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Emeline couldn’t believe it first one, now three vampires stood around her. At least two of them were intent on stealing the Amulet of Delkath. As for one with long hair who seemed to want to make friends, she didn’t really know his motivation.

“I believe first in, best dressed.” Emeline informed them all as she smashed the glass encasement with her bare hand. It bled temporarily before healing almost immediately. Her fingers closed around the Amulet of Delkath and she felt an almost overwhelming need to take it to Ansgar’s tomb.

She touched the Amulet of Delkath against her own amulet and felt the desire lessen. The action cost her as the new arrivals opened fire. Emeline took a bullet to the chest but remained standing. She slashed out with her sword and sliced into the nearest threat: the paler vampire. She knew that he would be on his feet in a few seconds.

Taking the opportunity to run, Emeline dashed out of the room and headed for the nearest exit. However she was shot again, this time in the back by one of the vampires. The impact made her fall to the ground and the Amulet of Delkath slipped from her grip as her fist hit the floor.

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“That noise sounds like gun shots,” Fen said as Dan took off at a run.

Avlynn looked a Fen, “I thought it was generally a good idea to run away from being shot.”

Fen shrugged, “Generally but then you don’t like spilling blood much these days.”

Before Avlynn could comment Fen was rushing after Dan. “Well what’s good for the goose...” Avlynn muttered and followed the two men.

The stench of vampires hit Avlynn’s nose and then she almost collided into a redheaded female vampire. However the vampire sprawled on the ground after seemingly being shot. The ruby amulet fell from her hands.

“Hey, that belongs to the museum.” Avlynn said as she reached to pick up the amulet. Before her fingers could touch the gold that cradled the red stone, Avlynn too was shot.

She hissed as the burning pain spread from the wound in her shoulder. “Silver,” she growled between clenched teeth. “Bloody vampires,” she snarled as she backed up against a wall and slid to the floor. She reached for her belt trying to find her swiss army knife.

Fen was suddenly at her side, “Silver bullet?”

“How’d you guess,” she snapped.

“Best I get you out of the line of fire,” Fen said as he dragged her away from the feuding vampires.

“Get the amulet, they’re trying to steal it,” Avlynn informed Fen as she finally flipped open the blade of the swiss army knife.

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Fen nodded and was about to go gung ho into the fight but he hesitated.  It was time to even the odds a bit.  Fen allowed the beast to take over his mind as he made the transformation.  Fur grew over his body and his clothes shredded.  But his weapons were securely in place on the straps across his body.  He howled and charged out into the fray.  He quickly spotted the redheaded vampire scrambling for the Amulet away from the view of the vampires.

Fen took two strides and leapt across the hall towards her.  She looked up at the last instant and had she not had enhanced reflexes she would have been clawed to death but the vampire managed to dodge the claws but took the brunt of the force.  With unnatural strength she flung Fen off of her.  Fen skidded to a halt his claws scratching along the laminated floor.

"You do not know who you are dealing with wolf."  Emeline chuckled at him.  Fen only snarled in response.  Once again he leapt and charged but as she braced herself he altered the jump at the last moment.  He landed right near the Amulet and picked it up in his mouth.  The vampire blocked off his exit.

"Fool.  Hand the amulet over and I will let you live."  Fen saw her mouth move but didn't quite register.  His mind suddenly was focused on one thing.  Get the amulet to the tomb.  He wavered for a moment as the voice pounded inside his head.

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** I have a confidant Idea for joining this Rpg.., but i Don't want to Post Opal  with out having Mel's approval, as I don't want to screw up her plans.... No matter what Opal will be a Blonde Vampire chick. Save a spot for me.:) THanks! **

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Just as he was reaching the other side of the street, and still shuffling his cards, Drogan heard gunshots. He came quite close to dropping his deck from supprise, but instead he gathered them up, put them in their box and returned it to his pocket, and drew his pistol and knife. Now he needed a way in.

This problem was solved by a service door which had been propped open, he slipped in, allowing the door to close behind him and moved into what shadows there were, not wanting to be caught in the middle of a knife, or gun for that matter, fight. He continued through the halls, drawing closer the the snarls of werewolves.

He came into a hall, on the right side it seemed as everyone was focused on a wolf holding something in its mouth. Drogan grinned, and aimed. "I dont know what's going on at the moment," He yelled, "But I was hoping one of you fine citizens would be able to clarify things for me. Im new in town."

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Dan was firing at two vampires (Ronsom and Iago) from behind a map display while Avlynn and Fen bickered with the red-head vampire over the amulet, he trusted them to aquire it. Fen turned into a were, which was unsettling.

"I dont know what's going on at the moment," A newcomer yelled, "But I was hoping one of you fine citizens would be able to clarify things for me. Im new in town."

Dan turned and watched as a guy in a suit and fedora leveled a gun at Fen, who was now trapped between the redheaded vamp and the newcomer. From the back entrance where teh newcomer arrived, he hadn't noticed Dan's position, so Dan took a step up to him and placed the G36c on the back of his neck.

"Welcome to Marley's Point." Dan said, making it known that he could blow him away at this point.

*Poof....poof poof poof poof poof-*

Within seconds, countless of the Brotherhood telepoarted into the museum, enough for everyone to have their hands full. They immediatly began casting spells and the museum filled with the stench of magic. Fen was the first hit, and he howled and an impact spell launched him into a Native American display.

The amulet clattered to the floor and the red-headed vamp made a dive for it, but a volley of magic missles hit her and burned her deeply, she yelled in pain.

Dan was blasting away as many as he could that werent protected by missle barriers. He watched as one casted a yellow serpent-like spell that swirled towards the amulet, and upon impact the red gem glowed for a moment fiercely, then returned to normal.

"What the hell was that!" Dan yelled to Avlynn, who was in shock at this point. She did not have time to answer.

The ground shook violently, and everyone stopped fighting. The Brotherhood were interrupted from their spells. From the main hall something came stomping quickly, and with purpose. It burst into their section.

(audio only )

"....Holy crap." Dan mumbled to himself as the battle now raged on with werewolves, vampires, Brotherhood mages and, now, undead dinosaurs.

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"Hmm, seems we've been outnumbered." Santiago pulled the trigger for the third time.
"I suppose..." Ronsom rolled to hide behind a display.
Reanimated dinosaurs. Just too much. He doubted you could kill it with a gun.
He placed the autorevolver back in his shoulder holster and removed the two butterfly swords.
He'd silvered part of the blade for wolves, had placed magic wards on them to cut better and stay sharp. Now it was a testament to crazyness. Ronsom ran headlong in the gaping jaws of the dinosaur and fell to the floor beneath. With one cut he splintered the bone, a second swipe another on the same leg.
Maybe he'd lost it, maybe it was the excess of blood.
"Idiot!" Iago shot toward the human one last time and ran. Iago wasn't as nimble, hadn't had as much need to fight one-on-one. He was caught between the monster's fangs.
Ronsom used the extra time to slide out of the way. Iago might survive, he didn't have high hopes.
It walked with a distinct limp now, slowly ebbing away as the bone repaired.
The newcomer mages were distracted. Ronsom dove for the amulet and caught it by the chain on his fingertips. He wanted to run, take it home, take it back. But the back stairway was out of reach.
Ronsom jumped into the window and kept going. If they wanted it, they'd have to follow him to the grounds below.

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**Of course you can join Si**

Avlynn had finally managed to dig out the bullet and flick it away as the dinosaur bones continued to ramaged through the museum. "This seems awfully like that movie with Ben Stiller," she commented by everyone was busy.

She took the opportunity to run out back to her Ford pick up and retrieved her shotgun. She moved back inside and fired at one of the weird dudes who'd appeared. "I keep this for close encounters," she said as she blew away a raptor. It's bones scattered across the floor.

"Where's the amulet?" she shouted to Fen.

He barked and pointed his muzzle to the left.

Avlynn nodded as she saw the window and took up pursuit.

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Name: Opal
Species: Elder Vampire ( Mage)

Sex: Female

Age: Unknown….. Born in Rome during the rule of Constantine.

Appearance: To most she appears almost like a ghost. Pale skin, pale green eyes, nearly white long blonde hair. Wearing mostly long gossamer dresses, regardless of the situations.
( Hoping to still find Image… or create one.) This is unless she is accessing the dark arts, then she swallows all light around her, and becomes a beacon of darkness.

Weapons: Small dagger, concealed in her sleeves of her dress.

Personality: Normally Opal is on the quiet side, not speaking unless there is a true benefit or reasoning to do so.  Doesn’t usually get involved in close combat, unless absolutely necessary. She is like a wisp of air, but can change at will.  Is full of rage smoldering beneath her surface. Unstable.

Time had ceased to mean anything. Opal walked and hunted for so long, that she had no past. She barely remembered her first name, and only because she recited it to herself over and over again. The hunt, that she knew well. It was all she knew, as the blood lust consumed her very being. She hunted and fed with out remorse. During the day she hid, and longed for more blood. Time passed, but she didn’t notice. Opal forgot even how she became this creature of the night, feasting on the blood of the living.

Until he arrived.

He gave her purpose, focus, and taught her things she never thought she could do. And in return she gave him undying loyalty.

It had been a long time since they last had held each other, but she knew it was all for the purpose. And now he had awoken.

It was time for actions once again.

**if this doesn't work please let me know.... **

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**Sounds great**

Ansgar was pleased, through his spell he could tell that the Amulet of Delkath had fallen into the hands of a possible fool who could release him. He just hoped the vampire held onto the amulet long enough for the spell to consume his mind into one single need: to release Ansgar from his prison.

Then he would punish the living, they all deserved to die. How dare the world forget his existence and leave him in exile. How dare they take away everything that ever meant anything to him. He would teach them all a lesson: a lesson in dying and then he'd rule them all!

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Lev followed the GPS to the museum, where most of the lights were still on. There was a large advertising banner with the amulet pictured, along with other fine period and modern jewelery. He drove the Humvee through the parking, cutting the lights not to draw attention. He just about parked before he saw several figures running through the lobby, exchanging gunfire.

"I don't believe it Lev...Oh yes I do...frikkin luck..."

Lev checked the cylinder of his M29, and double checked the speedloaders. He drove though the truck entrance that led to the rear loading dock, there was no sense in barging though the front door. Lev had hoped Fortesque was the cautious type, but it seems that was only wishful thinking. Suddenly, a hail of shattered glass rained upon the hood of his Humvee, and then...


Lev hit the brakes hard, skidding across the pavement to a halt. He grabbed his .44 and got out. There was a dark figure moving on the ground just under the front brush guard, Lev walked to the front to investigate.

"Who are you?" Lev held the pistol at the ready. "Can you move?"

The figure mumbled something and tried crawling out from under the truck.
" to...the master..."

"What the hell are you talking about?" He raised the M29 cautiously.

Suddenly the thing hissed, and slid out from under the Humvee.

"It's his! The precious! I must return it!" He started running away, blindfiring.

"Jeez!" Lev hit the ground, firing a shot at the crazy person. There was blood in the air, but he just kept running. As if things couldn't get any worse, a large wolf-like dog and several others jumped down on the Hummer in pursuit of the man.

"Son of a bi-"

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Drogan was severely regretting not bringing the Thompson,and had been ever since someone put a gun to the back of his head. Then a giant set of bones came to life and a bunch of goons teleported in and next thing he knew he was chest deep in crap, and you cant tread that like you can water.

He fired off  another round, shooting one of those guys who teleported into here in the face. He turned his head in time to see someone jump out of the window, and that someone was a werewolf, so naturally, Drogan followed.

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Avlynn hated displaying any of her werewolf talents in public, but now was not the time to be fussy. Both she and Fen were in pursuit of the vampire with the amulet. Fen was in his wolf form and would easily outrun the vampire.

Avlynn considered changing but knew that it would unleash her more base instincts. She didn’t want to act like an animal when she’d worked so hard to be human. So she remained as she was. She thanked her lucky stars that she’d worn flat shoes to work so she was able to run with relative ease.

The vampire had been hit by a car and was already on his feet babbling something about returning the amulet to the master. She would have asked Fen what was going on but it was too difficult while he was in wolf form.

Suddenly the weirdos puffed in from nowhere. Their green smoke and flame once again messed with her sense of smell. Avlynn lifted her shotgun and shot at the weirdos. Two went up in smoke but the last one had some sort of force-field around him.

Avlynn grabbed her shotgun by the butt and slammed it into the weirdo and watched as he was slammed into the wall of a nearby building. “Oops,” she muttered to herself, “forgot just how strong I am.”

He started chanting something, “Oh no, none of that mumbo jumbo around me fella,” she growled as she slammed him again with the shotgun.

The weirdo continued to chant. Suddenly Avlynn felt cold and her shotgun dissolved in her hands. She looked down to see that her clothes had also dissolved. “Oh no way, you pervert.” Avlynn grabbed the weirdo by the throat and snapped his neck with ease. She’d hoped to steal his clothes but they vanished in the puff of green smoke. “Dammit,” she muttered and quickly covered herself with her hands and arms.

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Dan had his hands full with the mages, their magic was stinking up the place and that dinosaur was even eating a few of them. He had blown away those that weren't protected with his G36c, and their numbers began to fall. Dan got the feeling that they were in this fight halfheartedly however, and that they were allowing this to occur.

As soon as that vampire had disappeared out the window, the bones of the reanimated T-rex clattered to the floor and the undead creature was no more. Everyone had run out the window to follow the amulet, and now Dan was last. He watched as the few remaining Brotherhood stopped casting spells, and poofed away in their green fire. Very, very odd.

Dan now had to follow the rest, and he ran to the window to assess the fall. He would live. As he climbed onto the window sill, something caught his eye beside him: a feudal Japan exhibit. Nestled in the now shattered display case was a long katana, among other artifacts. Dan read the place card next to it:

Bushido Musashi: This elegant and deadly katana was the blade of a samurai bodyguard and was gifted to him by his master for loyalty. To provide an advantage for his legendary body guard, the feudal master requisitioned the blade to be several inches longer than normal, providing the great warrior with distance and intimidation. The blade has been passed down through various families, each noting that the blade had strange-

"Ok, got to go. But you're coming with." Dan said and snatched the blade through the broken glass, that oddly seemed perfect for the sword to be able to slip out of. With his new weapon preferred weapon, Dan had fresh instilled confidence and leapt out the window.


Dan stood and saw everyone chasing the vampire, and also a man holding an odd revolver who looked on in wonder. He was about to approach him when he noticed Avlynn behind him.

"...Well now, I didn't know you were that type of girl." Dan said with a smile. Avlynn's hands weren't big enough to cover her endowments...

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Droideka, the mage 'class' isnt on Mel's starting post as a possible choice for character, any characters with magic ability were first put to Mel to see if she approved. You already have a character, whom you abandoned without a conclusion, and now you post this character out of no where. He is clearly overpowered and has conflicts, as the Freemasons were not around until around the year 1300, at the LEAST. Why does he need all that weaponry if hes a mage? How does he even know magic? Please consult Mel about this before continuing.

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Ronsom ran, scurried down an alleyway. But still knew the stench, the following animals behind him. It hurt, hurt to think. Like any thought other than move was being blocked out. But he'd just fed, was strong, and could keep a sliver of his mind.
He stopped, looked down the alleyway and then up it. Couldn't smell anything. His eyes hurt, his skin felt like it would fall off. Ronsom ran, the feeling went away. He stopped once more, the feeling returned.
The alleyways were a rather large square around the front of the museum. A boutique was between him and his endless goal. He went right through it.

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**Um yeah Droideka, this new guy is a bit irrelevant... we can't have too many powerful characters**

Avlynn glared at Dan, “Those weirdos with the green smoke and flame disintegrated my weapon and my clothing.” She had to stop herself from gesturing with her hands.

“A likely story,” Dan teased.

“A gentleman would lend me his jacket,” Avlynn hinted without much subtly.

“Perhaps, but this gentleman is a little busy.” He said as he ran on, “Besides the view is rather nice.”

Avlynn growled, she knew that if she turned into a wolf that nudity would not be a problem. But she was loath to do it. She was contemplating what to do when Dan threw something at her. “Can’t have you thinking me as less than gentlemanly,” he grinned as she caught the object and Avlynn realised why.

“Scoundrel!” she said as she quickly looked at the item. It was a small pouch with a dark green poncho inside. She grabbed it out of the packet and covered herself, thankfully the others had moved on.

She was still barefoot and Avlynn didn’t fancing running around the street with her current state of dress. So she made her way back to the museum. She made her way to the army section and found herself an appropriate outfit. “Even comes with a gun,” she grinned.

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ok guys the least i can do is delete it. and with the other character... i kinda didn't like him.

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**Tell me if this is ok**

Species:Human (low grade mage.)
Weapons:His powers are weak but he uses them as weapons of destruction.
History:His blood line is connected to the Freemasons giving him an enormous amount of wealth and knowledge but does not know it. But he works at the circus as a lowly fortune teller. Though he had years of training of magic he went to the rest of the humans to live his life.
"It seems like my time to step in." Enzo said while putting away the crystal ball. He walked out of his circus tent and closed the curtain. He turned to the sign and read it to himself for the twelfth time that day, "Marley's Point Circus." he hated the sound of him being a fortune teller at a circus. He sighed and turned to the direction of the museum, he focused hard on it. His eyes turned completely white and he saw through the eyes of somebody else in that location, but he wasn't sure who. Enzo sprang to action and began to run as hard as he could.

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(The only possible problem I have with this is the silver bullets used for eight bullets.  Would proximity to the bullets, shielded by a gun’s magazine/chamber and a sheath cause harm, or would he be only harmed if the bullets were lodged in his body?  If this doesn’t make sense, just continue reading the post.  If there are any problems, let me know, and I will edit accordingly.)

Name: Morgan Black
Age: 113
Species: Regular Werewolf
Gender: Male
Weapons of Choice: He wields two of these, named Destiny and Fate: (The gun’s barrel for mine is longer than the one in the pic, but the image is close enough.  It has eight shots  per gun)
Appearance:  (He doesn’t wield the guns, but other than that, he’s identical, maybe with a black T-Shirt on under the coat, but not necessarily)
Mode of transportation:
Personality: Despises werewolves, and really dislikes vampires.  He’s a “lone wolf†, without a pack, and likes it that way.  He is incredibly bitter, and may be slightly psychotic, as he consistently hears the Voice in his mind, the aspect of his personality that nags at him to fully accept the powers of a werewolf.


Morgan Black stared out over the lengthy expanse of the highway.  He was miles away from everywhere, in the middle of nowhere, and all because of one man.  In truth, it wasn’t actually a man, but a monster, especially in Black’s mind.  This creature had killed his parents when he was 13, and cursed him with his life.    And he hated him for it.  Black had followed, no, hunted, this thing across the country for the better part of his life, always frustrated by the creatures ability to stay just one step ahead. 

As he kicked the cycle to life, and roared down the highway, trench coat flapping behind him in the wind, his mind wandered back to the early days, the days where he did not realize the true nature of his curse. 


His parents had taken Morgan on a little trip into the woods, for a family outing, the day had been crystal clear, sun high in the sky, but the forest had even then seemed dark and foreboding.  Nevertheless, his parents brought him into the forest.  They had had fun, with Morgan playing by the banks of a stream, watched by his loving parents, oblivious of the time.  When night fell, they remembered that they should have been on their way home hours ago.  They packed up their things, and made their way back through the forest, dry twigs snapping underfoot, and the wind whistling in the trees. The birds had gone silent, as the diurnal ones slept, and the birds of the night awoke.  Then they heard the howls.

His parents urged him to run faster, and he did so, motivated by a primal fear.  That was when the creature leapt out of the trees at them.  It was a wolf, but far bigger, and more menacing than anything they had ever heard of or seen.  The worst part of it was the cunning, almost sentient gleam in its eyes.  But there was little enough time to examine the beast. 

It snarled, and leapt at his father, tearing into his chest and throat, spraying Morgan’s mother with blood, unheeding of her screams as she ran for her life.  After making certain the Morgan’s father was dead, the creature attacked his mother, easily closing the distance between the two, and tearing into her back and neck.  It then gorged itself on the two corpses, while Morgan watched, traumatized.  His breath came fast, his heart racing enough to shatter his rib cage, but he couldn’t move out of fear.  The creature stiffened, and saw him.  It leapt upon him, powerful jaws biting hard on his shoulder, just as a revolver sounded in the woods.  The creature let go of Morgan, and fled into the night, sated by its meal.  Morgan thought he had been lucky to survive when the game hunters found him.  He hadn’t known then what he would become.


Black blinked back the memories, fighting against the tears of rage and sorrow that trickled down his face.  He was closing the distance between him and the creature.  Whatever happened tonight, this nightmarish chase would finally be at an end.


When he first changed it was when he was alone, visiting the very woods where his parents died, on a night of the full moon.  He was terrified at first, but slowly became entranced by the ability.  He was a smart child, and soon realized the change coincided with the full moon after three months.  So he went out of his way to avoid human companionship on those nights, running free in the woods, hunting deer or other game to satisfy his hunger.  He thought he had his gift under control.  He was wrong.

He was in his 20’s now, old enough to attend university.  He went into zoology, hoping to learn of what sort of creature had attacked and killed his parents.  He was not prepared for the realization that the information about the creature came not from scientific books, but books of myth.  Everything he already knew was confirmed when he read the legends of the werewolf.  It also explained how he could change into a wolf under the full moon.  He was confident though, that he could keep the beast under control.

It was in his fifth year of university, and he was out with some friends, having finally allowed himself to socialize with others, now certain he could prevent himself from hurting them.  They wanted to explore the woods out by where mysterious disappearances had been happening, out of curiosity.  He knew it would be a full moon tonight, but he was confident that he could get his friends back home, and away from him in time.  He also held hopes that he could hold off the transformation if worst came to worst. 

He didn’t get into the exploration as much, as he was reminded of the night his parents died, despite the requests of his friends.  And that was when it all went out of control.  His friends had gone down to a stream, entranced by the possibility that the kidnapper (what they thought caused the disappearances) used the stream to hide the scent of the victims.  Then Morgan felt the change coming on.  He was scared, so he ran as far as he could from his friends not wanting to hurt them.  But they, loyal to the end, went after him, trying to figure out what was wrong. 

The next ten minutes were a blur, coming into clarity as Morgan came under control, and saw the mangled corpses of his closest friends, his hands stained with their blood.  That was the exact moment he knew that his abilities were not a gift, but a curse.  He changed his name that night to Morgan Black, Morgan meaning terror, nightmarishness, or monstrousness, and Black for the colour of the night.  His new life began that night.

For the next few decades of his life, he honed his tracking and fighting skills, doing research to find the areas with the highest werewolf concentrations.  When he felt he was ready, he began his hunt for the creature that ended his old life, and began his cursed one.  He had managed to get his gunswords custom made by an old blacksmith/gunsmith, using .44 caliber rounds.  Because of his werewolf given strength, the additional weight of the blade was not a significant factor to his aiming and shooting.  With the weapons in hand, and inner resolve he began to seek out the creature that had turned his life into a walking nightmare.


He saw the exit sign to his right, and left the highway in a roar, not wanting to slow down now that he was so close, but not wanting to draw the attention of the police.  He saw the forests to his right, and could practically smell the wolves inside.  He slowed down, and brought his bike to a stop.  Morgan used nearby foliage to conceal the vehicle, and drew his gunswords and their sheaths from their saddlebags on the bike, strapping them on his back.  With the sheaths in place, he drew both blades, and entered the gloomy woods.

This one is older than you, and more experienced, Gre– Morgan.  Eight silver bullets in one gunsword wont be enough to deal with him and his guards.  If you want to truly end him, you have to embrace the powers within you.

“NO!  Once he’s dead, I will have no more use for this curse.â€Â

Curse?  This GIFT gives you the strength to avenge the deaths of your family.

“But it was I who killed my friends.  With this curse.  No.  I will use it to kill him, and then I will find a cure.  Even using it now disgusts me.â€Â

You are blinded by your rage, Morgan.  When he is dead, the cloud will be lifted, and you will see this gift for what it truly is.

“I just want my life back.â€Â

Morgan shut out the Voice’s complaints, and scented the air.  He could smell the creature; the scent was unmistakable, even after all these years.  There were others like him, cursed, but they actually reveled in it.  He didn’t have enough silver to kill them all.  But he didn’t need to.  If he injured them enough, they would not be of any significant threat or hindrance. 

Remember use, all eight bullets.  You know how much they burn, even from here.  You don’t want this pain any longer than you need.

He began to jog, using the creature’s scent as a beacon.  He could feel his senses pick up what normal humans could not, and could feel the exhilaration of  the hunt course through his veins.  His prey was close, and he would bring him down and devour –

No, he had to keep control; he couldn’t let the monster out now, not so close.  His legs pumped, and he ran through the woods, the wind in his face, and his mind focused on what he had to do.  Already he could hear the creature’s gravelly voice.  And then he entered the clearing, and saw the wolf before him.  The creature shifted, standing upright and becoming a half human, half wolf monster.  He was surprised.  He had not run into any guards, nor were there any in the immediate area.  That made things easier.

“I was wondering if you’d ever make it.† It snarled.

“You should not have used such useless underlings.  They’re dead now, in case you’re curious.â€Â

“I can’t say I’m not surprised.  Like father, like son.â€Â

“You are NOT my father!â€Â

“Oh, but I am.  I brought you into this world, and I gave you true life.â€Â

“You cursed me!  Because of you, my family is dead, and my friends are gone.â€Â

“And I’m supposed to feel sorry for your little sob story?  Please.  We are hunters.  I hunted.  I have no regrets.â€Â

“Then you won’t mind dying.â€Â

“You?  Against me?  You should be asking yourself the same question.â€Â

“Oh, I am perfectly ready to die.  Are you?â€Â

Black leaped at the wolf-man, swiping his blades down before him.  The wolf-man hopped back, and slashed at Black’s face as he landed.  Black backflipped away, and kicked the creature in the snout.  He followed up with a quick thrust of one blade, while sweeping the other one across from the left.  The creature twisted to the side, the thrust grazing his fur, but meeting the slash full-on.  Its hide was thick, and the blade bit hard, but did not score a fatal blow.  Black pulled his blades back, and prepared for another attack.

The wolf-man was faster than he thought, and sprung, knocking Black down, and landed a powerful punch to his gut.  Black danced back, and fired the gun loaded with the silver bullets.  The bullet grazed the diving wolf-man, and vanished into the trees.  The creature’s momentum threw it at Black, the collision smashing both of them into a tree.

The wolf-man’s claws left deep cuts on Black’s chest before he managed to kick it off of him.  It handsprung away, landed, and jumped at him once more, jaws agape, and claws ready to rend.  Black didn’t try to dodge the attack.  Rather he lunged to meet him, both blades extended.  The wolf-man didn’t have time to alter its trajectory.  Black’s blades impaled the creature, up to the gun’s barrel.  Black swung the skewered beast into a tree, and grimaced at the pain in his chest from the creature’s frantic clawing.

“You have got to die.â€Â

He then pulled the trigger of both guns, again, and again, and again, until each gun’s eight-round chamber was emptied into its belly.  Black yanked the blades out of its stomach, and let the creature slump to the ground.  Seven silver bullets was plenty enough to kill him.  And without their presence gnawing at him, even from within the gun’s chambers, he felt stronger than he did coming in.  His chest burned like fire, and he knew he was bleeding badly. 

Black cleaned his blades quickly, and sheathed them.  He sprinted back to his bike, hoping he got to the bandages fast enough.  He got to the bike, removed his coat, and whipped open the saddlebags, snatching the bandages, and wrapping them tightly around his chest.  He popped a pain-pill, and put the coat back on.  This took about four minutes.  Black placed the gunswords and their sheaths in the saddlebags, and fastened them.  He then took off, the motorcycle’s engine roaring in the evening air.

A left turn, followed by a right took him to the highway.  The creature responsible for his curse was dead, and his unnatural life stretched before him like a shadow.  He would find a cure for his condition, and preferably sooner than late.  So wrapped up in was he in his thoughts, that he did not notice the sign to his right, informing him that he was 52 miles from Marley’s Point. Had he known, he would have turned around, and never looked back.  He was 52 miles from where his life had changed forever.  With any luck, it would be where his life changed again, for the better…

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

(To answer your question, I think its actual contact with the silver that affects the werewolf. So touching it burns them, but i dont think the presence makes a difference. Its not like kryptonite.)

Dan watched Avlynn run into the museum, maybe to change. Turning, he saw the man with the revolver walking towards him. His appearance was oddly familiar.

"...They sent you didn't they?" Dan asked. Only one of the Knights would approach him so easily while he had a huge sword on his back, a machine gun in one hand and a long katana in the other.

"Yes. Lev Pliskin, call my Jimbo." Lev extended his hand and Dan took it after tucking the katana in his belt. "Knight of the Halo."

"So they sent a Halo Knight after me? Why?"

"You took too long. Now we know why. And your brother wants his sword back."

"I'll leave it in your car for now. Take me to my bike, we gotta go after that amulet before these undead go nuts."

"Right...why didnt you waste that wolf who ran into the museum?"

"She's...with me."

"With you? What the hell does that mean? Shes a damn werewolf, split her frikking head open."

"Look shes helped me so far, just leave her alone for now and we'll deal with her after this is over. Same with her friend, I'll point him out later."

"Just debrief me while we're in the car."

Dan and Lev got into the Hummer and Dan placed Nasher in the back seat. Lev was pulling out of the alley when Avlynn landed on the hood of the car with supernatural prowess.

"Taxi!" She said as she leapt off and walked to the back door. She wore combat dress and had a massive gun. Lev turned to Dan.

"...are you kidding me, squire?"

"Bear with me." Dan said as Avlynn got into the back seat.

"Jeez, I nearly sat on your sword and cut my a-" Avlynn was cut off

"Just sit tight were and you may come out of this alive." Lev said as he turned and faced her. Avlynn shot a look at Dan.

"Your friend's a little quick to kill here. I guess not every Knight is like you, Dan." Avlynn said

"Not every Knight is a Fortesque." He replied as Lev burst into the street.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

(Posting again out of boredom)

The black hummer crashed into the street and far down the street the party could see the red and blue lights speeding towards them.

"Here comes the calvary..." Dan said

"We're not supposed to get wrapped up with them now, we gotta get outta here and find whoever has the amulet." Lev said and sped in the other direction. After a few turns, Dan motioned for Lev to stop. He ran out and got on his bike. He strapped the katana to his back for comfort and the engine roared to life.

"How do we find this guy?" Dan called to Lev, Avlynn spoke up.

"Over there!" She said, pointing out the window and down the street. Fen could be seen, bolting down the sidewalk like the beast he was and flinging himself across the street on a lamp post, ducking into an alley. Fen was the last in the convoy chasing the amulet, but he was gaining fast.

Dan's bike screeched down the street and the hummer roared behind it. Dan turned into the dark alley, nimbly navigating through the debri and trash. The hummer plowed through it, sending boxes, trash cans and other things flying away from the massive vehicle.

Fen could be seen disappearing into the smoke of the alley, and the team accelerated after him.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

"What's the price of eternal life?" Ronsom threw a trash can in the direction of the voice.
"Every day living in fear of what lies beyond the veil of your own pitiful existence."
He'd slid down to the grime covered alley, arms draped over his knees.
"I eat to survive, and survive to eat. Is that your point?" Ronsom lifted the autorevolver toward the blackness, the origin of that new voice, escaped from the confines of the amulet. He fired the last shot and dropped the gun.
"So this is where it ends? Another restless night at the whim of the universe?" It prevailed. Probably above his head then.
"I just wanted to get paid." Ronsom looked to the forgotten gun and changed his mind, once more holstering it.
"That's just what I wanted to hear. You can start immediately." His voice ecstatic, a man in a three-piece suit made his inevitable appearance. He held a club in the off hand, every strike of the ground sending out sparks.
Ronsom pushed the allusion away and ran once more. He could still feel the amulet, hungered for it even.
As he rounded the corner the figure of a man supposedly projected by the amulet, an allusion, smiled and walked off in the other direction.
Ronsom fortunately missed the werwolf, and unfortunately was caught in the hummer's headlights. Struck but not unaware he struggled on, claws ripping into the hood. Climbing toward the driver's side.
The man's voice nestled in his head, he kept on. If only to have his mind to himself.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Black roared into town, glad to finally have put the horrors of his past behind him, and to have the future before him.  It was a relief to put the whole werewolf problem behind him. He had just finished the thought, when two things happened.  The first was the smell of werewolves and blood.  the second was a peculiar tickling in his head.  It was almost primal in its nature, a sudden desire to return to his master's resting place and let him- No.  That wasn't right.  Black had no master...

He heard the roar of the Hummer's engines just before it barreled  around the corner.  He pulled hard to the left, narrowly missing the side of the vehicle.  Morgan wheeled the bike around, and shot off in pursuit.  He didn't know what was going on, but he did see the vampire imbedded in the Hummer's hood, clawing towards the driver.  If the creature got to the innocents inside the vehicle while Black went about his business, he'd never forgive himself.  He gunned the engine and accelerated after the fleeing car.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

((Sorry about that, deleted post, was confused. this should go before post #66))

Drogan was still chasing after the runner, and had managed to get ahead of the others somewhere along the line. The man they were chasing was just ahead, and he darted into a store. Drogan followed, close on his tail.

Judging distance was something Drogan was good at, but considering that he was sprinting as fast as he could he wasn't exactly sure of the distance. Nevertheless he dived, and he managed to catch the runners ankle, and trip him up. He rolled with the runner, pinned him, and began to pry the amulet that seemed so important out of his hands. The moment his fingers touched it his mind was filled with a dull buzzing, and the runner snarled something about releasing the master. Drogan disregarded this as a mental attack and pulled the amulet free of the runners hands.


The voice roared, coming from nowhere and everywhere at once, and the buzzing in his head grew to a roar he was lost in. His preception narrowed and he seemed to rise and fly forward untill a large rock in the forest came into view. A voice called out from that rock, and he was helpless to resist.

Drogan rolled and stood up of the ground, and began to sprint.

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