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When me and jumpy mcgee were taalking in the chat room, we came up with a wild idea to do an RPG in chat, maybe under Role-Playing. Do you think thats a good idea to do?

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Here is a basic idea of how we could do it:
Everybody has a total of 10 points. With these points, you get certain traits. Here is a table of traits you can get:

                    ATK     DEF     DMG     HP
4pts  A         4          4           4         8
3pts  B         3          3           3         6
2pts  C         2          2           2         4
1pt   D          1          1           1         2

ATK – amount of dice roled (1d6)  to attack 
DEF – amount of dice roled to avoid attacks
DMG – the amount of HP you take away from your target when you role a succesfull attack
HP  - amount of DMG you can take before dying

If the total attack beats the total defense, the the target of the attack loses the amount of DMG points the attacker has from the target’s HP points.

If the ATK and DEF role tie, the ATK wins


ATK - 4
DEF - 2
DMG - 3
HP - 2

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After the chat was updated Valthonin noted that we could do one of those table top rpg type things, as there is a dice roll system, so if you find something like that then you could do what you were talking about

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that dice roll system is confusing as butter, because you can roll anything.

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Well the dice leave it to chance. And is fair and equal to all. You can't get some of the sillier people joining in with super invincibility and having all the weapons. It makes for more balanced play.

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so something like this for the character?
accept for you know the coolness thing but the rest i think is all ok

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That guy's stats looks more like

But anyway, this sounds cool. It would take some work though

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