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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

Stealing a Z-95 Headhunter on Ryloth and pursuing the Morbis Ferre to god-knows-where was not exactly what you could call the man's style. And when it came down to style, the youthful bounty hunter had plenty of it. Or at least, he’d like to think so.

He peered through his electrobinoculars staright into the masked visor of the Ubese bounty hunter. The Twi’lek appeared to be having a conversation with the other two, but the man spying on them from a rooftop couldn’t make out what they were saying.

The human knew that out of all the amateurs who showed for the bounty, Arcuse and Sathik were probably the most likely to succeed. He’d weighed his options and decided with the big players out of the running, his best bet was to tag along with those two and the prince who was accompanying them. Frankly it all confused the man, who passerby had started referring to as The Masked One.

The Masked One knew the Ubese warrior and the plagued hunter by reputation, but he had only seen the blue-skinned Twi’lek looking lost and doubtful a few moments ago during the briefing.

“Must be the princess’ squeeze looking to be a knight in shining armor.” he conclusively muttered under his breath.

The hunter hopped off the building he was posted on and down onto the Headhunter he had claimed. Hurriedly he pulled on a dark red cloak over his jumpsuit, not his usual color, but a nice match to the wrappings around his mouth, nose, and crown. His dark eyes were his only visible facial feature. Black hair poked through the wrappings and messily dressed down the sides of his head. He strapped his modified blaster to his hip and made sure all his other equipment was safely stored in the folds of his cloak.

Satisfied, he seated himself in the cockpit and strapped himself in. The others had already boarded and The Masked One was anxious to take-off. Not only was he about to follow a rival’s ship (he was sure there was something in the Bounty Hunter’s Code against that), but the fighter he was currently sitting in most likely belonged to another hunter. The last thing he needed was another hotheaded Rodian on his ***.

He squinted into the sun-drenched Ryloth sky. And… yes, there it was, a Skipray Blastboat soaring away into the planet’s atmosphere. The Masked One gave it a second, maybe two, before following them. Honestly, he was surprised Arcuse hadn’t already spotted the little tracking device he’d placed on the Morbis Ferre’s hull. Unless his fellow hunters were attempting to draw him out, The Masked One wouldn’t put it past them.

It was hardly piloting once they were out of Ryloth’s system. He just sat back and, being careful to stay out of range of their sensor array, let the device match the larger ship’s coordinates. The reason for the shadiness and the disguise was just a precaution for the job-at-hand. The Masked One had dealt with the Hutts before, and it never ended well. That’s not to say that the bounty didn’t pay-off, but the situation itself never ended well. It was best to go in without an identity to avoid any further complications. In the criminal underworld of the Hutt empire, you could never be sure who you’d run into.

Besides the cloak made him feel so damn cool.


Despite the ease of his travels, The Masked One felt relieved when they finally entered Nal Hutta’s atmosphere. He wasn’t used to the cramped controls of the one-man fighter and it was awful lonely without even an astromech droid to check diagnostics with. After the Morbis Ferre made its landing, he circled the ship a few times before landing in a public hangar one street over.

He rushed over to Kubba’s Palace after the trio. He almost lost sight of them in the crowd due to the Twi’lek’s new look.

Great minds think alike, The Masked One thought noting the facial tattoos appreciatively.

He snuck around the back of the cantina to settle into a chair near the rear, just within earshot of Arcuse and the force-sensitive informant. The hunter needn’t have worried, the three were so occupied with avoiding falling under the girl’s spell, they didn’t even notice him come in. The human was oddly familiar though. Curious, he leaned closer, she almost resembled—

He grabbed a hold of himself and shook it off. He regained self-awareness just in time to hear what he needed to know about the party. The Masked One gave a satisfied smirk. Parties, there was no better place he blended in.

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As the droid waiter, a battered green protocol unit speckled with rust, tucked Kane's credit chips within an apron and pattered away, HUN reached his left arm into his bloodstained trenchcoat.  Kane tensed...but it was only the grey translation box, which the entity placed upon the table and began punching in characters.

"Listen closely..." the device crackled.  "I know you're wondering----why we are here." 

among other things...  "I'm assuming...we're meeting a contact of some kind?" Kane replied, his head still aching from the cold Tonjin.  HUN leaned in over the table, and Kane suddenly noticed...the faint blue eyes beneath the wide-brimmed hat...droid photoreceptors, he couldn't be sure.  HUN lowered the volume on the translator, and Kane found himself leaning in to hear the whispered response.

"Entities Arcuse and Sathik---perhaps our only real competitors---plan to try out for security positions in the upcoming Gherilijic gala---a fortitious opportunity to ensure that---our competition---is removed."

Kane risked a quick look beyond HUN, at the two bounty hunters still conversing with the woman...Kane blinked...something was strange about that woman...

"DON'T look at the Forcer."  The device crackled.  "She will---pry apart your mind---keep your eyes away."

Kane shook the feeling away, still dizzy from the strong drink...

"This try-out----convenes soon, so I suggest---you not consume any further alchoholic beverages."  HUN typed rapidly.  "I myself---will ensure their---unfortunate demise.  You job is simple---return to the ship, inform your comrades of the situation---I need at least three of you on that security detail.  Not you---there is another task you must perform, in---good time."

"Wait..."  Kane whispered under his breath.  "You're going to kill Arcuse and Sathlik?  They're two of the deadliest hunters in Hutt Space...krif, you look intimidating, but can you actually do it?"

"We will see."  HUN stood up from the table as a red-cloaked humanoid passed by, heading for the exit.  The entity followed him out the swinging doors and into the dark streets of Sadask'ha.  Kane sat at the table for another minute, thoughts rushing through his head... am I going to listen to this guy?...

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Kar'bil had made sure to keep his eyes averted after his first encounter with the Force-sensitive woman. He felt truly inexperienced and knew that Arcuse and Sathik were likely to think him as nothing but a liability. Never the less, Kar'bil planned to hold up his end if need be.

He didn't really understand the conversation Arcuse had been having with the woman, but he decided perhaps the less he knew the better. Kar'bil viewed those surrounding him with an inconspicuous eye. Most beings had a sleasy edge to them, though Kar'bil had spent a lot of time with varying people, he found himself rather uncomfortable however he made sure he looked the picture of relaxtion.

"Are we boring you?" Sathik asked as he adjusted his mask.

"No, just checking out the locals." Kar'bil said mildly as his eye found something interesting.

Four robed figures stood together talking. Their brown robes were well kept, there posture that of the self confident and as one of them turned Kar'bil saw the familiar gilt of a lightsabre handle. "Looks like that woman's not the only Force-sensitive around here."

Arcuse didn't bother turning his visored visage, instead he looked into the reflection off his glass and saw the robed figures.

Sathik grinned, "Wouldn't it be nice if one of them was Heri."

Arcuse shook his head. "The likelyhood of that is slim to none."

"Who's Heri?" Kar'bil asked.

"A Jedi we actually respect." Sathik grinned.

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

(Photoshopped quick sketch of HUN again...lame, yes, but I draw too fast.)


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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

The Masked One was making his exit from Kubba’s Palace now. The large… something in a bloody trench coat was close at his heels. As he hurried past a whispering Arcuse, a snippet of their conversation caught his ear causing him to whip around.

There were indeed four cloaked figures huddled together. The Masked One doubted that Taldon was among them like Sathik had suggested, but jedi on this planet still made for trouble.

“Hey! You got a problem friend?” The Masked One suddenly remarked fiercely turning to face the ominous being behind him. He cursed his own rashness later; he’d just unintentionally brought every eye in the room onto the entity and himself.

The lofty individual made no reply. There was a moment of silence as The Masked One stared defiantly upwards into those unblinking droid eyes. His adversary’s hand never even went to the coat where the hunter could see the slight bulge of a very large weapon.

One of the brown-robed jedi was between them in an instant. “Settle down gents,” he negotiated calmly. “We don’t want any trouble here.”

“Yeah?” answered The Masked One. “Well I do.” Without any change in facial expression, his fingers twitched towards the handle on his blaster.

A second later, a metallic arm had swung forcefully into his chest sending him flying into the back wall. The other appendage had drawn out the slugthrower and was holding it high. There was a sudden hiss of lightsabers being ignited and even more clicks of guns being drawn. Tables were thrown down to make barriers as the occupants of the room recognized the one moment before all hell breaks loose.

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Kane kept his seat, popping a shell into the 05. Picking up the loose credit chips on the table from the mask figure that'd fallen out of his pocket and dropping them into a pouch in his jacket. Calmly stretching as he stood up, firing into a lightsaber. The blade sparking before the energy output burst something inside. The last of those shells he had, the rest were either stunners or weak. He wasn't about to waste two shots on another lightsaber.

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

HUN turned the slugthrower away from the Masked One to face the Jedi, all four of them brandishing their lightsabers...save for one, whos blade had been deactivated somehow by a timely assist from Kane's 05.  The Masked One lifted himself off the floor, grabbed his blaster, and took cover behind a nearby column support. 

"Everyone...put your weapons down." said the lead Jedi, a grizzled human with a violet blade, with a wave of the hand. 

Several weak-minded individuals in the back who had taken up their holstered weapons slowly returned to their seats, obeying the Persuasive command.  Kane and HUN stood their ground, weapons trained on the Jedi.

HUN's translator crackled.  "Let he---who would offend me---beware."

The older Jedi smiled remorsefully, and held his blade in a fighting stance. 

HUN fired the slugthrower.  The Jedi quickly moved to intercept the projectile, and made his fatal mistake...assuming the blade would deflect the round, failing to realize the signifigance of striking a bullet motivated purely by kinetic energy...much less a bullet with an explosive core. 
The round exploded against the violet lightsaber, the force nearly wrenching the blade from the Jedi's hands.  Enough though to put him off-guard in his suprise, the milisecond that HUN needed to send the second projectile into it's target...squarely in his undefended chest, blowing him apart from the inside.

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Of all the people to get into a fight with, a slugthrower and a sheller. Kane almost grimaced in pity for them.
Slugthrowers were one thing, but, what little he understood of the carbine he carried they'd been specially designed to fight droids and Jedi. Overpowering electrical devices. And he was out of the good shells for it too. What little good it would do for him now.
And then, he loaded another one. Aiming thusly past a Jedi's head the impacting energy blast going off in his eyes. Not worried much for HUN he continued on, beating his way through the swarm. Trying his best to avoid problems like Arcuse and Sathik. This whole job was beginning to be a pain in the *** as it was. (sorry bout that)

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

HUN leaned backwards unnaturally far to avoid the swinging blade of a female Jedi, swinging to the side to avoid a blaster bolt from the back of the room, and spun upwards with a roundabout kick aimed for the Jedi's face.  She dodged skillfully, flipping backwards onto her hands and regrouping with the only surviving Jedi, sans his lightsaber and dripping with sweat. 

The rest of Kubba's Palace was a storm of blasterfire, as the inebriated inhabitants used the excuse to attack rival gang members, or just to defend themselves...a security team of Gamorreans burst through a nearby doorway, brandishing long vibro-axes and bellowing a war cry.  They charged towards HUN, bracing to cleave him in two.

Miliseconds before the blade would have torn into his shadowed face, HUN leaped over the lead Gamorrean's shoulder, aimed the slugthrower at the top of his head in mid-jump, and pulled the trigger, blowing apart the pig-warriors skull. 
A brutal pistol whip intercepted the face of another as HUN landed, his jaw stretching unnaturally for one terrible second before being lifted off his feet and sent flying into a column.  A third warrior was dispatched quickly as HUN backflipped onto his hands to avoid a sweeping vibro-axe, wrapped his long legs around the creatures neck, twisted in a horrible crack and sent him flying backwards into the smoking corpse of the first. 

The surviving Jedi were preoccupied now with defending themselves, and cornered behind the bar counter, the female Jedi aggresively deflecting intercepted shots towards HUN.   
The entity stood his ground, moving only slightly to avoid the projectiles that left burn holes across his trenchcoat.  He sheathed the slugthrower quickly within his trenchcoat, and pulled back his trenchcoat to unholster twin N'Ghant carbines at his sides. 

Those that would survive the night would remember the sight in a combination of terror and awe; as HUN-89 bore destruction in a whirling fury of heavy blasterfire....

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Kane hit the floor, crawling along under tables trying to get as much distance and protection from those blasters. Finally making it out, moving between HUN's legs into the fresh night air. Knocking other scum back that tried to get out the same way. Glad he'd joined the hulking figure in the first place, or he'd be the one splattered in blood all over the bar table top probably. Kane sighed, at least he wasn't against stealing money from the dead. There was a profit to be made. If anything was left in one piece at the end of this.

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Kar'bil was on his feet and with his blaster in his hand within seconds. The masked stranger had been flung across the room and suddenly the Jedi had joined in the battle.

Kar'bil noticed that a ratty looking Rodian was heading his way. Kar'bil took him out with a clean shot through the eye. He'd always prided himself on his marksmanship.

As Kar'bil turned and he took out a Trandoshan that had be closely following the Rodian. Again Kar'bil took him out with his refined shooting, with a shot through the forehead.

Looking up Kar'bil saw that only one Jedi remained out of the four, her hood had fallen back and he saw that she was human with short brown hair that fell to her jaw. She was young but clearly an adult and also very skilled with her lightsabre. She seemed to be assessing the fact that her companions were down and she was grossly outnumbered.

For some reason Kar'bil had a feeling that a Jedi on their side might just be a good thing, especially one as talented as she. At that moment the Jedi looked up and gazed at his face for only a second as if realising that he was thinking about her.

As her enemies closed in the female Jedi leapt upon a window awning, then upon the roof of a small shop. Kar'bil couldn't see her after that, but her enemies seemed unimpressed and ignored her. Instead they went to check if her companions were really dead.

Kar'bil noticed that Arcuse and Sathik were only a short distance away, clearly pleased to be involved in some meaningless violence.

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

(Heehee, here's another one. I screwed up the blasters and didn't have time to add bolts, but hey.)


HUN paused from his rampage long enough to observe the female Jedi Force-leap to safety on a nearby roof...as five more Gamorreans and a gang of Trandoshans burst through the swinging front doors, fanning out across the room, putting blaster bolts and vibroaxes into any unwary sentients skull.
Gherilijic enforcers Kane thought to himself, ducking quickly under an overturned table for cover.  looks like we've attracted some attention from the Hutts.

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

Kar'bil noticed that Arcuse and Sathik were heading to him very quickly.

"It's time to leave this party." Sathik informed as he nodded subtly to the new arrivals.

"Gherilijic Enforcers." Arcuse stated as he grabbed Kar'bil by the arm to get him moving.

Kar'bil didn't need any further prompting. The trio moved out of the area and into a bustling market place.

"I'm guessing that was Hutt muscle?" Kar'bil asked as Sathik and Arcuse slowed down a little.

"Bingo, the boys not totally brainless." Sathik smirked.

Kar'bil rolled his eyes and then noticed a brown robed figure. "Do you think that's the female Jedi?"

Arcuse turned to look but the figure had disappeared into the crowd. "Probably, let's not worry about her."

"She might be able to help us." Kar'bil said.

Arcuse shook his head. "She'll have moral issues with how we deal with those who get in our way."

"But you said there was one Jedi you respected." Kar'bil said.

"That wasn't her." Arcuse informed and moved them away to a small cantina.

"I think you're making a mistake." Kar'bil grumbled.

Sathik snorted. "We brought you along, I think we made our mistake."

Arcuse nodded as he led them into the Smoky Breeze Cantina. Kar'bil held back any further comment as he fumed silently.

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

The Masked One rolled under a table as quickly as he could, ignoring the pain in his chest. He peered out cautiously at the ongoing battle. He had to admit, that droid thing was certainly holding his own against the jedi.

He heard a rustle behind him and turned to see a particularly large Gamorrean trying to sneak up on him. There was a smoldering hole between the guard’s eyes less than a second later. The hand holding the DL-44 continued to move in a swift motion across the room taking down the bar’s more questionable-looking occupants.

A gold lightsaber blade immediately flew to his other hand to block another attack. Taken off guard, he lowered the blaster slightly to face his attacker. His new opponent was the female jedi. She hid any surprise that she might’ve had from having her usually decapitating stroke prevented.

With their weapons locked in that fixed state, The Masked One gave his enemy a pleading look over the arcs their sabers created.

Don’t fight me, his eyes tried to say. Take down some of this scum.

She didn’t take the warning, and proceeded to pull her lightsaber back for another blow.

This gave The Masked One plenty of time to holster his blaster to put all his concentration towards this new foe. He didn’t make a habit of using his limited force abilities, but he called upon what he knew now.

There were fewer bolts raging around them now. The drunken fighters were doing a sufficient job of finishing each other off.

The two fighter’s blades danced gracefully about and debris flew between them as they slashed through the occasional table, ceiling, blaster, customer. The Masked One lowered his shoulder expertly to swing at the girl’s legs, but she skipped back onto a table and flipped back forward straight towards him. The bounty hunter deftly sidestepped her charge and raised his saber as her back was to him.

Before he could strike, a single bolt caught the jedi in the lower ribcage sending her to the ground with a cry. The Masked One saw the source, the droid holding two smoking carbines menacingly to further clear out the attackers. As he stared at that formidable being, something started burning in his head. It was a familiar sensation: anger. Anger that could kill.

But that wasn’t important right now. Tears ran from his eyes as he struggled to restrain it. In one fluid motion, he returned his saber to the folds of his cloak and replaced it with his blaster. He fired a spread of six shots into the direction of the entity and, without looking to see if he had hit his mark, rushed forward to scoop up the fallen jedi.

He threw her limp body onto his shoulder and continued out the door into the marketplace without stopping. He didn’t stop running until Kubba’s Palace was out of sight. He cursed himself as he realized that he’d lost track of the three he was tailing.

The jedi’s blood was matting his clothing heavily. It went nicely with his already satin garb. At least it wasn’t his blood, but that didn’t make things much better.

The Masked One was fighting to suppress the rage that threatened to erupt inside his head. He didn’t know what he was angry about, but the thick of battle always brought it out. He conquered the burning sensation after a few deep breaths.

Not knowing what else to do, the bounty hunter lumbered forward with the dying jedi trying to find something, anything, that would help.

It could be worse, he lied to himself.

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

The battle had come to a standstill; most of the bar's inhabitants lay strewn across the room, smoke rising from their bloody carcasses.  HUN-89 stood alone in the center of the room, N'ghant Carbines still in each hand, facing the Gherilijic enforcers, about two dozen strong, who now had their weapons trained on him. 

The leader, a greying Trandoshan nearly as tall as the entity, approached casually, a stim-stick dangling from his reptilian jaw, a heavy repeater in his arms. 

"Nice piece of work you did here."  the Trandoshan grinned, smoke from the stim stick leaving a trail behind him as he moved to face the entity.  "Enough to gather my attention...Allow me to introduce myself."  He slung the heavy repeater to his side.  "My name is Tussok.  Commander of all employed Gherilijic mercenaries on Nal Hutta."

The entity sheathed his blasters within the trenchcoat, but said nothing.   

"Not much for talking, eh?"  Tussok laughed, a vile, disgusting sound.  "I've heard about you...you're the one who trashed those bounty hunters on the Twilight's Edge."  He paused, a serious look on his face.  "I have been authorized by my employers to offer you a position within the Gherilijic militia...the pay is good, and an individual of your skill would rise quickly." He bared his teeth in a smile, stim stick still glowing in the semi-darkness. "And I'm afraid that this is an offer you cannot refuse."  He moved for his heavy repeater.  "As the Hutt lords are very unforgiving about those who disrupt their enterprise." 

Across the room, the mercenaries lifted their weapons and aimed for the entity. 

Tussok didn't bat an eye as HUN reached into the trenchcoat...to slowly pull out the translator box.  As if comtemplating every possible outcome to this situation...finally making a decision.
"Tell your---superiors that I accept---their gracious offer."

Tussok laughed, a deep throaty sound, spittle flying out of the corner of his mouth.  "Wise choice!  A very wise choice...you'll do well here, I expect.  As long as you stay in line." 
The enforcers lowered their weapons, and began filing out of what was left of Kubba's Palace. Tussok remained facing the entity...unintimidated by his faintly glowing eyes and the blood still dripping from the corners of his trenchcoat. 
"Show up at the security recruitment in three hours...we'll sign you in there.  Sublevel three, at the Nal Hutta Exchange...I'm assuming you know where that is."
The entity nodded. 
"Well!..."  Tussok stretched his long arms, and made his way towards the exit. "Don't be late...the Hutts are very strict on punctuality."  The tall Trandoshan dissappeared out the broken doors. 

Kane got up from behind the table he had taken for cover, and slowly walked towards the unmoving HUN.  "Why didn't you just kill them?"  He asked causally, wiping some Gamorrean blood off of his sleeve.

HUN turned to face him, translator in hand.  "Despite appearances, I am not---invincible.  Tussok is not your ordinary scum-mercenary----and the enforcers of Gherilijic are among the finest in Hutt Space."   HUN began walking towards the shattered doorway.  "Besides, it provides us---a valuable opportunity to infiltrate the Gherilijic Palace, and find our bounty." 

Kane thought for a moment.  "And where do I fit in to all this?" 

HUN walked out into the street, various sentients pausing to gape at the individual who had almost single-handedly destroyed Kubba's Palace.  "We'll discuss that---back at your ship."

What the krif is he planning?   Kane wondered.  The two bounty hunters began walking towards the distant spaceport. 

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

(if you could do mine, just wondering.)

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

Mia Anglo cursed herself as she felt that one of her companions wasn't really dead. The female Jedi Knight who had fled the battle below was suddenly angry at herself. Apparently Nardia Yinks, her fellow Jedi was still alive if only just.

Mia leapt from roof top to roof top, following Nardia's fading life-force until she found her being carried away by the one who had started the ruckus. Mia jumped from the roof top to land before him. "Put her down." She instructed.

The masked one complied and gently placed the injured Jedi on the ground. Mia eyed him warily sensing some sort of inner conflict. She turned from him briefly to assess Nardia's wounds. "Nardia?" She said and gently shook her fellow Jedi. Nardia did not respond.

Mia saw the wounds were bad. "This is beyond my healing capabilities. I'll have to take her back to our ship."

The masked one merely nodded, but his hand flexed towards his blaster.

Mia was tempted to go for her lightsabre but something warned her not to. "I'll see you round, hunter. I'm sure Master Taldon will want to question you." With that Mia picked up Nardia and walked away.

She used the Force to hasten her speed and returned to the ship to find Heri Taldon waiting at the hatchway, "Bring her in." She instructed.

Heri flicked her long blonde ponytail behind her as she walked into the First Aid chamber. Heri knew that Nardia's chances of survival were slim, but then Heri knew how chance was sometimes all that one needed. Heri placed her hands above Nardia's wounds and concentrated. She let time slip away and only focused on the healing.

Mia watched and was joined by Masters Nif Goron and Candar Simton. Nif was a Duros male while Candar was a human male. All three Jedi looked on with limited hope.

Nardia coughed suddenly, blood stained her lips. Heri's brown nit in concentration. But then it was over. Heri let out a defeated snort then looked up. "I couldn't save her, it was too late."

Candar patted Heri's shoulder. "You did your best."

Heri nodded the left the room, upset that their mission had already cost lives. It seemed finding the Twi'lek princess was going to be harder than they initially thought.

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Re: RPG - Stolen Bride

The Masked One wiped the sweat from his brow. He could feel the raging beast in his mind finally settling back into its sleep. When the conflict had ceased completely, the bounty hunter leaned against the wall of a nearby building trying to get his thoughts together.

So, Heri was here. This was certainly a development. If things started to prove too hot to handle, than at least there was someone who could pull him out of a tight spot. Still, The Masked One wasn’t sure how she’d react to the ways he conducted business at times.

After all, he thought, I’m not ruthless anymore. I’m the good guy, right? 

He was in a less crowded part of the market now, but it was still impossible to pick out a visored helmet, a masked face, or a hooded pair of lekku among the hustle and bustle of the throng. His only lead was the fighting that would take place outside the Gherilijic palace. Even though the other hunters had seemed to take the informant’s words, he seriously doubted that that would bring him any closer to his bounty.

The Masked One quickly ducked behind a fruit stall as he spotted a familiar face, albeit one that he was not exactly eager to see. It was Tussok, the Transoshan mercenary from the cantina. The reptilian was busily shouting orders at his men.

“Now remember idiots,” he hissed at his comrades. “We don’t kill the little prince until he reaches the palace.”

“But boss,” started a hefty looking alien. “Why can’t we just finish the job now. Y’know, save us some trouble.”

“Because you fool,” shouted the Trandoshan whacking him across the head. “We can’t make it look like the Hutts are responsible.”

He turned to face his warriors to see if this registered. There was a blank expression on every single one of their faces.

“And you call yourselves mercenaries,” he spat. Sighing, he pulled out a small holoprojector and activated it. A life-like image of Arcuse and Sathik blasting away from Kubba’s Cantina was immediately projected into the street. The bystanders all began running for cover thinking a firefight was going on. The leader switched off the device and pocketed it.

“We play this when we shoot his highness,” he explained slowly. “And blame it all on the bounty hunters. The Hutts will send a security hologram to Ryloth so they think that the two escorts killed off their precious boy. Then the clans keep fighting which is good for business. The Hutts started having doubts about the kidnapping with all the hunters coming over, so they just decided to just take out the groom. Permanently.”

Tussock started laughing as he finished.

“Those poor souls won’t even know what happened,” he snickered. “If you imbeciles don’t screw this up, it means a big payoff. I’ll work on separating Kar’bil from the other two. So just wait for my signal and we’ll gun the little Twi’lek down.”

The mercenaries nodded with smiles on their faces. The thought of the reward always improved their mood.

The Masked One emerged from his hiding place after the group of ruffians had passed by. This was not good news, he needed to warn Arcuse, Sathik, and Kar’bil.

Well, on the bright side, he thought, At least I have a lead. He quickly blended in the crowd and began following the mercenaries through the streets of Nal Hutta.

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Kane had fallen behind HUN, letting him work out the security job with the rest. Walking back into the cantina. Nobody had gone back in besides him, the scattered bodies strewn about the room. Looting pockets and pouches, purses and wallets. Blood stained change and jewelry dropped into a bag he'd picked up. Credit chips nobody'd have a chance to spend again. Shame wasn't an issue, if he needed it he'd probably get it. Ammunition was expensive, especially the red tags and black tails.
Then, stepping out bag under one arm group of scavengers finally rushed in. Pushing him out of the way. Kane ignored them, hurrying off into one of the open markets. Two stands kept them in stock, either one a waste of time. Their good shells worthless, just a bunch of normal armor piercers. Nothing worth his time, Kane had dozens of them.
"128 a piece, take it or leave it."
Kane pushed the box of shells over the side of the counter. Walking back towards the station. Annoyed. A group of wannabe bouny hunters stopping him in his path. Trying to remove competition. Kane didn't even pull the 05 out, pushing them aside with his hands alone. Shooting them in the back with a blaster he'd stolen from one of them. Trudging up the loading ramp a few minutes later, three of the crew had already gone off.

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Moa, Tal Rith, and Te'dac followed HUN-89 through the crowded streets surrounding the Gherilijic Palace, en route to the lower Exchange where the try-outs for security positions would take place.

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(it kind of came out like Han Solo but no, it's fine)
Moa stood stiff, slowly sharpening his broad vibro-sword. Doing it more for intimidation than need. The blaster rifle strung along his back blasting light from the ceilings overhead into the other attendant's eyes. His equipment, was over two years old. Sharpened to its highest for this event.
Even as a pawn in the game, trying to take the king would be a fun little venture.

Tal Rith kept pace with HUN, twenty different kinds of knives strapped under his light mantle onto the cloth with leather straps. E-11 on his thigh, DT-57 behind it. The lines of Mercs and Bounty Hunters stretching down two blocks. Forty-Eight candidates had alreaby been knocked out of the competition. They'd made sure of that for about 1/3 of them. He rasped, slowly walking his way forward.

Te'Dac walked behind the others, keeping a silent guard in hopes of someone attacking. A Sonic Blaster resting on his belt, force pike in one hand. A pouch of odds and ends on his right side.

Kane sat down opposite Tanuka. dropping the bag of credit chips to the floor. Popping a bottle of Tonjin he'd brought along from the wrecked bar. Giving her a glass of it and resting his head in his hands. The bandoleer he used for a belt nearly empty, he decided to fill it up later. Dropping the stolen blaster.
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(I love concept art...I'll be rendering Tussok next.)


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Mia found Heri in the cockpit going over various intel. "I think Kar'bil is here." Mia interupted.

Heri looked up, "Why do you say that?"

"During the battle that we lost the others in, there was a blue Twi'lek with black tattoos on his face. I'm sure it was Kar'bil despite the disguise." Mia informed.

Heri nodded. "It doesn't surprise me. I understand that Kar'bil is a creature of his word. He said he'd marry Tresh'san, so he will."

The corner of Mia's lip turned upward in a half-hearted smile. "How romantic, he feels obligated to save her."

Heri shrugged, "Not all marry for love."

Mia shook her head, "Love is the only reason two beings should marry."

"I guess Kar'bil loves his family and believes he's doing it for the right reasons. It's not our place to question his motivation to marry Tresh'san. He may actually love her." Heri said.

Mia snorted, "Right and Hutt's aren't greedy."

Heri chuckled at that. "Take Candar with you and see if you can find Kar'bil, he may know more than we do."

Mia nodded. "As good as done."


Kar'bil sat in a dark corner sulking as Arcuse and Sathik planned their next move. "So the Hutt's palace is West of here and guarded extremely thoroughly." Arcuse started.

"Gamorrean's aren't exactly extreme guards." Sathik interjected.

"The Hutt's got more than those morons. He's got every high tech gadget you can think of." Arcuse informed his companion.

"Surely you guys carry EMP weapons?" Kar'bil asked with a tone of boredom.

Sathik shrugged. "I knew I forgot something."

Kar'bil blinked as he suspected he saw the robes of a Jedi again. This time he saw her face and recognised the Jedi. She smiled at him before merging back into the crowd. "The Jedi is here."

Arcuse turned, "Your point is?"

Kar'bil rolled his eyes. "Fine be a pain in the arse."

Sathik grinned, "That's his specialty."

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