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"We're just looking my dear. My friend here has a terrible skin condition, exposure to much sunlight could kill him. Surely the curator informed you we'd be coming?" Santiago waved his hand toward Ronsom.
Ronsom didn't notice, suddenly enthralled by the lovely lady's neck line.
Flabergasted, the young intern ran toward the curator's office. She had to run up a flight of stairs and down a hallway. By then, Iago had knocked Ronsom out of it.
The two headed to the loading dock entrance, and stopped hand on the knob.
"Humans...we could easily wait out 'till the next night and swipe it from the display..." Ronsom moved his eyes to the staircase.
"No, no. Let's have dinner shall we?" Ronsom threw the door open and walked in butterfly swords out, pulled from the sheath on his belt. It smelled so good. So tender. He had arrived to a buffet.

quick question on a vampire's ability. Can these or any vampire become mist or wolves or bats? How is their sense of smell, do I know a werewolf when I see one?

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(I can vouch, these vamps dont shape change. I think only the elders MAY have the ability. They will know a werewolf, mostly by smell. Their sense of smell is almost more useful than their eyes.)

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((I took the bit I edited into my sheet and made a longer post out of it, enjoy.))

((900th Post))

Hotel Maracaibo, Venezuela, 0355 Hours

Lev leaned against one of the hotel lobby's finely carved marble support pillars, eying the the front revolving door. He was awaiting a particular subject of interest: a wealthy, terrorist-funding vampire known simply as Vance. At exactly five minutes 'til four, an elderly man wearing a particularly expensive looking suit, walked through the front door.


Lev unholstered his .44 and followed the man to the gold plated elevator. The distinct *clack-kachink* of his boots prompted the old man to look over his shoulder, suddenly quickening his pace. The doors to the elevator were almost closed when a gloved hand caught and parted them, and Lev casually stepped in.


"I know who you are, you're making a very grave mistake."

"Well, I'll just assume you're going down," He pushed the *Close Door* button. "...straight to Hell."

The old man, who was not just simply an old man, gave a sinister toothy grin. "You first, Silver Knight of Saint Michael...!" The vamp shoulder-slammed Lev into the ebony-lined elevator wall, knocking the wind out of him. "Pathetic. This is the best they can do? Ha. A child-"

Lev regained his composure and headbutted him, Vance stoopered backwards. "You should act your age, old man." Suddenly he was now on the ground trying to hold the vamp off his neck. "...****...get off... me...!" Lev brought his knee up hard into the vamp's left kidney several times before he could roll him off. He frantically fled to the corner of the elevator and squeezed off 3 .44 Magnum rounds before Vance was in his face. Lev was holding off a knife attack with his left hand, while  trying to twist his right hand free enough to make a killing shot.

"You...assumed I incompetent...old man? Fool..." It happened all too quickly, the vamp released his grip and brought the ivory-handled knife down and straight into the right side of Lev's ribcage. But he was not without injury, the sacrifice had cost him as well. There were now two large holes dead center of his chest. Vance rasped for breath, coughing blood. "If I go, I'm... *cough*...taking you with...*hack* *rasp*" He griped the knife hard and pushed it as hard as he could into Lev.

"raaAAAHHH!" Pliskin screamed in pain, grabbing Vance's hand, pulling the knife out. The vamp was dumbfouned with confusion, it was over. Lev twisted the knife from Vance's grip, bringing his arm around into a chokehold. "A good man always knows his limitations..."


Lev buried the muzzle of the .44 hard into the side of Vance's head, cocking the hammer. "Do me a favor...*gasp*...and die already."


He dropped the now-headless body on the marble elevator floor, and stood for a moment, looking over the chaos that had ensued; just listening. They said elevator music was supposed to be soothing and stress relieving, but he didn't think so. Lev hit the *Open Door* button, and casually walked out, clenching his side.

Pliskin hailed a Taxi, and got in. "To the airport, kind sir."

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"Are you coming?"

Ian paused to think for a minute.

Fen put on a surprised face.
"Then what are going to do? Go after them, you'd be killed!"

"I'm going to find me a vampire head, bring it back and show it to the leader!"

Fen was surprised to see him so eager to kill. Ian waved good bye and left the premises. He went to the only place he could...the museum.

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Marus stood on the roof where he could see the street from a crow's view. He had been following a pack of wolves that had been using an old house as their base of operations for two days now. What he didn't expect was to pick up the scent of another vampire... specifically a female... coming towards the house with all the werewolves. If they picked up her scent, they would indefinitely pick up his, and being outnumbered and cornered was not the tactical advantage to take at the moment. Softly, but with a booming echo, he spoke to the other of his kind.

"It's suicide if you try to take them on by yourself."

Leaping down from the rooftop corner, Marus stood up next to the female.

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Emeline raised a brow at the male vampire’s entrance. As usual he had the typical opinion of most male vampires: women were helpless on their own.

“I’m not hear to fight with the mangy wolves. I’ve bigger fish to fry.” Emeline said sharply.

“You can hardly avoid them, besides it’s our duty as vampires to rid the world of the filthy dogs,” the male replied.

Emeline continued walking, she sensed that a wolf was headed their way but she was inclined to ignore it. A tingle ran up her spine with a familiarity that disturbed her. “No, the Brotherhood are here,” she whispered quietly to herself.

“The who?” the male asked.

“The Brotherhood,” she repeated and shifted into a sprint. She passed the surprised werewolf who reached out to grab her, he missed and immediately gave chase. Emeline didn’t care, if the wolf managed to snatch at her then she’d deal with him.

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With her superior hearing Avlynn heard the gunfire at the back dock first. “Do you hear that?”

“Hear what?” Julian grumbled as he continued examining his clipboard.

“Sounds like gunfire,” Eva, one of the other workers, said.

Julian’s brow wrinkled, “Gunfire? You can’t be serious.”

Avlynn snorted, “Fine I’ll check it out.”

“Be quick about it, we’ve got a lot to do.” Julian huffed.

It took enormous effort for Avlynn to avoid rolling her eyes in Julian’s view. The man was a self-absorbed simpleton. He considered nothing else but his own agenda. Avlynn hoped he was moved elsewhere, chances were the only way that’d happen is if he were promoted.

The sound of gunfire became more prominent the closer Avlynn got. Then it stopped, she heard something more disturbing. Voices speaking in a language she didn’t recognise, but she was pretty certain it was magic connotations. Before she could think much further she reached the back docks. The gunfire continued and she looked out just as a green flame flickered and vanished, along with the chanting.

The man with the gun stopped firing. Avlynn eyed him warily, she tried scenting the air but the strange green fire had left an odd smoke behind that befuddled her sense of smell.

The man stood rubbing his eyes, “Crap... I’m blind.” His eye rubbing became more furious.

Avlynn decided it was probably best to declare her presence, as she really didn’t like the idea of being shot. “Hey mister, are you okay?”

The man immediately turned his head and squinted in an attempt to see her, “Who’s there?”

“My name is Avlynn, I work for the museum.” She said and was able to draw close enough to finally scent him. The guy was human.

He let out a sigh, “I was... attacked. I can’t see.”

“What did they hit you with? Pepperspray?” she asked though she was fairly certain something more sinister had happened. However if she asked chances were this guy would think she was a fruitloop.

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The dock had workers, an organizer. Ronsom smelled more than that but they could wait...although the werewolf stench brushed his attention...he was hungry. Santiago held the autorevolver toward the biggest grouping of bodies, they noticed immediately. Ronsom had moved behind a wall of boxes. The closest one, had a clipboard, Ronsom placed the dull edge of one sword to the man's neck and pulled him away from the rest in one heave.
His preference was women. Oh well. He dug his fangs in to the man's neck and as the sweet life drained out the hunger only seemed to increase with the knowledge of other warm bodies.
"The amulet of Delkath. Or I let my friend have seconds." Iago pulled the hammer back for emphasis.
The door to the loading dock opened.

As for drinking blood, are there any rules for creating new vampires? Such as, have to be opposite sex, have to be a virgin, etc.?

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Fen stood confused as Ian ditched him.  Didn't Fen say he wanted to go hunt vampires?  And Ian just ditched him to go hunt vampires?  No matter.  Fen turned to follow him.  But he picked up a scent.  Fainter this time.  Fen took off at a sprint towards the smell.  After a short way he made out voices in the night.  He sniffed once again.  Two of them.  He rounded a street corner and saw them. 

He singled the female out but she dodged him and fled.  Cowardly.  He went to gave chase but the male jumped and him with inhuman speed.  Fen rolled and threw the man off.

"Look at you scum protecting your females.  I didn't know the undead had morals!"  Fen snarled and launched himself through the air towards the vampire.  They tussled on the ground but in human form the vampire had the edge.  Fen managed to shove him off and stood up to face him once again.

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**Ah making vampires, let's just say that the vampire has to drain their victim of blood and then make them drink the vampire's blood. Generally the head vampire of a covern does the changing to maintain control. Doesn't matter if the victim is male or female etc.

Werewolves aren't able to be changed into vampires.**

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Dan stood in the back alley of the museum trying to adapt to the blindness like some sort of cavern dwelling creature.

“Hey mister, are you okay?” Came from a female voice approaching him.

“Who’s there?” Dan turned to her, his hand discreetly slipping over his gun.

“My name is Avlynn, I work for the museum.” The woman said as she came closer. Now he was in trouble... So much for stealth.

Dan sighed and responded, “I was... attacked. I can’t see.”

“What did they hit you with? Pepperspray?” the woman asked naively. Although something in her voice was odd.

"Not exactly..." Dan sensed her pause. She was observing him.

"Are you sure it was you who was attacked, and not the other way around?" The woman asked, taking note of his tactical appearance, and the sword hanging on his back. Dan felt he should have worn a trenchcoat like everyone else at this point.

"I uhh-" just as suddenly as it had come, the darkness fled his eyes, and Dan was able to see again. The spell had worn off.

Dan blinked hurredly at looked at his new acquantance. She had blond hair, up in a bun, and vivid green eyes. She still wore her museum uniform, so that much was true.

"Alright I'm fine now I think. Thank you for trying to help."

"I didnt do much for you to be thankful for. Well you know my name..." Avlynn said, extending her hand, and a smile. Dan looked at it for a moment, then smirked and took it.

"Daniel Fortesque, call me Dan."

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Avlynn smiled but in the back of her mind she was certain she’d heard the surname Fortesque before. “So Dan I’m guessing you’re not from around these parts?”

“What gave it away?” Dan said with raised hands.

Avlynn pointed to his back, “The sword for one, who carries such a thing these days?”

“Uh, I’m a collector.” Dan said hurriedly.

Avlynn tried to walk around behind Dan for a better view of the sword but he kept turning, it seemed he didn’t trust her at his back. The thought crossed her mind that he might be some sort of slayer. “I just wanted to look at your sword. You know being a museum worker makes me into that kind of stuff.”

The sound of footsteps coming fast made both of them turn. “I suggest we go indoors,” Dan said somewhat forcefully as he grabbed Avlynn by the arm.

“What’s the hurry?” Avlynn said but already she caught the faint scent of vampire.

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Emeline would have cursed as she drew closer to the source of the Brotherhoods presence but it was a waste of breath. When she realised where the trace was coming from she didn’t hold back. The faint smell of the Brotherhoods departure was also present. Someone had managed to kill the mongrels.

With caution Emeline turned the corner. She saw a door close as she arrived on the scene. The scent of the departed Brotherhood minions was strongest here. Her nostrils flared as she touched her own amulet: the Amulet of Trekin. Its blue stone glowed slightly in response to her touch.

In her mind the scene unfolded that had transpired only minutes ago. Four Brotherhood minions had arrived and been ambushed. The surprise was that it was by one lone man. Emeline suspected that he must be supernatural. Then he admitted to being part of the St Michaels’ group. So he was human... damn.

Emeline knew all about the St Michaels bunch. Generally they tried to kill her whenever they came across her. Like most humans they simply assumed she was a typical vampire. If only they knew she was guarding them from a much greater evil. Although chances were she might be too late to reach the Amulet of Delkath. She hurried to the slightly ajar door and made her way into the museum.

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(Posting this for Adeptus, he's having weird Internet trouble.)

((Edited opening post, Drogan's a vampire now.))

Drogan exited the car, they were in the centermost park in Marley's Point. He walked to the other side and gave Michelle his hand as she exited. "Always were a gentleman, despite everything you've done, Drogan." Drogan grinned to himself as he draped his overcoat over her shoulders. He looked up at the sky, rendered dark and starless by the nearby lights, breathed in deeply and relished the fresh night air. Jonah and Roland had already disappeared into the darkness, going to find something to conceal the car with and to find a place to spend the daylight hours.

He turned and looked to the city. "Tell Jonah and Roland to do what they will when they get back. Wheres my knife?"

"In the glove compartment, with your pistol. The Thompson is under the drivers seat if you want it."

"Not now nowhere to put it." Drogan said as he retrieved his weapons. He began to walk off towards the city.

"Oh and Drogan?" Michelle called, "Take this," she tossed a silver rectangle to him, "Its a cellular phone, when it vibrates open the lid thing and press the green button then place it to your head like this." She demonstrated using her own. "You can talk through it, Jonah will call and tell you where were going to be spending the day."

Drogan thanked her and began to walk away, putting the phone in his pants pocket.

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"I dont want the uhhh- attackers to return." Dan said, and hurried Avlynn off by the arm. He took notice of something becoming very warm in his side pocket. Reaching in with his free hand without notifying Avlynn.

He could feel one of his two warding stones becoming hot, and pulled them out quietly. The werewolf warding stone was a clear yellow stone, and was shining brightly. The vampire warding stone was a deep red, and was shining dimly. This meant a werewolf was very close, and a vampire was near.

The warding stones are holy devices used by the Silver Knights to warn its slayers of nearby enemies. There are all kinds of stones, warding against trolls, minor undead, goblins, etc. However the werewolf and vampire stones are the most useful, and each member of the Knights is given each as one of the tokens of joining. When the stones' creature is near, it glows and becomes warm.

Dan looked to Avlynn as they hurried into the museum and he stuffed away the stones. It seems he wasn't the only one keeping secrets... Why this werewolf hadn't ripped him to pieces yet, he didnt know. But by now she probably knew he was a slayer. He'd have to play along.

The two entered through the loading dock door, and shut it behind them. It was unusually quiet.

"Where are the workers? and where's Julian..." Avlynn said, looking around the crates of the back area. It was dimly lit by a few service lights.

"There were people here?" Dan was growing uneasy...could she be setting him up for a trap?

"Yes but....they're gone. Come, i...sense something." Avlynn said, motioning for Dan to follow.

"Sense?" *CLANG* "Cut the charade. I know you're a were, and you know im a slayer. I'm not falling for this." Dan said. He had Nasher out, and cut into a large wooden crate behind Avlynn. The blade ran across her neck as he held it, and she had to hold herself away because the silver blade was burning her neck.

Avlyn hissed with the prescense of silver, "Look, I keep to myself, I dont kill humans. I'm not in a pack. I have a job for god sakes. Theres a bigger problem right now, if you know im a were then for sure you know theres vampires in here doing who knows what."

"Maybe, but what reason do I have to trust you?" Dan said, not moving the sword. The smallest gesture and she'd be decapitated.

"I would've killed you while you were blinded. I dont bother anyone Dan, please." Avlynn pleaded, looking into Dan's eyes.

She wasn't really pleading for her life. She may be able to use her speed to escape, but that would start a fight where she could die before transforming. Dan could see she really didn't want trouble, and the human in him decided to listen where many other slayers would kill without reason. He lowered the sword.

"You must understand that this was necessary." Dan said

"Perhaps. None-the-less, your trust would be nice."

"We'll see about that. Let's check out what these vamps are up to." Dan said, taking out his pistol and handing it to Avlynn if she wanted it.

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Avlynn felt disappointed that Dan had discovered what she was. She’d been trying to escape her werewolf heritage and it took this guy all of five minutes to figure out what she was. No wonder her pack stayed together, the old safety in numbers routine.

Lifting her head Avlynn scented the air, “I think they’ve gone into the South Wing. That’s odd.”

Dan shifted so his sword was less of a burden, “How’s it odd.”

“The South Wing is the only one with another docking bay. I’m guessing someone’s about to steal something.” Avlynn said as they headed in the direction of the South Wing.

“Wait,” Dan said, “any idea what they’d come to steal?”

Avlynn shrugged, “Could be anything. The black market loves artefacts.”

“Or maybe they’re after the same thing I am,” he confessed.

Avlynn’s eyes narrowed, “You came here to steal something?” Her fists clenched at the thought.

Dan noticed and quickly informed her, in part, of his mission. “Not steal, but... guard.”

“Do tell,” Avlynn said, though she had a feeling he wouldn’t.


Julian had convinced the young man to wait in the foyer while he went to retrieve Avlynn. Truth was the young idiot could sit out there and wait. He was back to supervise his people when all hell broke loose.

Two guys appeared from nowhere and one bit him! Bit him for crying out loud! He was so stunned he didn’t initially take in what the first guy said, something about an amulet, “Huh, what amulet?”

“The one with the red stone on the massive poster outside, moron,” said the man who had bitten him.

Julian blinked, “Oh the ruby amulet.” He was talking but his brain was like cotton wool. Suddenly it dawned on him. Vampires, these guys were actual vampires. There had always been speculation about Murk Valley having vampires but he’d considered it rubbish. Besides this was Marley's Point, what were they doing here?

“Yeah the ruby amulet, give it to us now.” The biter demanded.

“It’s still boxed, it’s in there,” Julian said pointing to the large group of boxes stacked neatly at the side of the room.

“Ha ha, which box, moron?” said the second vampire.

“I have no idea, ask them.” Julian said pointing to Dwight and Rodney.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Emeline walked into the museum as silently as a ghost. She could hear the faint hum of voices ahead of her. Stealthily she moved faster to catch up. A female werewolf was speaking to the slayer. It seemed completely at odds with what Emeline knew of the St Michael’s assassins but she decided it was probably a case of let’s deny what we are to each other and I’ll kill you when your back is turned.

It seemed that they were heading for the South Wing. Emeline already knew the layout of the museum from her studies of the layout. She knew how to bypass the odd pair and get to where the amulet was.

She approached the room she knew was designated for the amulet. Before she arrived she heard the chatter of voices and caught the distinct scent of other vampires. She touched her amulet to extend her senses. It seemed the other vampires were after the amulet too.

The amulet told her something else too: the man with the clipboard was lying. The amulet had been one of the first things put on display. It was in the chamber three rooms up.

She immediately made her way to it. It stood encased in a glass cube, laying on red velvet with a number of other jewellery from newer eras surrounding it. Emeline stopped in her tracks as she felt the impulse to pick up the amulet. “Ansgar is awake and calling,” she said quietly to herself.

Before she could chant the counter spell she heard someone approach. It seemed fighting was going to be inevitable. Emeline reached for a sword hanging from the wall and poised herself in waiting...

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Maricaibo Airport, 0437 Hours

Lev tipped the cab driver generously before walking out to the tarmac, where a private jet awaited him. His SKSM Ops Director, Sam, climbed out of the cabin to greet him.

"Jimbo! Everything go alright?"

"Eh...let's just say Vance won't be making any withdrawls or deposits again."

"Ha! I'll bet he won't." Sam offered a hand to help him up the ladder.

"I'm fine Sam. Although, we have a problem." Lev pulled back his coat to reveal the dried black ink- looking stain on his waistcoat. "The wound itself has already healed over, but I haven't been in for bloodwork recently. Last time I checked, black blood and ultra pale skin isn't normal far a twenty-six year old."

"Well...damnit Jim, I don't know. I'd lay low and go for the smaller jobs, try not to get any medals or anything. You remember how finicky the head honchos are about the whole 'purity' garbage."

"Yeah, maybe I'm just paranoid." Lev pulled a large cherry-flavored Blow-Pop out of his coat pocket and stuck it in his mouth. "Let's just get the hell out of here."

Somwhere Over North America, 0500 Hours

Lev sat gazing out the small window, unable to sleep. Sam, on the other hand, was sleeping on the adjacent couch, snoring. Pliskin kicked him a couple times to get him to stop, but it didn't help that much.

"*sigh* Sam. Sam, wake up. Sam!"

"Huh...wha?" He sat up and grogilly rubbed his eyes.

"Candy's calling for HQ."

"Oh, right..." He proceeded to lay back down before the words registered in his mind. "OH...wait one sec..."

Lev shook his head and put the video feed on the main TV screen without hesitation. "Hey Candice, anything new?"

"Hello Lev, Samuel. I trust you've taken care of Vance DeMercel?"

"Yeah, he won't be giving us any more problems."

"Excellent. We've got a small support operation up for grabs, if you're interested."

"Am I? Of course."

"Okay, we've sent in a single Knight, Daniel Fortesque, to ensure the safety of a powerful ancient amulet. Your mission will be to assist him in keeping it out of the wrong hands at all costs. It is located in a city by the name of Marley's Point, in which you will be arriving in 15 minutes. I just sent the coordinates to your pilot, and the full mission briefing has been sent to your PDA. Have a nice flight, gentlemen."

The screen went blank, and Sam hit Lev in the arm. "That my friend, was close."

"I'll say." Lev pulled off the tan leather glove and examined the ink black veins in his hand.
"Way too close."

Marley's Point, 0527 Hours

Lev stepped off the plane, double checking his gear. "I'll give you a call when I meet up with Fortesque."

"Your ride, a black Humvee, is sitting in a 15 minute parking spot by the baggage claim. Tag number 07M4R8Z. Here's your keys."

"Thanks, I owe you one."

Lev walked though the muninciple hangar out to the terminal entrance, and spotted the Humvee sitting by itself. under a streetlight. This was a classic movie ambush scene if he'd ever seen one. He casually checked the warding stones stitched inside his coat. Two of them glowed faintly, so he wasn't worried, but cautious. Lev got into the Humvee and keyed in the Museum in his GPS. Today was gonna be a cakewalk.

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As the brawl progressed Fen easily saw the vampire had the upperhand.  Fen was bleeding from numerous cuts and scratches and he could tell something in his arm was broken.  He hadn't had the time pull out the scimitars let alone shift into wolf.  He cycled through his options and the only thing he figured he could do was flee.  He cursed himself.  At the first oppurtunity he got Fen leapt at the vampire and landed a hard punch across his face.  He jumped off the dazed vampire and turned and sprinted down the main street. 

Where to go?  The pack gathering was out of the question.  It was too far and the vampire might pursue.  If he were to change now he would be injured and that wouldn't help him at all.  He needed a few minutes before he was recuperated enough to change forms.

Fen took left and right turns until he finally stopped.  Marley's Point Museum.  Why had he come here.  No matter.  He needed to get inside.  Fen smashed the glass door and crawled through the opening.  He immediately stopped in the lobby.  There were vampires inside.  Someone's blood had been spilled.  And everything just smelled...wrong. 

Fen cautiously headed into the museum not sure what he would find.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

The opportunity for Dan to change the subject came at the sound of smashing glass. “What the hell was that?”

Avlynn was surprised Dan had heard it. Her superior hearing allowed her to pinpoint the noise more accurately. “It came from the lobby.” Avlynn immediately took point as the breeze from outside brought the scent of the intruder to her nose, “Fen.”

“Men? Geez what did I do now?” Dan glowered.

“I said Fen, not men. Talk about paranoid, is there something I should know?” Avlynn said as she hurried along.

“Yeah don’t tick me off,” Dan said as he palmed his gun.

“Note taken, don’t tick off the man with the gun.” Avlynn replied sarcastically.

Fen was brushing himself off as they rounded the corner, “I don’t see you for 23 years and now I see you twice in one day. Is it a sign from the Gods?”

"Yeah they hate me," Fen replied.

Avlynn laughed. Dan eyed the new arrival, "A friend of yours."

"You could say that," Avlynn commented.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Marus walked in with one of his twin Berettas held out, ready to fire. The museum was quiet, and unsurprisingly he was not the first one inside after hours, that much was obvious. Tracing the female vampire wasn't the hard part, he could smell her from a mile away. Keeping his scent to a minimum from the nearby werewolves was his challenge.

Drawing nearer, Marus gave into a sprint.

She's just around the corner.

Sure enough, there was the female vampire he had met earlier, standing around a display case and whispering so soft that no normal human could ever hear this, even if only three feet away.

“Ansgar is awake and calling.”

The female noticed Marus' presence and grabbed a sword and broke into a ready stance, eager to take down whoever came through the doors. Casually walking into the room, Marus lowered his pistol and began to break the ice.

"Not a bad place. Who's Angsar? We might want to get out of here, there's some nearby puppies that probably would have no trouble in disposing of us. Human too."

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Drogan walked through the city. For the most part he was ignored by what pedestrians he came across, but he did draw a glance due to his outdated outfit ocasionally. Even the small amount of pedestrians he came across were proving to be a distraction, however, as he had not fed in quite some time, the warden fed him enough to keep him alive, though only enough to do that. He could smell the blood of each of them, and was just waiting for one to be alone, so he could shove them into the nearest ally and feed.

An old man passed whith someone who could only be his daughter, then a large dark-skinned man who looked like he would strugle much more then Drogan would like, and finnally a young woman who seemed to preoccupied looking at the ground and listening to music to notice anything before it was to late. As she came up next to him, Drogan slammed into her, stunning her in the process, and pulled her into a dark alley.

About fifteen minutes later Drogan stepped out of the alley and wiped his mouth with a handkerchief. He straightened up his jacket, looked to the left and right, and continued to walk.

After a short while he came to what seemed to be a museum, the lights inside were on and it seemed that there was something going on inside. He could smell his kind, overshadowed by the heavier much more obvious scent of werewolves. Drogan grinned to himself and pulled the deck of cards out of his coat pocket, Jokers and Aces flashed in and out of view as he began to shuffle, walking towards the museum. "Might as well drop in and say hello."

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Ian was happy, he had decided to start a new life. He decided to start in the museum, he stood at the door and breathed in. It wasn't long after that he smelled an unexpected surprise he smelled again to make sure, but it was still their it was Fen. He had tried to avoid him since the discussion, after he had saw Avlynn he had fell in love again but with Fen their he wasn't to sure he could start over. He walked in silently, Fen was talking to a human. Ian climbed from the walls to the ceiling, he used the smell from the human to hide his smell. Ian saw Avlynn in the room chatting along.

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Ronsom trudged up the stairwell to the upper floor. Lead along by scent, he'd fed, and the smell of werewolf was ever more obvious. He was running away. Santiago had pulled a second autorevolver from within his jacket and handed it over to Ronsom before they'd begun to ascend.
Yet again, .454, and fortunately silver bullets jingled in the quick load he'd also been given.
He threw the door at the top of the stairs open, prepared to leap from the window at any moment. The whole affair had devolved to shenanigans.
The first thing he saw, the overbearing sign heradling the arrival of the amulet of Delkath. Then the two others, and finally the scent of more arrivals.
"If we're all after this artifact. Maybe we can quibble over it after stealing it." Santiago poised his barrel to the opposing stairwell.
Ronsom merely stayed close to the door. Ready to move back down it.

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Avlynn laughed. Dan eyed the new arrival, "A friend of yours."

"You could say that," Avlynn commented.

"...You told me you kept to yourself." Dan said, he was immediatly regretting his descision to 'trust' Avlynn. He dropped his bag (he brought it with him) and unzipped it, bringing out his G36C, but holding it downward to not seem hostile. His warding stones were going nuts, and the time for caution had ended.

"Yes well, [Avlynn watches Dan bring out a machine gun] he wont bother you if I tell him so." Alvynn said, putting her hand on Dan's arm. Dan looked at it, then back to her.

"And what's to say I wont bother him?" Dan said as the newcomer walked over. Avlyyn sighed at Dan's comment.

"Daniel Fortesque, this is Fendren Kalman." Avlynn intoduced them, expecting them to shake hands. They mearly looked at each other and then back at Avlynn.

"So you're hanging out with a slayer now? I don't understand whats stopping me from killing him right now..." Fen said, his hand idly fingering his Colt Python revolver. Avlynn stood between them.

"Please... we're in MY museum, Im not letting you meat heads trash the place. Dan is here for a quick mission that will help us all. Isn't that right Dan?"

"Yeah...whatever." Dan said shifting Nasher on his back. He wasn't used to the weight, his specialty weapon wasn't a medieval two handed sword, but a Japanese long sword, which was a katana that was several inches longer than normal. However, the Silver Knights only award (upon request) a sword with slaying capabilities to members who become Knights. Dan had not become one yet.

"Wait... whats that noise?" Fen said looking around.


Mar Alom stood upon the opening of the cave he dwelled in. This particular opening was near the top of the mountain he occupied, and was only meant as an observation area. He looked upon the steep cliff and forest below, the night had swallowed them. He awaited one of the Brotherhood, he knew they had failed.


"Master..." said the low rumbling voice behind him.

"Yes minion..." Mar replied

"Our efforts were futile, for the moment. We are prepared to return in more force, and release one of the amulets powers to repel more meddlers."

"Who stopped you?"

"A member of the Silver Knights of St.Michael, Daniel Fortesque."


"Daniel Forte-"

"FORTESQUE!?!?!? FORTES-!!!! AGHHHHH!!!!" Mar yelled and randomly launched a lighting/fire ball into the night.

"ANOTHER DAMN FORTESQUE! There everywhere, like a weed! Like a virus, a parasite! The greatest achievement I can ever complete would be to WIPE THAT FAMILY OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!"

The minion stood in silence.

"...Very well. I've yet to hear of the Daniel however... The family knows little of their true heritage, and as such are still weaker than they know. Minion, go forth with your plan, and then return quickly. We cannot risk you accidently slaying the one meant to take the amulet."

"It shall be done." *Poof*

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