Topic: Operation Ward 57 Charity Obi-Wan Kenobi Challenge Coin Medallion

One of the guys from "The Star Wars Madroom," a Star Wars Collector's group on Yahoo Groups, posted this today.  I thought that some of you on here might be interested in this.  I don't know if any of you know about the tradition of challenge coins in the military, but the Pennsylvania Star Wars Collector's Society got permission from Lucasfilm to make one with Obi-Wan Kenobi in his Clone Wars armor on it.  The proceeds from this will go to help with the Operation Ward 57 at Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC) in Washington DC.  This ward is the first stop for many of America's returning wounded service members from Iraq and Afghanistan.  Known as "the amputee ward," the orthopedic Ward 57 at WRAMC houses some of the most severely injured patients for weeks or even months. The painful sacrifice of losing one or more limbs is the new battle these service members and their families now fight.

I figured I'd stick the link for this on some of the online groups I belong to in case anyone was interested in this charity or if they just like to collect Star Wars stuff and would like to get one of these medallions and still donate.  It's definitely for a good cause.  Being in the military, I though it was pretty cool that Lucasfilm gave them permission for a challenge coin.  Being a Star Wars fan, as well, just makes it all the more fun.  I know they've been pretty cool with helping out alot of charities over the years.  The most recent probably being the R2-KT pink astromech droid figure supporting Make-a Wish of San Diego with a $100,000 donation in Katie Johnson's memory to the Make-a-Wish foundations of San Diego and South Carolina.

If anyone is interested in one of these challenge coins, here is the link where you can purchase them.  Enjoy.

Info on the history of the miltary "challenge coin."

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