Topic: RSS Feeds

So on my home computer I use firefox and I have the RSS feed for active topics here.  But on my laptop with Internet ExplorerI always get this message. 

Internet Explorer cannot display this feed

Internet Explorer does not support feeds with DTDs.

Is that a fixable problem?  I find them quite useful.  Especially if you are watching a specific topic and don't want constant emails saying someone has posted.  So as to create a topic and some meaningful discussion, do any other members use the RSS feeds?  Why or why not?  Did you not even know about them until this post?

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Re: RSS Feeds

Sev, do you have IE pointing to either of these URLs:

Feedburner, owned by Google, which manages our feeds and feed subscribers, changed their URL recently (note the "2" above), which may be the issue.

Thanks for starting this topic!