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Due to popular demand, it’s time to revisit this idea. Below are the types of beings you can chose to be:

Elder Vampire: Has been a vampire for over 500 years. They can walk in daylight provided it’s a cloudy day. Has some control over their bloodlust. Can cloak themselves from human view by influencing their blood flow to slow it to the optical receptors. Have some resistance to garlic and holy water but not much.
Abilities: (Including Regular & Young Vampire abilities) Further heightened senses, can levitate and can influence the minds of young werewolves.

Regular Vampire: Has been a vampire for over 20 years. They cannot stand the sun, able to move in shadowed areas, such as indoor buildings. Have little control over their bloodlust. They are badly affected by garlic and holy water.
Abilities: (Including Young Vampire abilities) Able to leap extremely high, can scale brick walls easily and take large falls and land unscathed.

Young Vampire: Newly created vampire up to 19 years. Can only move around at night and are highly sensitive to garlic and holy water. Has an insatiable bloodlust.
Abilities: High speed running, fast healing and extremely strong. Also has heightened senses.

Elder Werewolf: Has been a werewolf for over 400 years. They can control when they want to change from human form to wolf form. They can change into human, partial wolf/human form or full wolf. Has some ability to influence the human mind, mainly to confuse them so they don’t know where an attack is coming from. Elders are generally Alphas of their pack and control the hunts. They can only be killed by more than three silver bullets.
Abilities: (Same abilities as Regular Werewolf, though desire to breed fades) Extremely rapid healing abilities, able to survive long term exposure to silver although it will make them weak.

Regular Werewolf: Has been a werewolf for over 50 years. Have some control over when they change, can however choose the form of full wolf or partial wolf/human. Has a very strong instinct to hunt and find a life mate. They can be killed with three silver bullets.
Abilities: (Including Young Werewolf abilities, except full moon change) Able to shield themselves from vampire mind attacks, able to heal more rapidly than Young Werewolves and are able to breed at this age. They are also extremely agile and able to leap extremely high.

Young Werewolf: Newly created werewolf up to 49 years. Have no control over when they change, can only change into full wolf form. Has very strong instinct to hunt and kill. Aging process slowed down by six fold and continues through life. They can be killed by three silver bullets or long term exposure to silver contacting their skin.
Abilities: Extremely highly developed sense of smell. Other senses are also heightened, more so than a young vampire. They are extremely strong, can rip appendages from sockets easily. Runs very fast and can only change under the full moon.

The Storyline:

Set in the present, location shall be a fictional city of  Marley’s Point (20 km from Murk Valley). The city is old, mostly in a state of deterioration despite the local’s determination to renew the city’s CBD.

The city hides and ancient evil, an evil that has lay undisturbed for centuries, however that evil is about to be reawakened…

The Rules:

The Enemy is a vampire Mage, more importantly he’s a Necromancer. His crimes to humanity and the supernatural have been many during his long existence. He’s an Elder vampire and knows patience pays off. He’s been underground in his crypt for many centuries; awaiting for some fool to awaken him… (I’ll be playing this role).

We need at least one Elder Vampire and one Elder Werewolf. The Elder Werewolf is likely to have an Elder mate also. Please limit the number of Elders as we need Regular and Young variations of both.

Slayers are optional also, but must be human or a half human hybrid.

1. You may create any character you want but follow the guide above. Clarify their name and species so others can follow their actions easily. I will be moderating.

2. You can kill characters you create but you can't kill other people's characters unless they say they have been killed in battle with you. However you can wound them.

3. You can have any weapon you want but you can only have what your character could physically carry - otherwise they wouldn't be able to move. Also it must be of this time. You can have newly developed weapons from your coven or pack.

4. Be consistent, eg if someone says they blew up a building, don't suddenly be assaulting it.

5. If you have sustained many wounds you will have to weaken and possibly be killed, healing factors can reduce this. If human you will need to seek medical help or you will die.

6. Follow the storyline, sure add a few twists and turns but allow others to see where you want to go so they can help you get there.

7. Have fun.

Name: Ansgar The Destroyer
Species: Elder Vampire (Mage/Necromancer)
Sex: Male
Age: 849
Weapons: Kasimir (destroyer of peace):
Personality: Ansgar is almost a wraith, his age and memories have driven him mad. He wants to cleanse the earth of all that lives, as he believes that everything deserves to die, as once they are dead he can control them for his own dark purposes.


1286 at what would become Marley’s Point

The Oracle:


Sixty vampires dragged the setting stone to the top of the hill. It would be the final seal on Ansgar the Destroyer’s crypt. The Oracle stood overseeing the process, knowing that such a crypt would not hold the Destroyer for eternity.

“Oracle, the setting stone is in place. Is it time for the chant?” Aldrick, leader of the vampires, asked.

The Oracle nodded, “Yes my friend, we must now chant.”

“Will this stop Ansgar from re-entering the world?” Aldrick asked as he waved his people into line.

The Oracle closed its many eyes. “Eternity is a long time my friend and anything can happen. There is no guarantee.”

“Then we shall do what we can,” Aldrick stated and then the chanting began.

The Oracle held up the Amulet of Delkath; its ancient inscription held the words to the chant. The Oracle led the chant and listened as the vampires echoed the words. Over and over they repeated the words until the setting stone glowed red. The stone’s edges melted to seal in the Destroyer.

On the horizon the touch of orange began to illuminate the sky. The vampires quickly retreated leaving the Oracle with the Amulet of Delkath still in its hand. “A safe place you must be stored,” the Oracle said to the amulet.


The Present

Name: Avlynn Adams
Species: Werewolf
Sex: Female
Age: Regular Werewolf – 168
Appearance: Looks like she’s 28:
Weapons: Sawn off double barrel shotgun
Personality: Is trying to live like a human being, doesn’t really want to be involved with her pack. Avlynn works as a shop assistant in the Marley’s Point Museum. She is saving her own money to go to university and study Archaeology.


Avlynn wiped off the counter for the last time of for the day. The Marley’s Point Museum was closing for early today as a new collection was arriving. Avlynn had volunteered to help set up, but as usual was brushed aside. The humans thought she was a weak human female, if only they knew she was stronger then one of their burliest men.

But Avlynn didn’t want to stand out, if she showed her true strength questions would be raised and she’d have to go back into pack life at Murk Valley.

Instead she’d been given the task of putting up posters on the new exhibition: “Treasures of the Past”. There were five different posters, each displaying a different article to be shown in the exhibition. Avlynn unrolled the first poster which showed an unusual amulet with a red stone. “Would look good with my ruby ring,” she commented dryly to herself.

“Yeah well don’t get any ideas,” the curator, Julian Williams, snapped.

Avlynn looked at him and tried not to roll her eyes, “Wouldn’t dream of it.”

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Name: Ronsom Sa'ab
Species: Regular vampire
Sex: Male
Age: 105
Nothing special, skin a little too white, sunken eyes, blue-lense glacier-glasses
pair of butterfly swords,
Tired, continually under-fed, and distant. Eyes glossed over most of the time.

Not sure where to go from here but ready.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Ansgar the Destroyer’s form lay still, the dust covered body had not stirred in centuries but then it had no need to. A finger twitched, an eyelid flickered and parched lips parted. The amulet’s call awoke the ancient vampire.

The Destroyer rose with a slowness due to his fragile state. His skin seemed to be stretched tightly over his bones. His muscles only remanent of what they once were. His dark eyes opened, their irises as red as the ruby that had ensnared him. “Delkath,” he hissed, his voice nothing but a whisper of dry air.

His black robes were stained with age, they were also haggard and hole-riddled. Ansgar couldn’t have cared less. His skeletal hand reached for his only companion, his sword: Kasimir.

Ansgar took the sword in both hands, dropped to his knees and plunged Kasimir into the soil. He began to chant, “Agneth geetah halnarg teskin.” Over and over he repeated the chant, it was a spell upon the Amulet of Delkath, some poor fool would feel compelled to pick it up and take it to his crypt and then Ansgar would be free once more...

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Name:  Fendren Kalman
Species:  Regular Werewolf
Sex: Male
Age: 194
Appearance: Around 30
Weapons:  Colt Python .357 Revolver
Two Scimitars strapped to back under coat. … imitar.jpg

Personality:  Doesn't much go for human company.  Dislikes the humans and thinks they are much too weak for him to bother with.  Happily will slay a few to sate his hunger.
He is very opinionated and let's people know it at times.

Short History:  Fendren's werewolf ancestry has been traced back to the early medieval age in Britain.  Since then they have relocated to America where Fendren was born.  The old clan which Fendren's family was apart of was massacred by slayers and his parents and him fled to Marley's Point.

Fendren checked the piece of paper in his hand and looked at the building in front of him.  This was the place.  Marley's Point Museum.  Didn't look too bad.  But the hackles on the back of his neck were telling him otherwise.  Ignoring these warnings he strode up the steps.  An overweight human bodyguard stepped in his way.

"I'm sorry sir but we are closed at six tod-" Fendren none too gently continued on through him.  The pack leader had given him a task and he wasn't about to let a puny human stop him from accomplishing it.  He spotted her hanging up posters.

"Avlynn.  It's been awhile since we've seen you around."  At the sound of his voice she froze. 

"What are you doing here?"

"Come on.  You know.  Everyone is missing you.  We all really want you back so very dearly."  Fendren let the sarcasm seep into his voice.

"You sound so sincere."

"I'm just about as thrilled as coming here to talk as you are.  But he told me to come over and try and we all know I couldn't tell the pack leader no.  Not without having to watch my neck for the next century."

"Listen Fen.  I-"

The security guard and a short balding man in a suit interrupted.

"Excuse me sir but I suggest you leave now or we will have to get the authorities involved."

Fendren didn't even turn.

"Avlynn and I were having a conversation.  I am going to give you 5 seconds to leave us."

"You can't tell me to get out of my own museum!  Who do you think you are?"  Fendren tensed and clenched his fists.  Avlynn glared at him. 

"Don't do it Fen.  Just leave."  Fendren smiled sweetly.

"Fine I'll go."  He slid a small piece of paper with an address for a bar 3 blocks down the street.

"We have some things to talk about."  Fendren turned and strode past the two men and out the door.  He inhaled the air as the sun set over the horizon.  He headed for the bar.  Hopefully she wouldn't show up and Fen would head back to the pack leader and tell him he tried.  But luck hadn't been with him theses past few years.

((Left the leader position open if anyone is interested.))

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Avlynn looked at the piece of paper and sighed, she really didn’t want to go to the Hard Luck Tavern but for some reason she found herself heading there as she left the museum.

Rick, the bodyguard Fendren had ignored, was still looking peeved as she left the grounds and said goodbye.

There was a chill in the air and Avlynn pulled her jacket tighter around her. The Hard Luck was pretty quiet but it didn’t take long to spot Fen who was sitting in the darkest booth looking too serious for his own good.

It was hard to imagine that Fen and her had once been good childhood friends, but that was a long time ago.

She slid into the booth and looked at Fen with questioning eyes. “So what’s the go this time?”

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Fendren scowled darkly as she sat down in front of him.

"So what's the go this time?"

"I was hoping you wouldn't show."

"Nice to see you too Fen.  It's been what 20 years since we last spoke to each other?"


"Ah.  Now really, why did you barge into my museum causing such a ruckus?"

"Like I told you.  He wants you back.  Don't ask me why.  He sent me to hunt you down and give you the offer to come back to the pack."

She stared at him unblinking.  Fen continued on.

"I have one question though.  Why would you choose to spend your time among these pathetic humans?  They are nothing!  I saw that man you consider your boss.  How do you sit there and let him boss you around when you know you could squash him like the worm he is?"

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Name:Ian Waters
Species:Regular Werewolf
Appearance:Looks 29
Weapons:Martial arts
History:He was born a werewolf and is the nephew of the pack leader his clan was slaughtered in old Britain and fled to Marely's point
He waited out side of the Hard Luck Tavern waiting for Fendren, Fen was supposed to get back Avlynn a renegade clan member that ran off to go live a normal life. Ian could here there conversation Fen just cept bad talking about the humans as if we weren't like them. Ian ironically envied them, he wished he could go back, he knew he couldn't but he still prayed every night. He had a long history with both of them Fen was a friend and Avlynn was the same (although he had loved Avlynn) but years had past and each went there different ways in life, Fen staid so did Ian but grew apart slowly and Avlynn left. But now they meat again.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

**Hi Droideka, yeah feel free to interact with other people's characters in your posts - makes things more interesting**

Avlynn sighed, she didn’t know when Fen had become so jaded about humans but she could understand why. Humans didn’t like what they didn’t know, anything different was something to be feared. It was one of the reasons why she wished she were human: no secrets meant no threat.

“I’m not interested in returning to the pack,” she said, then more quietly, “although it is nice to see you, even if you are the world’s biggest grump.”

Avlynn swore she almost saw a shadow of a smile. But Fen quickly hid any sort of response by drinking a mouthful of his beer.

“As for my boss, yeah I wouldn’t mind showing him just how strong this little girl is but that’d blow my cover.” Avlynn commented.

“We shouldn’t have to hide who we are,” Fen growled.

“Yeah and all vampires should be toast. Some things just don’t change, Fen.” Avlynn pointed out.

“Speaking of the leeches, I thought I smelt one of the undead’s stench outside.” Fen commented and a gleam of the predator within shone in his eyes.

Avlynn couldn’t help but respond in kind, “Really? I didn’t think they bothered much with Marley’s Point.”

“Could be an exile or they might be looking to extend their territory,” Fen pointed out.

“So you’ve come hunting? Did you come alone?” Avlynn asked and waited with baited breath.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Ronsom stood atop the roof across from Hard Luck, it was late. And now Santiago arrives.
"It's good to see you Ronsom." He turned to Santiago behind him. The slightly younger vampire carried a small knife with a curved blade, claw-like, a karambit.
He hoped that wasn't the only thing he was carrying tonight.
"Yes well, the sooner this is over, the sooner we part." Ronsom moved to the edge once more, and jumped to the alleyway below.
Iago not far behind, they hopped into the parked jeep. Iago would be the driver. Ronsom looked to the back seat, a small hard case was placed on the floor. He didn't think too much about it.
They pulled out and headed down the road.
"You look sick."
Iago changed over to the left lane.
"I eat enough..." Ronsom rested his head against the widow.
"Don't have to worry about you do I?"
Iago turned the radio down.
"I eat enough. Just drive."
And the job, the musuem would be closed. Easy money-maker.
Then a light dinner and bed.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

"No.  Ian came as well."

That drew a response.  She always had a soft spot for him.  Ian was quite infatuated with her a long while ago.  Fen suspected he still harbored feelings but he wasn't sure about her.  Probably found some human to replace him.  The thought made him cringe. 

"He's outside?"

"He's taking point watching for any of these unsavouries."

"I see."  She stared outside the front door looking around.  Fen slid out of the booth.

"Well we should be getting leaving now.  I'm slightly hungry."  He grinned wolfishly but the smile quickly disappeared.  He lowered his voice and addressed her.

"But really it was uh nice seeing you.  As much as I hate you living with these humans, I came because I missed it.  I miss those days were we were young and feral.  If not for the pack leader then for me and Ian.  Ian and I are drifting apart.  And I ain't the best with relationships.  You were the one that held us together."  Fen didn't really want to pull this out but he had specific orders.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Avlynn was a little surprised to know that Ian was with Fen. The pair had numerous disagreements when she’d still been part of the pack. She could well believe that what Fen said was true, but then Fen was never a very good liar. She didn’t point out the fact.

She wasn’t ready to go back to the pack, she liked the freedom of her new life too much. However if Fen was telling a partial truth she was going to try and extend the olive branch. “How about you, me and Ian meet up for dinner and have a bit of a catch up?”

Fen wrinkled his nose in disgust, “In a human restaurant? I’d rather swallow razor blades.”

“Drama queen,” Avlynn teased.

Fen sneered, “At least I don’t deny my nature.”

“So you admit you’re a drama queen?” Avlynn said ignoring his pointed comment.

“You know that’s not what I meant,” Fen said as he lifted his glass and drained it. “Now if you’re not going to come back to the pack, then I’m outta here.”

Avlynn found herself standing as Fen went to leave. There was no point in her staying at the Hard Luck so she followed him out. As Fen said, Ian was standing outside and seemed a little jumpy at seeing her. “Hi Ian,” she said in greeting.

Ian smiled quickly in response but looked rather uncomfortable, “Hi Avlynn, so are you coming back?”

Avlynn shook her head, “Not at this point in time.”

It was then that all three werewolves caught the scent of vampires.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

((Hmm.  Not sure I was going to transform into a wolf now.  And judging from the first RPG we do in fact have control as wolves.))

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

ok ill do it again but differently?
read it then tell me

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

((Well generally once your character has left somewhere you aren't really aware of what's going with other characters.  You don't want to take too many liberties writing for others.  For instance.  I'm not sure my character would take too kindly too being held onto the collar.  He'd probably do more than struggle and give up trying to get out.  And I'm not sure Avlynn would hold us back.  She might have even hunted with us.  I don't know.  Other than that you're doing good.))

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

ok man... i don't know. can you right it? cause generally i don't know what to do, ill delete and stuff but im stumped. but isn't Avlynn trying to hide her powers whatever ill try again

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

The Hard Luck was a popular den for wolves. No doubt they'd been ordered to meet there just to catch their interest. His mind worked on a couple of dimensions. He only knew the tavern was a dive for wolves, and he knew he was being paid to steal an amulet. Anything else, plots and politics were over his head. He had trouble bothering.
Ronsom was task oriented. Santiago didn't care either way, with the two of them so distant from the other blood-suckers.
"Are we being followed?" Iago glanced to the little hard case.
"Who's to say...turn at the light."
They turned in. They pulled up, got out. Iago opened the case, left it behind.
It was an autorevolver, Ronsom guessed it took a .454 casull, medium-large game rounds.
"You only have to pull the hammer once." And of course, they'd be after large game eventually.
The musuem was closed.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Name: Daniel Fortesque (Youngest son of the Fortesque family)
Species:Human (Slayer)
Age: 29
Weapons: Nasher,a large ornate two handed sword (Silver inlaid blade naturally) strapped to his back. A Desert Eagle on a holster on his chest, that machine gun in the picture and other minor slayer devices.
Personality: Dan is usually very untrusting and bitter after the loss of his father, but his newfound relationship with his older brother has made him more accepting. He has been in all kinds of military organizations, and is now following his family history by being inducted into the Silver Knights.


Daniel Fortesque stood within the war room of Crispin's coven, a very unsettling position for him. He had just been inducted into the Silver Knights of St.Michael, so he hadn't gone on any serious raids yet. However he had been on several skirmishes and knew that werewolves did not toy with slayers.

He was here on the good graces of his older half-brother, Nathaniel Fortesque, who was now bringing up a map of Marley's Point on a table read out in front of them. The room's only light was a blue hue ascending from the read out, casting an odd, dim glow through out the area. The whole underground coven had an eerie feeling that Dan expected, but did not feel comfortable with none-the-less. The unfriendly glances from other werewolves were also adding to this.

"Alright here's the museum, you cant miss it really. Its near the center of town next to the town hall building, who's architecture is unmistakable. Once you're in, navigate to the amulet's display and read the Relisiance Sphere scroll so the spell will be cast on it, cutting off all possible magic connection to it." Nathaniel said, pointing at the rectangle on the read  out.

"How will it create the sphere around the amulet's display and not something else near me? They really should have sent one of the priests or clerics to do this." Dan said shifting his feet and leaning onto the read out table, emerging his face into the blue light.

"The scroll is formatted for the amulet. The Knights do this every time the amulet is moved so the wraith or lich or whoever is connected to it cant use it for manipulation. Marley's Point hasn't been scouted or even researched, so we dont know what can be waiting for you there. But be aware of any cult members trying to resurrect the vampire lord connected with that amulet. Those cults are always a pain in the ***."

"Alright... and when im done?"

"Come back here and i'll get in touch with HQ to see if they have anything else for you to do. Leave now so you get there before morning. Its close so you can take your bike."

"...can I take Nasher?" Dan said with a smirk.

"What? No. Wait, what? Nasher? What do you know about sword play? You'd cut your own leg off!" Nathaniel said walking out of the room. Dan quickly followed him, he would need to work him over to allow him to use the slayer sword.

"I've been training with Dalton at HQ with two handed weapons. You said yourself earlier that this would be a cake mission. Nothing would happen!"

"...Nothing better happen to it. It IS a quick mission after all. Ok, but i swear if you lose it, its your head."

"Perfect! Its already packed with my things..." Dan said and ran off, leaving Nathaniel in disbelief.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Name: Lev 'Jimbo' Pliskin
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 26
Affiliation: Silver Knights of St.Michael
Appearance: 6', average build, short blonde hair, silver-grey eyes rimmed with black. Wears mid-calf length brown leather trenchcoat with matching buckled bracers and gloves, white long sleeved button-up shirt with dark grey period wool vest and pants, knee high brown leather period cowboy boots with spurs, brown bandolier-style gunbelt across chest.

Smith & Wesson Model 29 .44 Magnum … odel29.jpg

Pfeifer-Zeliska .600 Nitro Express Revolver … 1230200409

Personality: Random at best, usually a nice guy. Lev is obsessed with old western-styled clothing and is often considered weird or just plain crazy by most.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

*Okay guys hopefully this sorts things out for you...*

The moon would be full within three days, so all three wolves had the ability to transform at will. Had they been adolescents such an ability would not have been controllable. But the area was too exposed for the transformation and frankly Avlynn didn’t really want to strip out of her clothes in public for the change.

Both Fen and Ian seemed eager for the hunt. It was werewolf nature to hate the vampires. Fen growled in the back of his throat, “I think it’s time to make some of the undead fully dead.”

Ian smiled, “Sounds good but we’re a little out in the open here.”

Fen rubbed his chin, “Bloody typical.”

Avlynn stepped back, “You guys should check it out.”

“You could come with us,” Ian suggested and quickly looked at the pavement.

Avlynn considered it for a moment, chances were she’d get caught doing something very un-human if she continued on with Fen and Ian. “Nah, but thanks for the offer.”

“Wuss,” Fen said challenging.

Avlynn was about to respond when her phone rang.

“Saved by the bell,” Fen sneered.

Avlynn glowered at him but answered. It was Julian, “I wouldn’t ring you accept I’m desperate. One of the museum co-ordinators is sick and I haven’t been able to contact anyone else. Can you come back and help set up the new exhibit?”

It wasn’t really a request, Avlynn could tell by the tone, “Sure Julian, I’ll be right over.” She hung up the phone and turned to the guys, “Sorry duty calls.”

Fen snorted, “No a pathetic human does, go we don’t need you anyway.”

Avlynn shrugged, “Fine, I’ll see you in another 20 odd years then.”


Ansgar was still repeating the chant, his mind was reaching out with the limited abilities his current state allowed him. The Amulet of Delkath was contained, it seemed it was being transported but the environment was so foreign to Ansgar that he could not be sure.

The main thing he wanted to know was that there were people around the Amulet of Delkath. Humans were pathetically weak and easy to manipulate. Now all he had to do was wait for one of the fools to pick up the amulet...

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Name: Emeline Tulloch
Species: Regular vampire
Sex: Female
Age: 204
Weapon: Belgian Crossbow Pistol
Personality: Emeline has been on her own for a long time.  In general she doesn’t associate with other vampires unless she has to. She is very self assured and exudes confidence. But her existence is a lonely one.
History: Emeline was protégé to Aldrick. Her aging master trained her to be a guardian for the Amulet of Delkath. She travels where ever the amulet goes, her mission is to stop it getting into the wrong hands and reawakening the vampire mage.


Night had finally come and Emeline was immediately in her black Lotus Elise. She knew where the Amulet of Delkath was going but had run out of night to pursue it all the way to Marley’s Point. She had a good hour’s drive ahead of her, but then Emeline never kept to the speed limit.

As luck would have it, thirty five minutes into the trip a black and white flashed its lights and blared its sirens. Emeline didn’t have time for Police, she had nothing against them but she really didn’t have time for a lecture on how she should be driving. She was undead, her senses were far superior to a human and her reaction times had saved her from any potential accidents. However humans didn’t believe that vampires were real, so the truth wouldn’t get her out of a ticket.

Instead she put her foot down hard on the accelerator and smiled as the small sports car leapt forward like a cheetah chasing its prey. The Police took some time to catch up but by then Emeline had found some traffic to dodge and weave through. The sirens continued to wail and Emeline watched as her destination grew closer.

Marley’s Point turn off was looming, she didn’t hesitate in taking the exit. The Police followed. Emeline wasn’t familiar with Marley’s Point but she’d taken the opportunity to study the street layout before arriving, she had some idea as to possible escape routes and immediately made for a string of alleyways that interconnected in the most confusing ways.

She found a small shopping centre with an underground car park and quickly parked her Lotus in the most populated spot. Quickly she emerged from the car, locked it and made her way up the ramp way and into the shopping centre.

She often dressed in fairly formal attire, mainly to remind her of the time she’d come from, but now with the tracking of the amulet she had dressed for the occasion. She wore a pair of bootleg navy jeans, an emerald green t-shirt and a black knitted cardigan. She blended perfectly well with the shoppers and quickly exited the mall.

Emeline found the street highly lit and decided to find the more seedy part of town. Her hackles rose as she sensed other supernatural creatures, it wasn’t surprising as Emeline knew a local werewolf pack had set up house in the area. She just hadn’t expected to come across them so quickly.

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Name: Marus Bronson
Species: Regular Vampire
Sex: Male
Age: 212
Weapon: Modified Beretta 92FS
History: Marus joined an order of werewolf hunting (and if needed, vampires as well) vampires about five years after he was bitten, approximately at the age of 32. After leaving the order some forty years later, Marus traveled the world to look for a covenant or order that would take him in. His current search has led him to Marley's Point, through internet searches in the local country.

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Fen an Ian headed out the door.  Fen shoved his hands in his pockets and began walking towards the forest that existed just outside of town in the direction of the pack.  Ian sniffed the air behind him.

"Come on Fen.  Can't you smell them?  The air reeks of their stench.  They're so close."

Fen almost didn't want to because then he knew a bloodlust would enter him.

"But the pack leader ordered us to come back as soon..."

"What's with you these days?  Ever since Avlynn left you haven't been any fun.  All work and no play.  What say we relive some of our youth.  Nothing but us and some vamp scum."

Fen turned and experimentally sniffed the air.  The scent of undeath was heavy in the air.  Quite close in fact.  The beast in him was howling but he managed to keep in control.  When he tried to speak his mouth was dry.

"I ah... I think that would be good.  But I don't want to change jut yet.  These are new clothes and I don't want them shredded too much."  Fen smiled wickedly and headed off in the direction of the scent.  He stopped and looked back to Ian.

"You coming or what?"

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As Avlynn arrived at the museum she saw two burly men moving a number of articles around in the museum’s back dock. “Hi Dwight, hi Rodney,” she greeted them.

Julian quickly emerged, “Forget the moron twins, we’ve got to start setting up.”

Rodney looked up, “We’re not related.”

Avlynn cracked up laughing. Julian glared and marched on with his clip board. “We need the new display set up in the East Wing.”

Tailing along Julian started with the small group with the set up. As the boxes were dropped off Avlynn felt an odd sensation, as if they were being watched.

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"Sixty years. First really publicized criminal ever to walk through these doors, and first to come in during my career as a guard here. I swear they were all cheering for him. Every last one of them. All the thieves and murderers, rapists, cop-killers, everyone. They worshiped him. Most of them are out on parole now, some others got killed. Couple of them are still here. And their cheering again, you know why Samson?"

"No sir"

"Their cheering because that bastard Drogan is getting out today. And I swear to God, he hasnt aged more then a year."

*Please allow me to introduce myself*

They were cheering, the same as they had sixty years ago, all of them. The guards were scowling, the two escorting him through the cell block looked straight on, their faces blank, but he knew they were angry, he knew they were afraid. Drogan could smell their fear. Closing in on the gate that so many had only passed through once he looked up, into where the wardens office was. He could see the old man's scowl as Drogan made his way to freedom. The Warden was, or had been, one of the Silver Knights

  As he walked the chains around his wrists and ankles clinked, ten more steps until these guards, who he knew for a fact had still been in diapers while he was killing and stealing from men who were stronger and smarter then they ever would be, could take these chains off. He passed the threshold, a door slammed shut behind him.

Guard number one bent to remove the ankle-cuffs, while Guard number two did the same with he handcuffs. "Approach the counter, dirtbag." Guard one grunted.

Drogan grinned at him, and stepped forward. The clerk at the counter wordlessly pulled a bin from beneath his side, and placed it on the counter. Drogan took the bin, marked with his name and his prisoner number and set it on a bench which sat on the right side of the room. He pulled the garments out, inspecting each of them. They were in perfect condition, the same as they were when he was put into this building. He removed the orange prison issue jumpsuit, the same thing he had worn every day for the past sixty years, and began to dress in what had been his usual fashion. The pants, shirt, tie, waistcoat, coat, though he refrained from putting on his overcoat, on the grounds that it was quite warm. That being done he looked to the bench once again, and noticed something wasnt there. He turned to the clerk.

"You forgot something. Wheres my hat?"

The clerk looked up sharply from the newspaper he was leafing through, and then quickly looked under his counter again, he came back up a moment later, and handed a a black fedora to Drogan, wordlessly as always. Drogan grinned putting on his hat. "Thank you."

Outside was beautiful, even more so because of how long it had been since he had seen it without being behind a fence. He had crossed the threshold, There was a single walkway, leading out the open gates. And at the end, were his people, in the same 1940 Standard Tudor. Jonah riding shotgun, dressed differently then he had last seen him , but mostly unchanged like himself. Roland was behind the wheel. and Michelle was in the back, behind the drivers seat. Drogan climbed in, and picked up the deck of cards which had been on the seat, waiting for him.

"Where to, boss?" That was Roland.

"Im sure things are a little different, what do you think?"

"Marley's Point, not that far from here."

"Is there a coven?"

"Yeah I think so, im not sure how many strong."

"Hmm, do you think they could be a problem?"

"Never know for sure boss, but we can try to steer clear of them and if need be we can make things messy."

"Ok, lets get out of here before the warden decides to have his snipers do a little target practice."

And so the engine started, and Drogan left Murk Valley Correctional Facility behind him.

Name:Walter Drogan.
Age:230, appears to be about 28
Species: Vampire, regular
Weapon:Thompson Submachine gun, 45 caliber revolver. Large knife.

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(Dan's riding this … rcycle.jpg )

Dan sped through the night, flying on the highways to reach Marley's point as quickly as possible. Soon, he saw the dark skyscrapers of the downtown area looming in the moonlit distance. With magic scroll safely tucked into a sealed pocket, Dan entered the city of Marley's Point, unaware of the adventure that awaited ahead.


The museum looked like any other, except it had banners announcing the new additions. It was sandwiched between other tall buildings, reminding Dan of New York. Although unlike New York, the streets were completely barren at night. This told Dan of the obvious undead activity. Or something more sinister he was unaware of.... but he put his money on vamps.

Speeding away from the museum, he parked his bike some ways away, so it wasn't obvious. He lifted a black duffle bag that was secured behind him and held it by the two overlapping handles. Proceeding to the back of the museum with his bag containing his machine gun and infiltration equipment, Dan shifted Nasher on his back and strode quickly into a dark, smokey alleyway leading to the museums rear loading dock.


Pale fingers extending from a dark leather gauntlet slowly turned the page of a decrepid tome that rested upon a large, antique desk. From a lone, nearly finished candle flowed an soft orange light that lit the strange runes upon the pages, and not much else. It was all that was required.

"Ah..." muttered the dark robed figure in a raspy voice that was nearly serpentine like. It had found the incantation it had been searching for. The pale hand rose and began to trace a myriad of runes in the air. They began to form in fiery lines that burned more fiercely each time they were passed over. It began the incantation, which sounded like a low mumble, yet in his concealed helmet could be heard clearly.

Upon completing the spell, the fiery runes flared one last time and then twisted and flew into the figures mind. The location of the Amulet of Delkath became known to it immediatly. With a snap of its pale, bony fingers, a six foot burst of green fire erupted in front of his desk, and a minion appeared. … -hires.jpg

"What do you require, my master..." The minion said in a deep, gutteral voice that did not sound human.

"The amulet's location has finally become known to me. Several of you must go to its location and see to it that the Silver Knights of St.Michael do not sever my, or our Lord's connection with the amulet again. They must not interfere this time." The dark figure said with finality. The location became instantly known to the minion.

"It shall be done." The minion said and bowed. In another flash of green fire, it disappeared.

The dark figure at the desk closed the ancient tome, where the symbol of Ansgar adorned the cover. Stroking it gently, the figure uttered a final phrase for the night:

"Soon, you will return my lord, and all the land will have the eternal darkness it so deserves. Death shall reign supreme, and none will escape their doom..." The candle's wick finally ended, and the small flame was consumed by the darkness.


Name: Mar Alom
Species: Unknown
Sex: Unknown
Affiliation: Ansgar the Destroyer
Weapons: An ancient, magic tome that harbors his most devastating spells. The rest he knows by heart. (scratch that, memory. He has no heart)
History: Mar Alom is Ansgar's eternal servant, and his apprentice. He appears to have human hands, yet only Ansgar really knows who or what he is. He is very well endowed with magic ability, and requires no use of melee weapons or attacks. He seeks to become a lich, yet Ansgar never gave him the knowledge to do so out of fear. Out of respect and admiration for his master's power and ambition, Mar still serves him.


Dan put his back to the wall and peered around the corner, to check the loading dock. There was a solitary back light, but no movement. He did not want to be seen by anyone.

*Poof!    Poof! Poof! Poof!*

Dan looked back into the fog of the alley just in time to see the last three bursts of green fire within the mist. Four looming figures approached and Dan wheeled around, dropping the bag. He leveled his Desert Eagle at the figures as they lurched forward into view.

Sickly green light emanated from their hideous faces, and their purple robes looked near rotted. They weren't vamps, and they weren't werewolves, which were the only enemies supposed to be in this area, so Dan took pause. What resulted was the four creatures and Dan staring at each other in the dark alley, the only sound being their rumbling breathing.

"...Identify yourselves." Dan said, not lowering his heavy pistol.

"We answer only to our master. Do you serve the Silver Knight of St.Michael?" One of the creatures responded in a deep gutteral voice. Dan though for a moment...they hadn't attacked him, or raised any weapons in response to his hostility...

"...Yes? Daniel Fortesque, I've only been-"


Dan was hit in the chest by some swirl of green and red light and was sent flying into the back area of the museum. He tumbled to a stop and coughed hard a few times as he rose and leveled his pistol. One of the creatures was already finishing casting another spell, and upon completiong, a dim purple wall of light was erected in front of the creatures.

Dan let loose a volley of bullets, which fizzled away into non existence upon hitting the purple wall of light. Dan had learned about these, Missle Protection spells. He holstered the Desert Eagle and pulled out Nasher, aware of its enchanted properties.

The other three creatures began launching bolts of pink light that fly towards Dan while the fourth maintained the wall. Dan used Nasher defensively and parried the bolts away from him off the blade, filling the dark area with purple light. The magic missles collided with the floor and brick walls, dissolving a small portion with each hit.

The spells ended and Dan bolted forward, Nasher ready for more. The creatures began new incantations their hands swirling in the air, and their deep voices echoing in Dan's head eerily. With a warrior yell, Dan swung Nasher through the purple wall, which was only a protection from minor missles, and cleaved the creature holding up the spell in twine.

*SCREEEEeeeetch!* *fizzle*

The two body parts burned away in green fire before they hit the ground and the purple wall fell. In the same motion as the swing, Dan thrust Nasher deep into another close creature who couldn't finish his spell. Green light erupted from the large wound, and the creature let loose its screetch that didnt match its deep voice as it burned away.

The third creature finished its spell, and the same green and red swirl that knocked Dan on his *** burst forth. He reflected it, knocking him back a little, but sending it into the creature who casted it, who smashed into the wall and burned away before it had a chance to scream.

The last creature finished its spell, and a blackness Dan had never dreamed of encompassed his sight. He was blind.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" *WHOOoosh clang!  WHOOoosh clang!* Dan screamed in fury and swung Nasher back and forth, hitting the alley walls. He heard the creature lunge forward, and a kick to his chest knocked him 5 feet and onto the floor.

Hearing another chant begin, Dan withdrew his gun with his free hand and aimed towards the unnatural sound.






-click click click click*

The chanting stopped. All that was heard was Dan's heavy panting. He regained his breath, and then holstered both his gun and Nasher as he shakily stood up rubbing his eyes. He moved his head around as if to check his surroundings. Those looking at his eyes would see them completely black.

"Crap........I'm blind."

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