all Lev could see until his eyes adjusted. He was strapped to a table, wearing nothing but his shorts. He looked around as best he could, his head was also secured by the leather straps. There were surgical tools and viles of various colored liquids layed out on a table in front of him, beyond that were blood spattered walls. A tall thin man wearing a pristine long vintage-looking white laboratory coat and tight black gloves walked up to him. His face was aged and gaunt, sporting slicked white hair.

"Haha, you are zeh purfect subject I must tell you."

"Subject..! Let me outta here! What the hell is going on?!"

"You my fhrend, are in my Labooratory. Forgive me for not intrhohdusing myself, I am Hanz Gruber, bhrilliant bio-chemist." He flicked a large vile of amber-colored syrup, observing it in the light.

"You're crazy if you think you're gonna put that **** in me."

"Ha! Hahhahaa... But my fhriend...I already have! HahaHahAHa!"

"Uhh..ugh.." Lev tilted his head down slightly, looking at his arm. The veins were protruding, and they were black. Lev did nothing short of panic. He jerked and squirmed trying to get loose, but the belts that held him down were firmly secured. A warm tingly sensation moved from Lev's arm to his chest, then throughout his whole body. "What...What hell have you done to me!! Aghk!"

"Oh, my fhriend it is my crohwn jewl, my life's worhk. It vas designed around zeh genetic patturn vich you fit: noticably blonde hair and blue eyhes. Only prohblem vas none I have tested ver like you. I have a ghood feelingh it will worhk.

"Egh! it out! Ahhhhgh!"

"HmmmHmmhahahaAHHAhAHa!" Hanz laughed maniacally. "It is worhking! MUaHAhAHahA!"

Lev shakily tightened his fist, suddenly gaining a new level of strength he had never felt before. He snapped the belt holding his wrist, then his arm. He was quickly free of the table, but staring down the barrel of his very own 1911 pistol.

"I am sohrry, but I can no long let you live, my creahtion." Gruber shot Lev a single time, dead center of his chest.

Pliskin stumbled backwards, watching in horror as a black liquid ran out the hole in his chest. He coughed, the same black substance filled his mouth, then dropped to the floor.

"Pity." Hanz turned around, about to walk out.

"Isn'" Lev somehow was standing up, arm around the scientist's head. He tightened his grip until a wet crack was heard. The body fell limp to the floor, blood dripping from the eyesockets and mouth.

Lev stumbled to the table, grabbing the white insulated jacket and munitions belt he had worn in. He then picked up the 1911 pistol and sprinted down the corridor, carelessly throwing C4 packs on the ground behind him.

He shoulder charged the thick door he had come in, knocking it off the hinges. Lev hit the detonator, blowing the bunker entrance to rubble. The shockwave reached out through the walls, knocking him over. A Chinook helicopter appeared above him, Sam standing on the ramp motioning for him to get up and run to the chopper. Lev stumbled to his feet, trying to keep his balance. The helicopter touched down a few meters in front of him, kicking up a fine spray of powdery snow.

"What the f#&% happened in there Jimbo? Where are your pants?"

"Hell if I know. Let's just get away from here and back to the lodge. We'll talk about it over a...long drink."

"I don't like the looks of this place, Jimbo."

"Neither do I."

"This IS my signature."

Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Drogan continued moving, still possessing the head in a makeshift bag. It continued to move, but of course, without lungs or vocal cords there was no sound. Drogans pace was quite quick and he managed to follow the trail of destroyed or disabled undead quite easily. Rather soon he found himself in a mausoleum.

He continued, killing when he needed to. Soon he could smell the others over the stench of the dead. Drogan grinned, and still walking, began to whistle

[i]The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed[/i]
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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

**Hi darksilvania, your character sounds good glad to have you on board**

With Emeline’s hasty departure, Avlynn and Fen finally closed the heavy stone doors to the crypt. Darkness followed, only the glow of the flaming blades gave any illumination. The slayers had been creaming the existing zombies within the tomb.

Fen grumbled something about being caged with vampires and slayers as he wandered off to search.

Both Dan and Lev were grumbling about the heat coming off their stones. Whatever that meant, Avlynn thought to herself.

With the illumination they had Avlynn was able to see that they were in a medium sized chamber. There were no obvious coffins in the room, so at least there was no immediate threat from zombies.

“So what now?” Ronsom asked to no one in particular.

“We find another exit?” Avlynn suggested.

“I don’t see any shovels, Avlynn.” Fen grumbled.

She rolled her eyes at Fen, he was ever the optimist... not.

Iago spoke up. “There’s a pathway down here. It looks like it forks in three different directions.”

“I don’t like the idea of splitting up,” Avlynn told, “but I guess it’s the quickest way to find an exit.”

Fen had moved to Avlynn’s side. “I suggest we ditch the leeches and the slayers and get out of here.”

“Right now there’s safety in numbers,” Avlynn replied quietly.

Fen snorted, “Says the chick who won’t live with her pack.”

Dan spoke up, “Perhaps someone should stay here in case Emeline returns.”

“She’s zombie chowder, man.” Fen sneered.

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